Adventures of Mikhail - Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Black Magic Woman

Mikhail woke up a bit later than usual. His head sore from the drinks and his anus sore from Gudbrand last night. He got washed, dressed, grabbed his silver staff and went to see his mother.
"Morning, mother." Mikhail said to her, whilst groaning. His head was pounding.
"Did you have fun last night?" She laughed. She beared a great resmblence to Mikhail, only older. "Gudbrand came by earlier. He said that he wanted to meet you at the tavern at around 6."
"For what?"
"He just said something about an idea and left."
"Well, thanks for telling me."
"That Gudbrand has grown up to be quite the man. Would you like your best friend to also be your new father, Mikhail?"
"Well, uh..."
"I'm jesting. Now go or you're going to be late for work."
"Me and my mother both love the same man..." Mikhail thought to himself. He quickly dismissed the thoughts and went to work.

After work, Mikhail headed to the tavern just as Gudbrand said. He sat at the same place they sat last night and waited. After about 15 minutes of discreetly looking at Gunvor the waitress' cleavage (Blushing feverishly whenever she made eye contact with him), Gudbrand finally arrived, strutting in as usual.
"Hey, Miky!" Gudbrand shouted, giving him a strong, friendly hug. "So, did your mamma tell you why you're here?"
"She said you had an idea."
"Ja, I was thinking about starting my own guild..."
"And you want me to join?"
"Well, I will be needing a white mage, black mage, martial artist and thief and you're the best white mage I know."
"You don't have to join..."
"I'll join."
"Really? Just like that?"
"You're my best pal, Gudbrand, of course I'll do it."
"Many thanks, Miky." Gubrand bear hugged Mikhail tightly.
"Anyway, I've bought us a place just outside of town we can use."
"Getting a bit ahead of yourself." Gudbrand merely responded with laughter.

"It's a bit dusty." Said Mikhail, walking into their soon-to-be HQ. "And there's cobwebs."
"A bit of tidying-up never hurt anyone." Gudbrand replied. "Anyway, I'm going to see the newsparchment folk for advertisments. Make yourself at home." He was about to walk out the door until he suddenly recalled something. "Oh, yeah, one last thing."
"What is it?"
"What happened last night between us. I was d***k and wasn't thinking right..."
"It's alright."
"You sure?"
A week passed and not a single applicant showed up until one day.

Gudbrand, reading some erotica and discreetly masturbating under a table, quickly looked up and adjusted himself when he heard the door open. 
"How can I help you, pal?" He asked, casually. Through the door, stepped a figure dressed in black robes and a dirty, leather, pointed, wide-brimmed hat. The figure pulled up their brim to show a beautiful woman. Her face was extremly pale, almost pure white. She had piercing brown eyes, furrowed eyebrows and messy, long black hair. 
"I heard you were looking for a black mage." She said emotionlessly.
"That's right, miss, are you a black mage wishing to apply?"
"No, I'm a jester just here to say 'Hello'. What do you think?" She said, angerly. Gudbrand just laughed
"Ha ha, I think I like you already. Anyway, what's your name, miss?"
"Margaux Minuit." She replied, once again emotionlessly.
"Sounds familar..." Gudbrand slowly tried to recall the name. "Ah! Margaux Minuit! The half-elf, half-human who graduated from Black Mage Academy at only age 16!?" She nodded silently. "Well, that's good enough for me. Welcome to the guild." He went to shake her hand.
"I don't think I'll be shaking your hand if you've been reading this rubbish." She said, pointing to the erotica cover of two nude succubi licking a minotaur's cock. Gudbrand's face quickly became red.
"Uh...Miky! Show our new member to her room!" Mikhail came downstairs and was stunned by the white fairness of Margaux. Gudbrand introduced them.
"Miky, this is Margaux Minuit, our new black mage. Marg, this is Mikhail Minkin, our white mage."
"M-Margaux Minuit!? The black magic prodigy!?" Mikhail said, shocked that someone so famous would stand before him.
"Ja." Gudbrand replied
"Please don't call me Marg." Margaux said, sounding irritated and tired.

Milhail and Margaux walked through the corridor.
"Your room is just down the hall, Ms. Minuit."
"Just call me Margaux. I hate formalities."
"S-sorry, Margaux."
They passed Mikhail's room with the door wide open, filled with potions, books and scrolls. Something caught Margaux's eye and went in.
"Pretty nice staff." Margaux picked up Cuilwen's silver staff and began examining it. "Far superior than my tiny wand."
"Please be careful, it's a momento from my teacher."
"Were you her favourite or something?"
"In more ways than one." Mikhail chuckled.
"What's that suppose to mean?" Asked Margaux, in a mixture of sarcasm and curiousity
"Nothing..." Mikhail responded timidly.
"Just show me to my chamber." They walked further down the hall and came across Margaux's new room. Mikhail opened the creaky door to show the dark room, roughly about the same size as Mikhail's with a single bed , some books about black magic and a cauldron.
"I suppose it will suffice." 
"Make yourself comfortable. I'll be out getting some food."

At dinner, Mikhail prepared pork for all of them.
"Miky ain't just a good white mage, Marg, he's a fine cook too." Gudbrand said to Margaux, enjoying some beer.
"Stop calling me that, meat-for-brains." Margaux was busy trying to read about poison brewing.
They all sat at the table, eating quietly. Margaux was being distant, Mikhail was growing shy being near such a pretty and powerful woman and Gudbrand was occupied with his food.
"Come on, guys, talk a bit." Said Gudbrand, his mouth full of meat. "You're quieter than usual, Mikhail." 
"Oh, I'm sorry..." Mikhail responded meekly.
"Marg, tell us a bit about yourself." Gudbrand asked.
"My father is the former chief black mage of an elven tribe, my mother is the daughter of a baron, I study hard, I train hard, I work hard and I dismiss anything does not benefit me. That's all you need to know." Margaux said quickly and non-chalantly.
"Ja, you're a real cheery joker..." Gudbrand muttered under his breathe.
"Want to share what you just said, Gudbrand?" She asked.
"N-nein!" Gudbrand replied.
"Good. What about you, Mikhail? how did you meet Lumpy over here?"
"Back when we were k**s. Gudbrand didn't let anyone beat me up and I taught him to read and write."
"Ja, I was a bigger ass than I am now."  Gudbrand and Mikhail laughed. Margaux just looked at the two as though they were simpletons. 
"I'm going to my room." She said, leaving the table.
"You've hardly eaten anything." Said Mikhail, sounding slightly glum. 
"More for me then." Gudbrand pulled her plate to him.

After dinner, Mikhail went back up to his room to read. He felt that something was off as though he was missing something. About an hour later, he looked up to see that his silver staff was missing. Puzzled by this, Mikhail began looking. Going down to the main room to see Gudbrand.
"Gudbrand, did you see my staff?" He asked. "It's not in my room."
"Nein, I've been training outside since Margaux arrived." Gudbrand replied. Mikhail then went to Margaux's room. Opening the creaking door.
"Margaux, you wouldn't happen to be examing my staff again?" He asked.
"Get out! it's bad manners to be in a lady's chamber uninvited." She threw a small fireball at Mikhail that just skimmed his hair signalling him to get out as quickly as possible.
"She really needs to find an outlet for that anger." Mikhail thought to himself. "It'll probably turn up again tomorrow. Gudbrand's probably just pulling a bad prank."

Mikhail got up in the middle of the night needing to pee. As he walked through the house, he heard a peculiar noise coming from down the corridor. A familar noise that Mikhail couldn't quite place. He decided to go investigate. The noise seemed to be coming from Margaux's room. He quietly pressed his ear against her door to hear the noise a bit clearer. Then it hit Mikhail. It was moans. Moans similar to the ones Cuilwen made the day they made love only these moans were higher pitched.

He knelt down and peeped through the keyhole to see Margaux's pale face. Her eyes closed and lips quivering, rubbing her chest all the while. He peered down to see she lifted her robes and pulled her undergarments down, pleasuring herself with a long, metallic object. Mikhail felt a swelling in his loins "This is wrong." Mikhail thought to himself, squeezing his legs together. 
"I can't pleasure myself to an unsuspecting woman." After hesitating for a while, Mikhail gave into his primal instincts. 
"May Eir forgive me." He silently mumbled. He lifted up his robes and took out his erect penis. He slowly began rubbing the shaft, hoping Margaux would not be able to hear him. Unfortunatly, after a few minutes, Mikhail came close to orgasming and let out quite a loud groan. Loud enough that Margaux stopped masturbating to listen for the source of the noise. Mikhail also stopped masturbating albeit was breathing heavily in a mixture of pleasure and nervousness. Margaux heard his breaths and faced towards the door. She thrusted out her palm, sending a f***e push spell towards the door causing it to burst wide open and send Mikhail rolling into the wall opposite of him.

"You little pervert!" Margaux yelled to him, adjusting herself and glowing red. "I should kill you here and now!"
"I'm sorry!" Mikhail shouted back at her, his erect penis still exposed.
"Get in here!" Margaux picked him up, furiously, dragged him into the room and threw him onto the bed. As she closed the door, Mikhail realised what the metallic object was.
"Hey! That's my staff, not an olisbos!"
"Shut up and listen." She said, fiercly. Mikhail immediatly turned to her.  
"Alright, girly boy. I'm going to let you go uns**thed on one condition."
"W-which is?"
"Since you like me so much, you have to be my personal wench."
"Your what?" She conjured a small fireball in her hand.
"Alright, alright! Just please don't hurt me!"

"Come on, get hard." She demanded. Mikhail began to rub his shaft quickly to not get scolded again.
She got completely naked, her body just as pale as her face and her chest was almost completly flat.
"What do you think, wench?"
"I've seen bigger..."
She casually threw a small ice ball to his testicles. He yelped.
"Golden rule, little Miky, always compliment me." Mikhail silently nodded to show he understood. She knelt down on the bed over Mikhail and grabbed his dick tightly. 
"I've seen bigger." She said to him, mockingly. Mikhail said nothing, getting an idea of what may happen if he did. "Not that hairy either." She grabbed his balls. "At least these are in proportion."
"A-are you going to suck it?" Mikhail said to her, scared to talk.
"Whose the wench in the room?" She responded, sarcastictly. "Of course I'm not going to suck it, idiot, you're suppose to be pleasuring me."
"Sucking penises doesn't pleasure women?" Mikhail asked himself in his head, stunned at this revalation.

"Well?" She was beginning to get cross. "Pleasure me." Mikhail heard from Gudbrand that women like being touched in the genitals and gingerly touched her snatch. He slowly rubbed his index finger up and down between her black haired labia. It felt warm and sticky.
"Loki's wispy beard! Can you be any slower?"
"I-I'm sorry, I'll just-" Before Mikhail could finish his sentence, Margaux grabbed his head and f***ed it into her genitals.
"Lick." She commanded. "Or can you not do that?" Mikhail began licking and sucking her now soaking wet pussy, occasionally getting a hair in his mouth. 
"Tastes salty." Mikhail thought to himself.
"Now this is more like it." She said, moaning soon after. "Is this your first time licking a vagina?" Mikhail mumbled something unintelligable, his head buried deep into her crotch and his tongue going deep into her pussy. Her hands reached over his to his raised ass and pulled his robes up, uncovering it. She began to tightly squeeze his two buttocks. Mikhail paid no attention to it and continued licking. Margaux slid her finger between his two cheeks and began rubbing the sensitive surface of his anus. Mikhail immediatly lifted his head from her crotch.
"Don't touch that!" He yelled. "I can get some Chu..."
"When did I say stop?" Asked Margaux, forcing his head back into her pussy. She stuck one finger into his asshole. Mikhail yelped out in pain. Margaux pulled it back out quickly.
"Shut up, you idiot, or you'll wake up Gudbrand." She snapped.
"Don't worry, he could sl**p through Ragnarok."
"Your ass is a little looser than most men. You must really get around."
"Well, it was only once." Mikhail blushed.

Margaux lay back on the bed and spread her legs.
"Alright, whore, big finish." She said as she opened her pussy. "Put it in." Mikhail silently obeyed as he slowly slid his dick into her vagina. This was only his second time having sex with a woman but he remembered what he did with Cuilwen. He thrust his hips forward in rythm, going a bit slow. Margaux was a bit tighter than Cuilwen. Margaux moaned a bit in pleasure. Mikhail was glad he wasn't going to be scolded this time. He went a bit faster, as her legs wrapped around him and as she began to let out little squeals of delight. He thrusted harder and deeper, Margaux's tiny breasts jiggling to the rymth. Mikhail groaned and Margaux commanded him to go even faster. Too late. Mikhail came. After his orgasm, Mikhail fell back on the bed, nearly falling asl**p as Margaux came to her senses. 
"You bastard!" She hissed. "You stop just before I was about to cum AND you came inside me!"
"I-I'm sorry." Said Mikhail as he got up. "Let me..."
"Get back down here!" She f***ed his head down to her pussy again, Mikhail immediatly began licking, his own semen mixed in with her love juices. She came straight onto Mikhail's tongue within seconds.
"Oooh, well, that's one problem solved." She let go of his head. "You better pray that I don't get pregnant."
"Just sit still and let me take care of it." Mikhail placed his hands on Margaux, mumbled some words and she was bathed in a soft, blue glow.
"What did you do?"
"Just a spell that will neutralise any chance of you getting pregnant."
"I suppose you're good for something after all."
"Uh...thanks?" Mikhail got off the bed and adjusted his clothes. He grabbed his silver staff. "It's going to take days for the smell to go away." As he was leaving the room, Margaux called to him. 
"Mikhail..." She said softly. Mikhail turned back to her. "Thanks. That was really good."
"You're welcome."
"Just...don't mention this to anyone."
"Um...alright." Mikhail walked back to his room until ge suddenly remembered sometging. "Crap! I need to pee!" He quickly ran out of the house to relieve himself

NEXT TIME: Three months with pirates.
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