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On a crowded Bus (Sorrento Slut Part 1)

Standing in the crowded gangway, smelling of beer and sweat a crowded Italian bus full of Football supporters rowd, the old lady scurries off, should not have left my geeky boyfriend back at the hotel,I do not have a clue what they are going on about between the chanting, its so hot now on the bus,my skimpy white stretchy boob tube and rah rah skirt looked nice with my wedge sandals, but on a bus full of chanting men, I was feeling very vulnerable, the strangers hand rubbed my thigh at first accidental, no chance another hand I could feel on my butt, was it someone elses so slowly the hand crept up my hemline raising the flouncy skirt higher showing my ass cheeks, my smallest white thong was all that there was between nudity, soon other wandering hands were at work as the bus climbed a hill
growling like a tiger,"Stop that"I shouted. Trying to struggle free, made it worse two fingers pushed the thin string aside and quickly were inserted into my hot smooth puss puss! A wave of horniness came over me, I looked down at my boob tube
my breasts being massaged, the helpless feeling of the material sliding down soon my boobs were completely exposed, my arms held, powerless as two tall brutes sucked on a nipple each.My wet pussy slurping as the fingers became four
frantically friggin me,the chanting had stopped the sound of my sopping wet pussy being manipulated filled the air "please no stop" breathlessly spoke as my head was pushed down only to find a big stiff schlong, in line with my pink shimmer lips,as I opened my mouth to protest the cock was pushed in, as the fingers came out of my pussy they were replaced by a thick hard cock stretching me, the fuckers were spit roasting me! and I was loving it, my hands gripped two lucky footy fans 4 on 1 more like 40 on 1 they were queueing up to fuck the fat slut It was only gonna be a matter of time beore someone gaped my tight ass, oooh ooh why is it always the guy with the biggest cock, suddenly the bus stopped it was the Policia, I was to be arrested for indecent and lewd behaviour,
but let me explain, I have just been gang banged! "yes yes English all with the stories"the officer sneeringly remarked. But look at my boobs covered in cum....
I sat in the back of the Police car and repaired my lippy and eyeliner, the arresting officer reached out and touched my left thigh "We teach you a lesson bad bitch wait till we get you in the cells"
O.M.G. What will become of poor Nicola Diamond betcha canny wait for part 2.

Love Nixxx xxx
Posted by DiamondLife 2 years ago
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1 year ago
I'm sure I could think of a few things....x
2 years ago
i would love you to be my fat slut