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A Grand Day Out

Sometimes the most unexpected things in life, are the ones that make you happy.
Confucius- No Diamond!

So Sally had called me her Dad Major Effingham had tickets for a Sunday roast on a steam train, his wife Elizabeth had been taken ill and as a friend I was suppose to step in at the last moment.

The man has W.H.S. last time we met at a dinner party, he wandered his hands all over my stocking covered thighs and groped my boobs in the kitchen, it was his 68th birthday party.
So 69 this year, oh my is that an omen.
I decided to go for the vintage sixty's look with my new hat, a pillbox ... Continue»
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My First Job (Third Day)

Well those of you that are fans of my stories will know we have had Days 1 and 2'
What could possibly happen to poor nubile Nicola on day 3...

The back of my throat was sore, when I awoke, infection no, from having the bosses cock slammed down it, but hey ho a girls got to learn.
When I got to the factory It was a bit disappointing as the works foreman wanted me to work in his department today, I was so looking forward to carrying on my oral skills with the boss. He had gone to play golf...
Anyway the short leather skirt I wore barely covered my stocking tops and the white blouse showed... Continue»
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Diamonds Are Forever

It was a dark Winters night, raining a few degrees above freezing, I had just come back from Norwich, such a trek, after a bubbly bath I slipped into my black satin nightie and chiffon wrap, kitten heels and snuggled up on the sofa with some cushions and a racy novel.
Ding-dong the doorbell it was after nine p.m. who could it be this time of night, I slipped on my kitten heeled mules and went to answer it.
On opening the door I found a young man very wet quite handsome "Who do you want"I asked. He stood as rain dripped from his hair staring at me. "I found you" he exclaimed. "I am Hogie you ... Continue»
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Grand Theft Auntie

New Years Day luncheon's are a tedious affair, but I was grateful not having to cook, Sally and Mary were gonna be there so ideally a good chance to catch up on girly chat and swap stories of the yuletide.
It was at Mary's who had an adolescent son, not that we had seen much of him"Spends all day on that xbox thing"Mary said.
Well I had tried to look the part of the Scottish Hogmanay Babe with my tartan kilt and frilled white blouse, but ended up choosing to wear just a black roll neck stretchy sweater, to be honest I had a banging headache from mixing wine and whiskey and Champagne.
I wore... Continue»
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Karaoke Night at The Red Lion

I guess it was inevitable that I would end up being a busty barmaid, stereotypes you better believe it!
So I was in London living with a gay man, flatshare although he did seem to get erect when walking about in his dressing gown looking at me... odd!
Anyway I digress my pub job was fun part time got to meet lots of different people, but my story is about
Karaoke yes people singing tunelessly into a microphone along with a bouncy ball and words on a screen, gosh the Japanese gave us cosplay,Hentai,Anime and Sushi like all those, but Karaoke oh no more Kamakasi!
So it was the Summer I had g... Continue»
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The Night Porter

So my job takes me all over the country inspecting and auditing hotels, kind of got behind with the Christmas and New Year so I decided to work evenings and late into the night on my latest job.
The hotel was in a town centre quite shabby, in need of a good refurb I chose to wear my over the knee boots and a warm Aline skirt white blouse and black stockings, my boots have stiletto heels, well part of my job is to audit the stock of non perishables, this includes cereals, packet items and usually involves reaching up on high shelves to count the stock items.
Well at 7p.m. I was still doing th... Continue»
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Silent Night

Well it would be different... The ad caught my eye Sick of the same ole festive drag, tired of Turkey, come and join us for a very quiet experience in an Isolation Tank! The complete getaway from it all at Christmas.
Reading more of the small print it included a detox perfect for an office bitch who spends her whole time eating processed crap and drinking and smoking...
I picked up my phone and rang the number. "Hello Serenity holidays" the rather posh male voice answered.
"I am interested in your ad for Isolation tank getaways at Christmas" I told the gentleman.
"Oh really we have ... Continue»
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French Dressing for The Muse

So after working in a dodgy Gentlemen's club in Leeds where did life take me in the 90s...
To France I know what Putain means, off to be a Muse in Paris Montmartre in the shadow of the Sacre Coeur.
When your young and naive being whisked off to Paris is fun, after all I don't say no to often.
My relationship with the club owner was stifling and seem to be suffocating me, so away with just a suitcase
full of stretchy dresses and Spandex pants.
It was Summer E.M.F. were singing your unbelievable on the radio, the smell of Gitanes filled the air, guess the crumbling architecture of the block... Continue»
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Well it would seem some of you think I have lost my Mojo, I must admit I often wonder where I am going with my outlook on life, love and sex.
I guess I started as Girl next door, very submissive, naive but have been corrupted over the years, now I am not sure in which direction I am going, someone said the other day I am like I am because I am in denial of love or frightened of love, true lasting relationships, then to compound my confusion I research all kinds of sexual behaviour on XHamster, ending up in even more lost.
Maybe I do come across slutty maybe I drink and smoke to much, I think... Continue»
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The Queue

So maybe it wasn't a great idea to wear my thigh high stiletto boots to the local supermarket, but Oldfield Park needs more glamour, only went to get some More cigarettes in Co-Op.
Then whispering in my ear whilst in the queue "I wanna cum all over them fuck me boots, you got my dick rock hard"the gruff voice says in my ear, it happens a lot so I don't turn around but just gaze in front,waiting my turn, an ancient lady holds up the queue talking about a refund for her broken biscuits... then I feel the trouser snake rub against my tight white leggings, pushing against my booty."Bet you love a... Continue»
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Revenge Shall be Mine

So another little shopping trip followed by coffee at the usual place, I usually do a bit of vapeing(Using one of those steam vapourisers)Always gets me some looks but no problems, except today a rather tall dark gent with a manager's badge comes over to me and says"I am afraid it's against company policy to use electronic smoking devices in this building" He said whilst staring down at my cleavage"I never had a problem before I always vape in here" was my curt reply. "I am afraid you will have to go outside"He added. Now it wasn't my imagination but a visable ridge in his trousers seem to be ... Continue»
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Diamond Choice

Someone new to XHamster asked me who my favourite sensual smokers were:
Well that's easy for sheer cutesy naughtiness has to be Miss Inhale A.K.A. Chloe Dove she has a channel on youtube ...check her out newbies
Another hot G.B. girl is Demi Scott she also goes by the name of Mercedes her smoking of a More in her shiny wrap is one of my compulsive copycat actions, my poor neighbours...
Alexya is my eurohottie she has such a way with the inhales and exhales and her face lends itself to her heavy make up
For my American tips it has to be Mandy she just does sex and smoking so well, if you li... Continue»
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Cuticle Calamity

Being an expensive bitch as far as running costs go, I had my nails done for a dinner party, Locally and whoo they were long, I was really impressed when I left the beauty parlour and got back into my car, my white talons gleamed in the sunlight, as I looked down, a light on the dash caught my eye, shit it was the fuel indicator I was on empty being in Bath I knew the nearest petrol station was on the one way next to the homebase complex, I pulled in and stepped out in my Laboutain heels at the pump I realised for the first time the new cuticles were a bit on the long side for such tasks...on... Continue»
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Mistaken Identity

Well been a bit hectic,what with my Step Nephew expressing undying love for me and other pressures, when I got a freelance job in Peterborough I grabbed it with both hands.
Well it was easy money but rather than stay in the hotel restaurant I decided to go off for a curry as a taxi driver had recommended one to me, I put my glad rags on... Black off the shoulder gypsy dress well it was a warm night I did go for the black stockings sussy belt and killer stilettos, on reflection the eyelashes were a bit O.T.T.
Anyway another taxi to town,a rather miserable cabbie this time, dropped me off no t... Continue»
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It's a Yes vote from me

Well as the Summer comes to an end, the ole feeling of missing the glorious sunshine, once again raises it's head, I musn't feel too hard done by, I have had five holidays this year and seemed to have lost the work ethic in the process, I vowed to myself that I would not sit around live camming with horny guys all day,with Autumn just round the corner it's always that time for PVC and stockings.
I was doing some laundry the other week when my step s****r rang from Scotland."I am so worried about Gus"she said.
Gus or Angus to give him his full name is my step nephew, last time I saw him was t... Continue»
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The Jealous Files

Hi it's Nicola, once again on the keys but not for long, you see I have my bitch head on and have brought the cab driver up to my boudoir where he is on a promise of moi sucking his big turkish cock, for him to get this gratification he has write on my blog, his feelings and thoughts as I tease him...
Hello I am Yousef Ali a taxi driver in Bath I am doing this typing blog thing because this busty slut is going to nosh my big dick, I have heard a rumour round the rank that this hot slut gives the best bjs.
At the moment she is standing in front of me in a black see thru dress my cock i... Continue»
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Cavern of correction

"I have to tell you something Fiona" I said my voice trembling, "Your fiance was at your place last week when I went to feed the cat and housesit,he exposed himself to me and I filmed him on my phone and he deleted it and then fucked me in all my holes as a punishment" I said holding back the tears a huge weight of guilt lifted off my shoulders.
I waited for Fiona's reaction... "Steve told me you turned up acting all crazy, have you been taking your meds Nixx" her words cut into me like a knife, "no it's not in my head he fucked me senseless and he tricked me into deep throating him on that s... Continue»
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Scarlet Woman

A few weeks had passed since the fancy dress party, I tried to justify my guilt in deep throating my friends fiance, I was tricked, guess in future I should not give out my special smokey kisses so willingly(see previous story)
It was a Saturday afternoon I popped in the shop to see her, Fiona was looking glamourous as she always did. "Steve's been acting funny since that party, he was odd then did'nt speak much" She said.
For a second I wanted to tell her the truth... but a voice in my head said no!
"I am not sure I trust him any more" The concern in her voice worried me.
"I am glad you p... Continue»
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That's a spicy meatball!!!

Well hello dear Hamsterites, its been a while since I last sat down to write, I have been really busy two holidays and a heavy work contract have kept me occupied this Summer.
A proposal of marraige from a wealthy Greek guy, which I graciously turned down FOOL some of my girlfriends have remarked!

So where do I go now with Hamsterworld I have been sprayed in spunk so many times on here, those of you priveliged enough to see my Live Cam shows I thank you all for your passion and support.
I was going to retire quietly but my loyal fans have begged me to stay.
I know some of you have been w... Continue»
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Welcome to the World of Bratz

"Your Joking me" I said.
"No I am serious" he said.
"I have a doll fetish, you have the perfect blue eyes for a real life Bratz doll" I was in the Irish republic, Patrick was willing to pay me £500 to model for him and a group of like minded acquaintances.
I had gone on business, finding myself in this weird scenario after a long day at a trade show,I had met guys in the past with Cake fetishes and even scuba diving outfit fetishes but never a Bratz fetish!!!
"Some guys are into train modelling, we are into dolls" he told me being quite sincere.
For those of you who do not know wha... Continue»
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