The office secretary

I’m working as your secretary in a big company. For a while now, I notice that your showing interest in me. One day we are working late u in your office and I in mine.

Then u call me and ask me to bring u a coffee. When I’m entering your office to bring u the coffee u close the door behind me and I hear u locking it. I stand still in front of your desk and feel a shiver going down my spine.

I feel u walking towards me and then I feel your breath in my neck you whisper in my ear that u want me so bad and I’m making u so hard. And while you tell me that, I feel your hand touching my leg, slowly getting under my skirt.

I tell u to stop that cause we are at work and I have already a boyfriend. I turn around and now we are facing each other. Your telling me that u don’t care that I have a boyfriend and that it’s my fault that I turned u on.

Your pressing me with my knees against the desk so I cannot move anymore. With one hand u touch my neck and with the other u graph my hair and pull it behind so I have to look u in the eyes. You tell me that you are gonna fuck me and u don’t care if I want or don’t want. I’m getting a bit scared but also strangely it turns me on, I feel a bit ashamed and especially worried cause I know there are camera’s everywhere in this office. I’m asking u to stop and let me go home but u don’t listen to me and start to kiss me. I’m trying to pull u away but I feel that I’m already starting to get wet, u keep on kissing me till I can’t resist anymore. I feel you getting so hard and that turns me on more. You order me to open my blouse and make me pull my skirt up. I feel so confused cause I feel ashamed but at the other side so horny standing there in front of u with my blouse open and my skirt up so u can see my nipples getting hard under my bra and u see my stockings and the beginning of my underwear. Your telling me to get of my string and make me sit on the desk with my feet on it and my legs spread so u can take a good look at my pussy.

I’m so nervous cause by now I’m so horny that I want u so bad but I don’t want u to notice that yet. I sit myself down like u told me and then I cannot hide it no longer cause u see the glowing of the wetness on my pussy. Your telling me that I turn so u so much on and u open your pants to show me your hard horny cock but u want to take ur time. U sit yourself down on a chair and u pick up the phone… you tell me that it would be selfish to keep all the fun for yourself. You call the security downstairs and u tell him that if he wants to have some fun he should watch the camera of the office that we are in.

While u talk to him you’re playing with yourself and I cannot keep my eyes of your hard cock. I feel my wetness dripping on the desk, I’m so horny but I don’t want to beg u to touch me. U are standing up again and u move the camera in a way you are sure he can see us good. Then u walk to me and kiss me again. You free my breast out of the bra and start kissing and licking my nipples slowly. I’m getting so horny that I don’t care anymore that somebody is watching us on cam. After pleasuring my breast u go down and start to lick my pussy it feels so good I want to cum already but u feel that so u stop directly telling me to come of the desk and go on my knees to suck u. by now I’m ready to do anything u say as long as u fuck me good. I’m getting down on my knees and take your balls in my hand and start lo lick your sweet hard cock. I lick all the wetness of it and it tastes so good, god I want to feel u deep inside of me. U make me lick and suck u for a while and you are massaging my breast telling me that if I want this cock I only have to ask u.

I cannot anymore and I ask you to fuck me good and hard. U pull me up and turn me around throwing me on the desk with my ass facing u. u start massaging my ass and because I’m so wet u can easy put you your finger in. u keep on teasing me a few minutes and then finally u put your cock deep inside of me and with the other u start touching my clit.

The feeling of your hard cock deep inside of me and your fingers in my ass and pussy makes me build fast. Your telling me that I’m such a good fuck and you are sure the guy downstairs Is already jerking at the sight of us fucking and this show is not the last one we will give him. I cannot hold it anymore and I cum so hard. You tell me u feel my pussy pulling on your cock and it will not be long before you will shoot me so full with your cum. I tell u to cum and then also u cannot hold it anymore and u shoot deep inside of me. All satisfied we get up and fix our clothes. You tell me that I can go home but tomorrow we have to work late again and I can save some time by leaving my string at home…….
when I go down I realize I have to pass the security guy and I feel so ashamed. I try to pass fast but he sees me. He tells me that I’m so hot and sexy and thanks me for the nice evening.

I’m rushing out of the building while I hear him say, see u tomorrow!!

From Anna with love

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3 years ago
Very nice.. Thanks for sharing