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Riviera Razzle! (Sorrento Slut Part 3)

Lying on the deep sprung sun lounger by the pool, the aromatic smells of the sea on the warm breezes, ah the Countess turns over,adjusts the recliner from the horizontal position to the sitting position, reaches out and picks up the handbell, tinkle tinkle!
Soon Roberto the Portuguese man servant appears 6foot four of alpha toned male in white lycra shorts and vest, Ah the Countess does get her way.
"Roberto, light my cigarette and place it in my holder, there's a dear...
The towering man servant obliges and hands his Mistress the holder and cigarette a Turquoise Sobranie that matches the shade of the shimmering pool water.
I adjust my big sunglasses as I focus on Roberto's crutch, huge packet which seems to be expanding in the tight shorts."Roberto does my sexy smoking turn you on? I asked.
"Yes Mistress it does, that and your beautiful breasts" I adjusted my sparkling blue savage swimsuit,no a lot of material for the cost. I thought.
But a beautiful camel toe!
"You may Masturbate if you wish" I told Roberto, sounding more like an order.
Roberto pulled down his shorts and his 9 inch ebony pole was semi erect as he clasped it in his right hand"Come closer" I spoke softly.
Soon the monster was fully erect inches away from my smokey mouth.
"You are so good to me and my cousin Mistress"said Roberto, his eyes staring directly at my red glossy mouth. I opened my mouth and leaned forward letting the hot flesh touch my cheek.
"I need a drink, pass me the bell I will summon,Paolo.
Within a minute Paolo was there also a big black man in shorts and vest, carrying a silver tray with an iced SAMBUCA in a tall glass. "Maam" he placed the drink on the side table.
"One other thing,get down between my legs and lick my posh pussy,your cousin can massage my breasts with oil,see how excited he is"
Soon the flimsy swimsuit was removed along with Paolo's shorts.
Roberto's large hands massaged my orbs pulling on the nipples as Paolo lapped like a hungry kitten at my smooth perfumed pussy.
The mobile phone on the table rang didle de de diddle de do...
"I picked it up, as my two ebony man servants resumed their duties.
"Hello darling", it was the Count,"Are you having fun my dear" he asked.
"Oh yes I am" I replied as Roberto stood slightly to the side his huge black cock looking so inviting, my manicured hand with its red sculptured long nails grasped its thickness,"I am by the pool hun, just about to suck a big ice lolly,
My glossy mouth widened as I sucked on Roberto's head. mmmm!
My poor hubby,my love of black cock overwhelmed me.
Paolo now had two fingers in me an was frantically finger fucking me!
"Breathless hun, oh I was working out" I lied, taking down the big cock
glop glop glop as I began to gag on its length.
Paolo was furiously wanking now as his cousin deep throated me, I beckoned him to put his huge black stallion of a cock in me, O.M.G. how divine to be fucked by such a massive member"continuing to chat small talk between gasps of air to my hubby.
"Swap man" Roberto pleaded with his cousin.By now the pelvic thrusts were immense slap slap slap as he fucked my foo so hard, I was too horny and far gone to the lust fairies to listen.
Phone call finished time for some different moves Roberto on the lounger with moi lowering my big butt onto the throbbing black muscle "oh yes gape my ass"
then cousin Paolo filling my pussy, a double penetration extravaganza. "oh yes fuck me hard boys" I shouted.
"We only have 15 minutes before my hubby gets here"
The guys step up a gear bringing me to a squirting orgasm, soon followed by a double dose of hot cum over my oily boobs
In the shower Nicola Diamante Countess of Montecorbo washes the last remnants of spunk and oil from her tanned body.
At that moment a flashback a geek with glasses a package hotel holiday a bus journey Policeman! Eh strange daydream she thought as she sat and slipped a sheer nylon stocking up her leg carefully rolling it up to the sussy belt clips.
For a moment there the mind control nearly fractured. The Count appeared at the doorway Sambuca he shouted.
Naughty Nixx picked up her see-thru neglige'e and moved towards her hubs to kiss him .....
Watch out for Part 4 .... Coming soon.
Posted by DiamondLife 2 years ago
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1 year ago
Wow this story just keeps getting better...
You have such a horny mind. X