Mikhail - Bio (Going to be used in future story)

Name: Mikhail Minki

Species: Human

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Class: White mage

Hair colour: Black

Eye colour: Green

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Info: Born in a lower class f****y in the castle town of Alaban. Mikail's father died in battle when he was but a lad, leaving his mother alone to raise him. As a result, Mikhail is a bit on the feminine side, even becoming a white mage which is a proffesion dominated by women. Mikhail was a natural genius at white magic, earning the respect and losing his virginity to his elven teacher. Since Mikhail graduated, he has gone on many adventures with his party, most of which resulting in sexy shenanigans.

Mikhail is generally thought to be 'cute' rather than 'handsome' because of his innocent looks and personality. He is sometimes even mistaken for a female and has been flirted by many a man and woman. He has a penis length of about 5 inches.
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