Our vacation fun...

We are on vacation in Bulgaria and having a very nice big room with king size bed and a nice big hot tub. We spent a nice day on the beach and when we are back in the room we are really in the mood for a nice relaxing bath.

Unfortunately we forgot to bring water up to the room. So you’re telling me that I can go get the bath ready and you will go down to get water. I’m getting my bikini of and see I got an nice brown skin from the sun. I cannot wait to get in the bath cause I’m all sweaty and sticky! I’m turning the water on and it feels so nice, that feeling and being in the sun all day is made me horny so I sit down in the bath open my legs and let the water run over my pussy. That feels so nice and turning me on a lot. I’m wondering what’s taking u so long, but ok I’m enjoying my time waiting u! suddenly I hear the door getting open and I hear u come in the room.

I’m saying to u that I’m in the bath and waiting u al wet and horny. But when u open the door I see u are not alone. I don’t know how to react, I’m shy and surprised at the same time. U tell me that u got into a conversation with this guy and u liked him and thought it would be nice if he should join us…….i hesitate but the guy immediately says that he thinks I’m very sexy and he really would like to pleasure me. I’m horny anyway and thinking ok, what the hell! So I invite u both in the bath. It’s a big round bath so place enough for us! The guy and you sitting both at my side, I give u a nice long kiss and the idea of what is going to come makes me so horny! I take my position between your legs sitting with my back against your Brest leaving enough room for u to start washing my back. The other guy is starting to wash my Breasts, telling me how much he likes them. It’s such a lovely feeling to feel both your hands going over my body .

I feel I’m getting so wet and my nipples getting so hard. I’m feeling behind me with one hand taking you’re cock in my hand and with the other hand I’m taking his cock. Touching u both and feeling you both getting so hard. I feel your hands washing my back and getting lower till one hand is on my ass and the other hand from the front on my pussy, while the other guy still massaging my breasts. I’m still touching both of your cocks and this feels so horny that I can’t hold it I’m coming on your hand. This make u you both even more hard. So I tell the guy to sit on the edge of the bath so I can suck him while u fuck me hard from behind. Because both of u also very horny it doesn’t take long before you cannot hold it much longer. The other guy gets his cock out of my mouth and comes all over my breast so they are dripping with cum, there is a big mirror so u can see it good and it looks so sexy that u come to shooting me full with cum. We are satisfied for the moment and we al take a nice shower to clean up. When we get out of the bath u and the guy taking the big towels and start drying my body, it’s so sexy! We go to the big bed and lay down to relax. It takes me not even a minute or I fall asl**p.

I wake up later with hands touching my body all over. I open my eyes and see u next to me, telling me to lay on my stomach so the guy can give me a nice massage and u can watch. The guy sitting on my ass and giving me a lovely massage with a nice oil that makes my body so smooth. I’m starting to get turned on again so I ask u to sit a bit higher so I can suck u cause I really want to feel your cock in my mouth, I love the taste and the feeling. So while I’m getting a good massage I’m starting to suck u and I see it turns u so much on so I get even more horny. I’m moving myself between your legs so I can suck u good and rub my breast against your cock, I see your precum getting out and imp licking it of your cock. It tastes so nice! Mean while the other guy now giving me a good ass massage and u tell him to fuck me while I’m sucking u. he puts his cock deep inside of me and you with one hand touching my pussy. It’s so horny ! I’m so much turned on but I want to cum on your cock. So change position. I’m asking u to sit a bit up so I can sit on your cock with u facing my back and the other guy between our legs so he can lick my pussy and your balls. Its so nice and we are all so horny, my pussy is so wet and I feel u so hard in me and the licking of the other guy feels like heaven! I cannot hold it and I cum so hard on your cock that it makes u cum to. The other guy is so much turned on by us that while he was licking us he took his cock in his hand and seeing us cum he cums to and shoots all over us. This was a great sensation! We all take a shower again and then the guy leaves, thanking us for all the pleasure! And we….

We went back to bed and slept like the sweet angels we are!

===The End===
Hope you enjoy it :)

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Very nice. Thanks