Fucking a Biker

For many years now I have always been turned on by the thought of riding with a hot muscular leather clad biker. From being a little girl I have always had this fantasy. I could never understand how Shania Twain managed to turn the biker down in her music video That Don't Impress me much. Quite frankly I would love to have been fucked by the guy. I spend most of my teenage years craving to be fucked by a biker until the idea came to me 'why don't I go somewhere where bikers usually go. like a special road stop they go to or something' I new this was an great oppurtunity to have a proper fuck so I decided to 'have a day out'.

As I just passed my driving test at the time. I was worried about finding a good place to find a motorcylists stop. Once I'd got my most slutties knickers on; I went downstairs and told my mum I was going to my friend, Amy's house. She had no idea what slutty things her little whore of a daughter was getting up to!

As I was driving in the car, I was shaking with excitement and a little fear that I may get lost. After driving around for a good hour, I finally found a spot. It was next to a pinewood and set on a large field. I looked at a map and I was in Lincolnshire!

I got out of my car and had a walk around to see what bikers I could be fucking. I was feeling disappointed by what I was seeing. So far, all I could see were fat, hairy and old bikers and I was about to get in my car and then... I saw a biker pull up. He removed his helmet to reveil a tanned, perfectly proportion face, I'd say in his late 20's. All my dreams we coming true at once. I decided to go up to him and pretend to like his bike(personally I couldn't really care less but still he was hot). 'Nice bike' I said to him 'How fast does it go?'. By the looks of his face he didn't know what to do. How often do you get a girl asking about bikes? He finally answered and started talking about a load of shit I didn't know nor care about. But I did get a question I was antisipating the most. 'Do you wanna go for a ride and try it out?'. I was now almost dripping with excitment my cunt was aching to be penetrated. 'Yeah, I'd like that'. He gave me a dirty grin and offered me a leather gloved hand to get help me get behind him. Once behind him I put my arms around his leather clad waist. It felt so firm yet so smooth with the leather he was wearing. We started driving around the field a few times at high speed. I was screaming with both fear and enjyment and my slutty knickers had some of my cum on them from all the excitment I was feeling.

He drove us to the other side of the field next to a seating area which was desserted. I got of the bike and took a good look at the man who was turning me on so much right now. 'You enjoy that babe'? He said smiling and revealing his perfectly straight and white teeth. 'I did, I'm very revved up now if you know what I mean'?. I took a good look at him. God he was hot in his tight black leather biker gear. it was pure black and had no shitty tack patterns on it. He smiled again and said 'I don't think so you might need a bit more chrging up' I new now what was going to happen. Before I could even think he pulled me up to him and started kissing me. Our tongues were messaging each others, my cunt was desperate for some penetration. He started stoke my leg with his gloved hands and they worked their way to my already dripping cunt. He started to remove my knickers and finger me. 'aaaahhhhh' I moaned. I had finally got what I wanted and it felt so good. He now had two of his gloved fingers inside of me and said 'you like that don't you slut'? 'yeah' I moaned. He bend his down to my cunt and spat a load of his warm saliva onto my cunt. I was moaing like crazy it felt so good. He removed his gloved fingers from my wet cunt and asked me to lick the cum off of them. I tasted the cum it tasted of my cum and leather. It tasted amazing. I started leaning backwards now as he started to lick my cunt. It was heaven on earth feeling his warm tongue inside of my tight cunt. I could hear him making sucking sounds and this just made the whole situation more sexier. Once he had finished, I unzipped his leather trousers and I moved my face towards his cock and he said 'No. Turn around and let me see that ass of your' I did what he wanted, I turned around and let him explore my ass. He was probing me a little with his gloves fingers before his big 9-10 inch cock came out. I was now feeling dizzy with excitement. 'You ready for this you little slut?' 'Oh yeah' I said. He push his massive cock into me almost all the way. I started squealing with pleasure. He kept doing this until I could feel his cum. He stopped and waited a few seconds for his cum to go down a little before moving onto my cunt. I sat on the bike and he started grabbing the back of my legs with his cum smeared leather gloved hands and started pounding me again. I was moaning louder than ever. I heard something in the near by woods and noticed a couple in their mid 50's approached us. We stopped for a few moments and carried on. 'What are we gonna do if they report us?' I thought to myself. Then the couple were standing in front of us watching with pleasure at me getting my cunt pounded. The woman was now rubbing her groan and watching with great focus at us. I had now cummed all down my legs and was now awaiting to feel my sexy bikers cum.

Once I started to feel that he was ready to cum I pulled off of me and started to kneel in front of him. He was now cumming all over my face and tits. I was swallowing as much as I could. I looked over at the couple and the woman now had her pussy out and was masturbating over us. While her husband caressed her tits. The old man from the couple came up to us and shook the bikers gloved hand (which was covered in mine and his cum) and said 'well done, we've enjoyed watching you'. Once I wiped myself clean with my knickers and my biker had got straightened hiself up we got back on the bike and frove back to my car. I looked back and was seeing the woman sucking her husbands cock.

Once we got back, the biker got off the bike and finally introduced himself 'by the way, I'm Matt'. 'Katie. I've had a lot fun with you Matt' He smirked and said 'well you better come here again. I'm here most weekends so you better come again.'. 'I will, you can guarantee that' He pulled me up him and gave a final kiss. 'oh and just to remember me by' I gave him my cum stained knickers and headed towards my car.

I have been to this spot almost every week sometimes I fucked Matt. Sometimes others but I know when I come here my fantasies become reality.
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2 years ago
Would love to do you in my biker gear, bent over my LowRider
3 years ago
good story got anymore
3 years ago
Mmmmm...I used to be a biker!....nice story!....I had knickers on under my leathers!...lol
3 years ago
Wish that had happened at the bike meets i go to :-)
3 years ago
wish you were on my bike
3 years ago
Your story was great.
Now cum over here and suck my RIGID COCK!
3 years ago
o my god sooooooo very hottttttttt.loved your story, i looked at your picture(awesome)im a little old butt i ride a harley and i can still get it up......thanks