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The Clinique(Sorrento Slut Part 2)

Bundled into the back of the Police Car, I protested2I am the victim, you canny do this2I shouted The swarthy Policeman pulled a face... as he gripped my thigh"You are to noisy Shut up" The car roared through the town, the traffic light turned red, now was my chance to escape, at least I wasn't handcuffed.
Timing was everything, a street market to the left crowded with people, perfect
I pulled the door catch and leapt from the vehicle just as the lights changed.
Thank fuck I wore wedges run baby run.
I had at least 25 yrds on the pursuing pig his partner drove on, quick Nixx think on yr feet, crashing into a display of Oranges, the trader shouted at me as they tumbled to the ground, slowing down the Policeman further.
turning the corner and onto the street with traffic again I knew I had to duck in a doorway, before his mate swept round the corner and caught me.
Blue door peeeling paintwork a sign I could not read...quick I pushed it open ...
small hall led to some stairs .up the stairs I ran heart thumping in my chest,
a dark wooden door to my left, once into a waiting area I was in some kinda office....
A bald tall man appeared at the door opposite, he spoke Italian?????
"I am English" Ah si. Come in to my office... you come for treatment... Yes I nodded and laughed nervously. "Please come into my office " He beckoned relax on the couch, great I found a shrink!
In the chaos on the bus I had lost my Knickers, so my short skirt failed to cover my foo foo.
"I must explain, I was on a bus and then I was gang banged and then the Police arrested me, but I escaped and now I need to hide,your door was open please help me Sir"
I must of sounded like a complete nut nut,He smiled and donned a pair of glasses,he pulled a Diamond crystal out of his jacket pocket, "Just relax watch ze crystal and listen to my voice"
"You are feeling sl**py your eyes are heavy 5-4-3-2-1- DARKNESS
You sound like a lady with many problems,I will change your identity after I have finished this session, you will strive to pleasure all men, you will worship the big Penis you will dress like a whore and as far as your previous life, you remember nothing, you will come with me to my villa where you will be known as the Countessa.
Everytime you hear the key word SAMBUCA you will pleasure all men, nod if you understand me

When I click my fingers you will open your eyes CLICK...
Ooh Ican see light, little light headed I am wearing a beautiful chiffon dress natural tan stockings very high heels, my hair is tousled and piled up on my head in clips,my make up is immaculate.
Yes he has transformed me into his Countessa.
"Where am I" Iask.
"Ah Countessa you know who I am"he replies.
"My husband the Count?"
Yes bellisimmo! he replied.
I stand up,go over to the large Rococo style mirror.
Staring into the Mirror, I feel a trickle of warm cum down my inner thigh.
I look confused, lost, what has happened I feel so horny, I need to suck big cock.
Oh dear what will become of me now.....

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2 years ago
very sexy wish there was pics cant wait for more