The Theater of Dreams

The Old Mansion, it was the prestigious name given to the huge british theater,a massive building were everything that relates to the art of cinema and acting could be found there, even an acting school.
It was there were Emma made her first step in acting, but after several months of studying and practising, arrived the D-day. Their teacher announced them that thee school will be performing a comedy in collaboration with another city. Emma was very excited, she had high hopes that it could kick start her career and up her reputation. Since her acting skills were the best in the school it was decided that the principal role’s representative would be her. Her teacher hinted at the fact that she would have to meet with the other school’s star who played the male’s principal role.
Full of passion and enthusiasm, she came earlier the following day, after school, at 5pm to be the first, in order to wait for her partner to show, at her surprise, she found him at the classroom. She was surprised, no one arrives before her. She came in and looked at him, it took him a few moments before he noticed her, until she called him:

-Hum, excuse me ? Are you Christopher ?
-Ah ! Hi ! Hum.. yes! But you can call me Chris, you must be Emma ?

They shook hands, and as soon as he touched hers, an electric shock went right from her hand to her mind, an incredible feeling and attraction she couldn’t understand, for an instant she was hypnotized by his clear blue eyes and just stayed there looking at him while he was talking, a kind of feeling she didn't understand, like it was a dream.

-Ahm, excuse me ? Are you here ? He asked
-Ah yes excuse me ! I was just thinking, I never saw you before, and oh let’s say I’m not accustomed to this!
-Oh don't worry, I worked with other schools several times in the past, you'll get accustomed quickly !
-Ah no.. it's not this, oh forget, so where are you from ?

He looked at her somehow confused, they kept on chatting, and Chris was starting to circle her personality in no time, making her even more attracted to him, he noticed that she was falling for him quickly.
Emma was indeed fascinated by his passion and his knowledge about theatres and acting, let alone his composure, his sense of humour, his intelligence, his voice and his look that made her mind blows. But what she didn’t know is that under all this picture of perfection was hiding a freaky evil side, a manipulator and opportunist with no morals and no limits, he saw there an opportunity to eliminate the concurrence and keep the spotlight for himself when the day comes, and so, he was ready to quickly make her submit to him.
He asked her some drinks and she quickly executed his order, bringing some jus, as soon as he tasted it, he asked her to bring another one, alcohol if possible, so she left the room looking for his drink and in the meantime he dropped a small pill inside hers. A d**g that was going to make her body hornier than the heart of volcano. When she came back they cheered, drank and kept talking, as time passed the d**g was slowly making its effects as she was getting hornier, he knew time has come to act one he simply put his hand over hers and it made her face goes red.
In Emma’s mind, it was just the natural fact that he was making her mind twist upside down, because he was a wonderful character, she didn’t noticed anything, she was looking at his eyes, his gaze was piercing her. Silence dominated the room, and so he moved closer to her and kissed her, as their lips made contact her mind was out, she could just enjoy it as her tongue was being played on by his. He laid her on the table and kept kissing her while touching her body, he upped her shirt and caressed her skin, her hips and kissed her neck, biting her lips, he took off her shirt then opened her bra to show off her huge pair of breasts, he tickled and pinched her pink nipples then played with her big breasts, while also caressing her pants, she couldn’t resist him, everything was fuzzy, she was just thinking about the pleasure and his skilful touches just made her crave for more. He opened her legs and started to lick her pussy, fingering her clit and making her moans and drown into pleasure, he moved to her face, kissed her and suck on her pink erected nipples and pinched them, toying with her breasts and with his other hand he was fingering her pussy, drenching it with her pussy juice.
He moved his tongue slowly down her body licking her white skin, he then move her and made her kneel on the ground, face down on the sofa, he picked up a piece of cloth that was there, joined her wrist together on her back and attached her arms, he then started caressing her huge ass that face up.

-“wait Chris… this is wrong, someone could come, maybe we should… ah!”

He smashed her head on the sofa, his hand covering all her face, he then took his tie and put it inside her mouth then tide it.

-“ Now you won’t speak, all I want to hear is your moans when my dick will make you cum ! Oh and by the way… Call me Sir !” and as he said that, he slapped her white ass that bounced from the hit, she screamed and he continued spanking her until it turned red, he got on his knees to and took his dick, caressed her pussy and finally inserted it in.
He started fucking her, a hand on her ass that had his hands’ mark on it, the other holding tightly to the tie so she wouldn’t be able to speak, he kept fucking her and hitting her pussy quickly and roughly but efficiently as she was completely losing it to pleasure and you could notice it just by the sound of slutty moaning every time he hammered her pussy with his dick. He let the tie down and started spanking her ass while fucking her, making her scream of pleasure.
He moved her on the sofa, in the same position, in doggystyle, but like this she was in the perfect height as he got up, his dick was face to face with her drenching pussy. He continued fucking her, holding her hair now as he penetrated her harder and harder.
“Ah no! aah !” Screamed the girl, trying to deny the pleasure and the orgasm that was coming, the boy hearing this reacted, he stepped up on the sofa and kept fucking her more roughly and quickly, tearing her pussy a part, and what he noticed is that the rougher he was, the more excited she got. So he moved harder and harder. “No ? You sure you want me to stop !” asked the boy, the girl could barely answer “no.. sir, it feels good!” she whispered. Her moans being more regular, he knew the orgasm was close, he spit on her asshole, sucked his fingers and inserted down all the in her butthole. She bit the sofa out of pleasure, she was losing her mind, and as he continued fucking both of her all, she started screaming “I’m cumming I’m cumming !! I caaame!!”
He took off his dick, and turned her ass down on the sofa and put his dick in her mouth, she started sucking it, tickling his balls, she knew exactly what to do to serve him well, and he finally came on her beautiful huge breasts that were covered with cum now.
He looked at her and told her: “you were a good submissive… well, it was a nice experience. I’m pretty satisfied.”
He turned back looking for his cloth and left the girl on the sofa, untied and covered with cum, but a little smile of satisfaction on her face as she pleasured her new master. As for him, he was satisfied with his new submissive girl. The play between this two promised to be of a high level.
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