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New clothes

Yesterday, I collected a navy knee-length skirt and silver jumper. I feel soooo sexy wearing them. Pity I've not got someone to show at present...

A couple of days ago, order a pair of black ankle strap shoes which should be with me early next week. Think I'm going to have fun wearing them...
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[Story] Cross-dressing - the beginning

I would assume that for most men, interest in women’s clothing started at a young age. For me, this occurred when I was 11 looking through the Littlewoods, Gratton and Freeman catalogues that my mother used to have.

At the time, I lived with my mother Jane, who was divorced, my b*****r Anthony and s****r Sharon, who were five and three years older than me. It was quite easy to sneak one of the catalogues up to my room and thumb through them. If one of them had bothered to look at the catalogue, all the lingerie pages will have been well marked with my mucky fingers.

Staring at me from th... Continue»
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Hi friends, I am writing a few stories. Some are based on things that have happened to me, others are pure fiction. Hope you enjoy them.
Posted by Derk67 4 years ago