Gudbrand - Bio (Going to be used for future story)

Name: Gudbrand Gregoor

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Class: Knight

Hair colour: Blonde

Eye colour: Blue

Sexual orientation: Bisexual

Info: Mikhail's best friend ever since they were lads. After saving Mikhail from a gang of local bullies, the two became inseperable, Gudbrand acting sort of like a bodyguard to Mikhail. Gudbrand enrolled into Knight Academy and, like Mikhail training to become a white mage,, quickly became one of the top students. After the two graduated (and after a one night stand) they formed an adventuring party of ragtag misfits.

Gudbrand is best described as an idiot with a heart of gold. He lacks knowledge when it comes to things like alchemy and magic but is a genius when it comes to physical fighting. As a knight, he is a master in all manners of melee weapons but prefers longswords. Gudbrand is also not a bad unarmed fighter, claiming to be the best boxer and wrestler of his hometown. Despite his barbaric appearance, he is surprisingly kind and social. Gudbrand just enjoys life generally. He has a penis length of about 7 inches.

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