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Yo, Derptron here. As of the time I have posted this, I am a relativly new member of this site. I haven't done much except posted some pictures from my hentai collection, favourited some Japanese porn and tried my best at being witty in the comments. Well, now I'm planning to do something original: a fantasy erotica series.

When I go onto the Stories section of this site, I see the same old tales of losing virginity to some ho or fapping in a public toilet or the occasional i****t. It's not that they're bad, it's just that I've already seen this before. I'm probably just not looking hard enough for the more imaginative stuff but whatever. So, I'm going to give a go to fantasy porn.

Let me just get this out there. I am not a professional writer. Outside of some comics i used to write as a k** or assignments I did for English class (Which, by the way, got surprisingly good marks.) I barely write so don't expect me to be the JRR Tolkein of erotica.

With that said, I have some rough ideas for the series. I want the main character to be a white mage (Go to Final Fantasy Wiki for more info on that) since they are the most virginal of all fantasy characters and, hey, everyone likes virgins. Of course they will lose their virginity but they will still have an innocent personality. Also, I want to include a knight to be sort of like the opposite to the white mage, more of a nympho I guess. Maybe I will include a black mage (Again, go to Final Fantasy Wiki if you don't know what that is), martial artist and assasin but I will have to think of gimmicks for them. Maybe I could even include vampires (Yay, n*********a!) and wereb**sts (Yeah, I'm a furry, sue me.)

As for a title, well, I'm unsure. I want it to sound a bit goofy to let the readers know this is just for shits and giggles. If you have any suggestions, please, comment below (Like anyone cares). Well, this went a lot longer than expected.

Posted by Derptron 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Yes, please go gorward with your stories they are great. Funny and yet sexy - Awesome idea, I`d never imagined I would find something like this here.

You got one fan for free XD
2 years ago
Hey there Derptron - I read your two stories about Mikhail and Gudbrand. I like it! Look forward to reading more of their story. :D