Birthday boy

It was a few days before his birthday. She was walking around in the mall thinking what to bring her sweet lover. it had to be something really nice, but what… she was still thinking when she heard a voice next to her “can I help u”? She turned around a bit irritated that someone interrupted her thoughts but then she saw a nice sexy guy standing next to her. Her mood directly changed and she told him that she was looking for a nice present for her lover and she would really appreciate it if he could help her. He smiled at her in a really sexy way and asked her to follow him. He took her to the clothes department and showed her some nice things but nothing she liked enough. He took her to the man’s perfume department. He let her smell some nice perfumes but also she didn’t smell anything that really turned her on. She told him that she really wanted something special for her man. Then he told her his shift was almost done and if she wanted he could take her to another shop where he was sure she would find something really nice. She said it was ok and waited him outside the store. He took her to the store and asked her if she saw anything she liked. And yes, she did, this was a great idea and after a good look around she found something really nice! She thanked him that he took her there and asked him if she could do something in return. He answered her that he really enjoyed helping her and said she could do something in return. He told her that it really turned him on that she wants to please her lover and that he would love to join them in the birthday. This made her a bit shy but yes this was a really hot guy and she knew her lover would like it when she would bring him. That would be really a nice surprise….

She took him home and when they arrived her lover was not there yet. The thought of having sex with this hot guy and het sexy lover was turning het so much on. She couldn’t wait for him to get home! She told the guy to sit down and relax while she would go up and take a shower. Standing under the nice hot water made her body so relaxed and she could feel that she was already wet, she was so much in the mood for that hot body’s they would give her so much pleasure….

When she was drying herself she could hear her lover coming home. She was a bit exited, how would he react? She could het the guy saying to her lover that he met her at the mall and he thinks she is so hot and really hopes he allows him to join them this evening. When she heard her lover talking friendly to the guy she knew it was ok and they would have really hot fun. She slipped into a really sexy underwear and could hear them both getting up the stairs. When they saw here looking al nice and horny they smiled and both came on a side of her took her hand and lead her to the bed. She lay down and looked at them while they were getting their clothes off. They looked so hot and sexy and she could feel her body getting hornier and her pussy getting so wet already. They came next to her both on a side. They guy started kissing her while her lover was whispering in her ear that he really liked her surprise and she looked so hot. Then he turned her head towards him so she could kiss her lover while the guy started to caress her body telling her how much he loves het sexy body and how hard it made him just looking at her. She reached out to feel his cock and she could feel how nice and hard he was. With her other hand she reached for the cock of her lover and felt he was also getting so hard. She started to jerk them both while they continued to kiss het and caressing her body. Then the guy couldn’t hold it anymore and started to kiss and lick her breasts and hard nipples. She felt the wetness dripping between her legs and when she felt the hand of her lover touching here pussy if felt so hot. Her lover told the guy how wet she was and let him taste her wetness on his finger. He told the guy that he wanted to see him lick het wet pussy. The guy went directly between her legs and started to lick her pussy so nicely enjoying her wetness. It turned her lover so much on to see her enjoy and getting so horny. He told her that she looked so hot with the guy between her legs and he started to lick her breasts knowing that this would turn her on even more. Her lover got so hard and got on his knees to put his hard cock between her lips.

He told the guy to stop licking before she would come and told him to come sit and her other side so she could suck his cock to. This was so hot and she sucked them really nice. They felt so hot in her mouth that she couldn’t wait to feel them in her horny wet pussy. Her lover was reading her thoughts because he told the guy to fuck her with his hard cock. The guy told her that he was so hard for her and he would fuck her well. He went between her legs, opened them and got his hard cock in her wet pussy. The guy was so much enjoying and telling her lover how much he loves her pussy and he told her lover to go down on her and lick her clit while he was fucking her. Her lover directly started licking her clit and saw the cock of the guy going deep in her pussy. She felt in heaven. Her pussy was so hot and tight that the guy couldn’t hold it much longer but he wanted her to come on her lovers cock so he told her lover to take his place and make her come really hard . Her lover turned her over and put her in doggy position and started to fuck her hard. They guy came in the front and ordered her to suck him while she was getting fucked. So there she was with the hot cock of her lover deep inside of her and another hot cock in her mouth it was so hot. While she was sucking they guy he was caressing her breasts and her lover touching her clit while he was fucking her. She couldn’t hold it anymore and she came so hard on the cock of her lover. They both told her how good this felt and how sexy she looked. She came so long and good her body felt so relaxed…then she remembered her present and told the guy to get the present. The guy got the present and she told her lover that it was his turn now. She told him she brought a strap on and that was going to fuck him nicely. She told the guy to help her getting it on. It looked so hot on her and her lover and the guy got even harder when they saw her with her nice cock. She turned the vibration on her pussy could get some fun while she was fucking her lover. She took the lubrication and rubbed it good over her cock. She told her lover to lay on his back because she wanted to jerk him while she was fucking him and she told the guy to take some pictures. Then she putted gently the cock in his ass and started to fuck him. This felt so nice and made her so horny cause she could feel the nice vibrations on her pussy every time she pusses. her cock in. her lover was so much enjoying her fucking him and jerking him at the same time and they guy told them how hot they looked and what nice pictures he was taking. It didn’t take long before she felt that she was coming again. She told her lover how nice it felt to fuck him and it was making her come so nice. After she came she wanted the guys to come to. She told the guy to come next to her so she could jerk both of them. The guy was already almost exploding so when he felt her hand on his cock it didn’t take long before he let himself go and came all over her hand. Her lover got turned on so much by this that he couldn’t hold it anymore also and came nice and hard over her other hand. Afterwards her lover told her this was a great birthday present and he couldn’t wait till next year!!!!

The end!

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