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Great Scottish Pastimes

Well we are not all Whiskey swilling Psychos, I probably over do the wine,
We have our Highland Games, tossing the caber, Rock Throwing, pure Alpha males showing off, I do not sit at my spinning wheel twisting yarns for fair Isle jumpers, No I am an Angloscot my Edinburgh accent has softened,with my years down South, going back at New Year made me realise how special the Scotsman can be.

Yes, I am on one... regarding our men in Kilts What a way to spend the cold Winter evening's than with me heed up a Kilt gobbling on the caber!
Its lovely up there the thick material keeps your ears warm!!!
Why do they wear a Sporron... ( Like a wallet worn low usually with fur and stud work) It's believed it was to keep yr Oats in... nay it's to hide the canny lad's erection, well with us scottish lassies we know at an early age how to please our men.
With Cocktails= 12 yr old malt dipped in a nine incher and licked from the glistening helmet by the light of the logs burning in the open fire.
Rainbowing= A gaggle of girls with different coloured lippy going down on
a long dong... Winner goes the furthest. Never known a guy not to wanna play that one.I always win that one!
Snow blow= Ah tis a dark and snowy night, rub the Penis with Chilli oil then a mouthful of snow hot burn followed by ice cold relief then more burn followed by more snow, soon you will have yr laddie squirting warm cream over cold face.
So is that enough of my Highland Games...

More... What a good idea I will light one mmmm slow inhale, if you wanna see me with a long More dangling from my lips go visit my albums Blondie Blue!!!!!
Canny wait for Burns night!!!!!

Posted by DiamondLife 2 years ago
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1 year ago
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo very true
1 year ago
Brilliant. X