The Arousing Adventures of Mikhail the White Mage

Mikhail woke up in his small, cold bedroom. He splashed some icy water on his face to wake himself up and quickly put on his white robes with red linen. Today was the day he was finally going to graduated from White Mage Academy after five long years. He wolfed down some bread and waved his mother goodbye as he walked to the Temple of Eir while whistling. His thoughts were in the clouds so much so that he literally bumped into Gudbrand the handsome blonde knight-in-training, his best friend. 
"Miky, watch where you're going." Gudbrand said, slightly annoyed.
"Sorry, Gudbrand." Mikhail responded sheepishly
"Ah, don't worry about it. It's your graduation day, naturally you're too excited to think straight."
"Are you coming to watch?" 
"Can't. Got training to do." Mikhail's smile slightly fell
"Tell me all about it tonight. We're gonna both be late if we stay here any longer. See you later"
Gudbrand patted Mikhail on the back and both continued on their way. Mikhail had a slight bi-curious crush on Gudbrand. He would frequently picture Gudbrand baring his muscular, hairy chest.

Mikhail arrived at the temple, made his way to the grand hall and took his seat. Up on the stage was his teacher, Cuilwen the elf, 308 years old (Elf years are about ten times longer than human years). Her ears were pointed, she had flowing golden hair, shining yellow eyes and standing at about six and a half feet. Mikhail gazed at her longingly, getting an erection. He tried to hide it between his legs from the women he was sitting in next to. Cuilwen called his name and he walked up to her, with mixed feelings of happiness and stage fright. He knelt down in front of her and faced the heavens as Cuilwen poured holy water on to his face and blessed him. Mikhail was now offically a white mage master. He made his way down the steps and stumbled, almost falling over. A few members of the audience giggled as his face became red with embarrassment. Mikhail waited until the other white mages were baptised. Cuilwen then gave a short speech about Eir and helping others. Mikhail was about to leave until Cuilwen added: "Could Mikhail Minkin please come with me to discuss an important matter?"
Mikhail turned around, wondering what Cuilwen could possibly want. He headed towards her.
"Mikhail, come with me to my study." She said
"Am I in trouble?" He asked
"No, no." She chuckled "Quite the opposite in fact."

They arrived at her study, quite small. Her desk was close to the back wall with a painting of Eir, the goddess of healing, hanging above it and a small bed, barely big enough for someone her size, by the left wall.
"Make yourself comfortable." She said while locking the door. Mikhail pulled over a stool and sat in front of her desk. "Congratulations on graduating, Mikhail."
"Thank you." He replied
"Did I ever tell you that you were one of the best pupils I have ever taught?" She asked while lighting the torches around the room.
"Yes, teacher. Many times." He replied.
"Remember, I'm no longer your teacher. Call me Cuilwen from now on."
"I apologies, Cuilwen."
"You know what this means now that you've graduated?" She asked as she slowly walked behind him.
"You are no longer under a vow of chastity." Mikhail said nothing. Cuilwen smiled at him and began slowly rubbing his shoulders and arms.
"Did I ever mention you were cute, Mikhail?"
"N-no, Cuilwen." Mikhail respsonded nervously.
"You're frightened, aren't you?" She asked, now rubbing his chest. Mikhail nodded gingerly, sweating. "It's only natural for virgins to feel that way." Mikhail's penis slowly swelled. She walked back in front of him.
"Please, Mikhail, it's been 60 years since I've had the courtesy of having voluptuous pleasure with a decent looking man. Could you satisfy this poor woman's wish?" Mikhail did not think twice of it.
"Yes!" He replied eagerly, his a****listic instincts getting the better of him. His erection clearly showing. 

Cuilwen knelt down in front of him and pulled up his robes and pulled down his undergarments. Mikhail felt nervous as his throbbing five inch penis stood erect. Cuilwen grabbed it and pulled back the foreskin, licking the head. She continued to move her hand up and down the shaft. Mikhail tried to hold his orgasm back but the pleasure was too great for him. Without warning, semen erupted from his cock, all onto Cuilwen's surprised face and upper body.
"You didn't last long." She said, licking the sticky, hot cum from her lips
"I'm so sorry, Cuilwen." Mikhail said, hoping she was not disapointed.
"It's alright. Most people don't last long on their first time." She saw his now flacid, semen covered penis. "Looks like you're out of action for now." She unbuttoned the upper part of her robe and revealed her large breasts. Mikhail began to breathe heavily. 
"Is this your first time seeing a woman's bare breasts?"
"It's my first time seeing them up this close." 
 Mikhail pounced on her like a wolf, the both of them falling on to the desk as Mikhail buried his head into her cushion like chest.
"Mikhail, calm down!" Mikhail got back on to his feet.
"I'm sorry. I'm acting like a b**st." Cuilwen pulled up her own robes and pulled down her undergarments.
"I doubt you've ever seen a woman's genitals this close before either." Mikhail never thought he would live the day he could see his former teacher's vagina. Her pubes were the same golden colour as her hair. Mikhail's dick immediatly got hard.
"Are you ready to say goodbye to your innocence?" Cuilwen asked with a seductive smile, sitting on her desk and spreading her legs. Mikhail was speechless, even somewhat afraid. "Come on, I'll show you how to do it." She took his hand and pulled him closer to her. She took his pulsing penis and rubbed it against her wet, warm pussy. She slowly put it in, the both of them moaning, Mikhail's moans being louder.
"Now, thrust your hips forward." Mikhail followed her command, causing the desk to creak and several books to fall from it. The two of them were sweating like pigs, Cuilwen wrapped her long legs around Mikhail as Mikhail wrapped his arms around her back. They both neared their climax as Mikhail began to cry. Cuilwen shouted and Mikhail screamed as her vagina was filled with cum.

Mikhail, fell onto the stool, exhausted and still crying. Cuilwen quickly re-arranged her clothes and went over to Mikhail. She wiped the tears from his face and hugged him tenderly. 
"It's alright, I cried on my first time too."
"Thank you, Cuilwen, that was the experience of a lifetime."
"I should be the one thanking you, Mikhail. I haven't felt that good for over 110 years."
Mikhail pulled his undergarments back up over his cum covered cock.
"What if you bear my c***d?" He asked, coming to his senses.
"Don't you know? A spell was invented for dealing with that long ago."
She chanted an incantation as her entire body was bathed in a blue glow.
"I should teach you it. It may come in handy. And by the way, Mikhail, just one last thing." Cuilwen said. She opened a chest at the foot of her bed. "I want you to have this." She handed him a staff of silver with a shining sapphire on its tip.
"This is your staff, is it not?"
"It's yours now. My adventuring days are over."
"I can't just take such a valuble object."
"Consider it a thank you gift." Cuilwen unlocked the door. "Come on, I'll walk you home. We can tell your mother all about the graduation ceremony."

NEXT TIME: Mikhail discovers it's not just women he likes.
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