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Dreaming that my husband would be a secret cheatin

I have a fantasy/paranoia that my husband is sneaking around peeping through other women's bedroom windows and sneaking into their house to steal their panties. I fantasize that he uses their panties to stroke his cock as he watches them through the window. I also fantasize that every time I leave him alone in the house he is online masturbating with girls on line and having phone sex. In a way I hope that I am right and that I am not just paranoid. I hope that I can catch him and I also hope that my other fantasy that when ever he finds the opportunity he is seducing and pounding some other woman's pussy. I know that I am not completely paranoid to think like this and I am so turned on that my husband is that kind of pervert that I admire so much. I feel so torn at the same time, because I will beat that bitch's ass that is fucking my man...well more like I will f***e her to fuck him by my hand the way I want to see her fucked and I will be all about the hate fuck if I ever do catch my ever so slick and crafty husband in the act of fulfilling my secret little perversions.
Posted by DeviusDuchess 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Damn I love your dirty crazy bitch mind ....turns me on would love to chat dity with you would love to see you in person where do you hang out lets go for a walk in Eco Park off territorial RD
2 years ago
I don't know about him but I'm all about what you described