Happy Ending

The dancing orange glow of several candles is the only light in the room. She lay on her stomach on my bed, wearing only lacy black booty shorts panties. I straddled her just below her waist and was gently rubbing lotion on her back, sliding my hands in unison along each side of her spine, up and down and again in outward circular motions. I begin massaging her back after the lotion is rubbed in. Every so often, she lets out a soft moan from beneath my caress.

After several minutes, I slide myself down her body and begin massaging her legs, again sliding my hands up and down each side of each leg. Another couple of minutes go by doing this, and I notice that she has arched her back just slightly, raised her ass a bit and begun to spread her legs.

I continue massaging her legs, this time sliding my hand up higher and higher along her inner thighs. I slide my left hand up her back and rest it gently on the back of her neck. My right hand slowly begins massaging her pussy through her panties.

She gives a quick gasp as my fingers brush over her clit. She arches her back and lifts her ass up even more. I lean down and gently kiss the small of her back as I slide my fingers beneath her panties. She is already wet and slowly begins to writhe under my touch. For just a minute I keep going, rubbing her pussy gently, feeling her get wetter. She begins to squirm even more, leaning back and forth to meet my hand.

I quickly take my hand back out of her panties and she lets out a quick half moan that asks why i would ever have stopped. I pause for just a second, then with both hands, I lift her ass up into the air and pull her panties off of her. She giggles slightly with excitement as she turns onto her back.

After removing my pants and shirt, I lay down next to her. She leans into me slightly and I move my hand again to her pussy, now dripping wet and hot with anticipation. As she begins to move with the motion of my hand, I slide my other arm under her, behind her head. I pull her closer to me, my hard cock rubbing her ass through my black boxer briefs as she leans slightly on her side.

I bring my other hand around her and firmly hold her by the throat. She begins to moan louder, moving her hips faster to meet my hand as I push my middle and ring finger inside her easily.

I hold on to her tightly as she thrusts and writhes in my arms. With one hand, she takes hold of my waistband and pulls down my underwear to the middle of my thighs. She slides her fingers around my cock and begins stroking it from base to tip in rhythm with her own thrusts. After a short while of indulging ourselves in this position, I quietly stop and pull my boxer briefs the rest of the way off. We both chuckle slightly as I move back against her, my cock pressed against her ass.

I pull her into me with my hand at her throat. I begin to finger her once more, and I gently dig my teeth into the nape of her neck. Soon she begins to beg me to fuck her in a heavy, breathy whisper. Not just yet, I tell her in her ear with a quick nibble.

I pull my fingers from inside her and flip her back over onto her stomach. I take hold of the back or her hair and begin to tease her asshole with my tongue. I rub her clit again at the same time. She loves it and grabs my hand from off of her pussy and pushes my fingers toward her ass. For several moments I finger her asshole with two fingers and hold her head up by her hair.

She cant take anymore and again begs to be fucked. HARD.

Without letting go of her hair, I move behind her and slide my cock into her pussy as she lets out another moan, this one louder than the rest. My cock slides in and out of her dripping wet pussy easily. I soon let go of her hair hold with one hand around her throat and the other on her hip.

I pound her pussy harder and harder as she moans louder and louder and begins almost to scream. I push myself inside her as far as I can and I feel both of us tense all of our muscles for a second.

She quickly pushes me back away from her and turns around to slide my cock into her mouth. She moves her head back and forth and I hold her by the back of the head, just. My head rolls back and my eyes close. She keeps going until I feel like I'm getting ready to cum in her mouth.

But I'm not done with her yet.

I pull out of her mouth and turn her back around. I grab her by the elbows and pull her arms behind her back. I tie her wrists together and slide my cock back inside her.

"Scream for me," I tell her. She does.

I take hold of her bound wrists firmly and lean back and into her. She lifts up as I hold onto her, suspended just slightly in the air above my bed. She gasps slightly in surprise then again begins to scream for me. I feel her pussy get hot as she cums all over my cock.

I am close to cumming as well. I let her gently fall back onto the bed, breathless, and slide out of her. I grasp her by the shoulders and pull her up onto her knees.

With her hands behind her back still bound, she looks up and tell me to cum for her. I am absolutely willing. I begin stroking my cock as she pushes her breasts toward me. She bites her lower lip anticipating the heat of my thick cum hitting her tits. She leans closer to me until her tits are nearly resting on my cock while I stroke it. Soon I can hold out any longer and with a gasping groan, I let my load fly, covering her tits with my cum. She looks down at the trails of cum as they drip down her breasts and smiles. She gently begins to lick the head of my cock, then softly takes the whole thing into her mouth.

"I told you I give a good massage." I tell her.

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3 years ago
I Enjoyed your story Devilheart ;o)