True Mature Sex Stories: Sigrid & Ingrid

It was the winter of 1988 to 1989 and I was 27 years old. I was at Cala Romantica on the east coast of Mallorca. I was lodging at the Hotel Punta Reina.

On my third morning there, I was late for breakfast at the hotel's dining hall. Nearly all tables were fully occupied, except for one which had two free places. I asked the two elderly ladies at the table for their permission to accompany them. They said, "Yes," and I thanked them and took a seat.

They both looked remarkably alike, so I asked them if they were twin s****rs. This kicked off our conversation. The one who had permitted me to take seat was really talkative; Sigrid was her name. The other s****r was called Ingrid. During the conversation, we all found out that we had arrived the same day and would also be leaving on the same day.

After the breakfast, I returned to my room, changed and went to the hotel's pool. I occupied a free sun-chair with my towel and entered the pool. When I had finished and returned to my sun-chair to dry in the sunshine, I saw the twins lying in the sun-chairs beside mine. Again, we started a conversation and one moment, when the less talkative s****r, Ingrid, had left us for a short time, I asked Sigrid if she would like to dance this evening. To my pleasure, she accepted my invitation. When Ingrid returned, Sigrid told her about our date and I could see the displeasure in her eyes.

In the evening, Sigrid and I met at the hotel's lobby and welcomed each other like old friends, with kisses on the right and the left cheeks. Then we wasted no time getting started! We had much fun and were dancing and laughing, holding each other in our arms and coming close to each other. Sigrid had no qualms about being intimate with a man roughly 40 years younger than her.

While we danced, Sigrid told me that her s****r and she were 68-years-old and that Ingrid was the older one — by 10 minutes.mBoth of them were widows, and Sigrid had been married two times. According to her, Ingrid was old-school-minded and didn't grant herself much fun.

At an undefined moment, I had a feeling that I could kiss Sigrid without receiving an angry or bad reaction. But I hesitated and then suddenly there was Ingrid standing near us. It was close to midnight; the moment was gone.

Ingrid stayed for a short while and then we all three went back to the hotel. I was disappointed that the evening was over. When it came time to say goodbye, Sigrid begged me to take breakfast with her the next morning. Deep within, I felt my hope rekindled!

And so it was: we met for breakfast and, when Ingrid was going to the buffet, Sigrid asked me if I was interested to go at an outing with her. Bingo! We planned that I should rent a car and pick her up in front of the hotel.

So it happened. I rented a Suzuki-SJ all-wheel-drive and left the soft-top at the rental centre. We rode into the inner areas, seeing picturesque villages and were generally moving outside the typical tourists paths. In a cantina in the centre of the village Petra, we had lunch and in the late afternoon we arrived back at our hotel.

In retrospect, so much changed during that trip. We had great fun, walked hand in hand, and, though I don't recall the precise moment, exchanged our first kiss.

She felt so wonderful. She was a short woman, a bit plump, with a soft wide bottom, a round belly and two large well-proportioned breasts. And she kissed wonderfully and with passion! Having had this much luck so far, I figured I would be able to get her into my bed before the end of my vacation.

After I had driven the car back to the rental centre, I met up with Sigrid at the hotel again, both of us feeling like teenagers in love. Ingrid was there and said she was going to get something to eat. Sigrid and I had already eaten plenty during our last meal, so I asked Sigrid if she would like to go to my room. We could have a drink and think over what we might like to do in the evening, for example. Ingrid let us go.

When we were in my room, I took two bottles of San-Miguel-beer out of the fridge, opened them, and we sat down on my bed.We talked to each other, laughing and touching. One moment we found ourselves laying across my bed and cuddling each other. One thing followed the other and suddenly we were busy unclothing each other until we were both naked.

What a beauty she was! Old, plump and with wrinkles on her arms, legs and adorable face. Perfect!
I began to kiss her nipples, to suck them and she was purring like a cat. I felt her taking my dick with one hand and starting to stroke me. It was nice, but I didn’t want this to end with a hand-job. I wanted to fuck her.

As a kissed her body all over, she turned on her back and spread her legs as wide as she could make them. I entered her. She was wet and I slipped in without problems. Yes, she wanted it. She wanted it so much and she wrapped her legs around my hips to thrust me deeper into herself.

Finally, the moment came: I thrust myself as far as I could into her and ejaculated. But she hadn’t come yet! So, with semen trickling down her vulva, I continued fucking her, gritting my teeth to ignore my super sensitive penis, until she finally came.

We were exhausted and she was telling to me that this was her first time having sex in more than 20 years!

We cuddled and kissed until my soft dick got hard again. I passionately kissed her all over her body and carefully licked her pussy clean, and then some. Soon, she had a second orgasm.

Quite some time had passed by and she said she would like to go to her own room, to join her s****r. Once again, she asked if we could take our breakfast together. I told her I was more than happy because I had finally met a real horny granny and I intended to make the most of it.

When I sat down at the table the next morning with the s****rs, Sigrid was smiling shyly and Ingrid mostly ignored me. I didn't feel good and it was a quite silent breakfast. Then I said goodbye and went to my room.

Short after I entered my room, the phone rings. Sigrid.

She told me that Ingrid was angry with her and was insisting that she tell her what happened the other day. So, Sigrid told her about our adventure on the island and our adventure on the bed. Then Ingrid called her a bitch and a whore.

Sigrid was crying on the other end of the line. I tried to console her by saying that she wasn't a whore and that there was nothing wrong with having fun to try and catch up with what she missed for such a long time. I also told her that her s****r was an unreasonable, inhibited cow. She’s just jealous, I told her.

We continued talking for a while, when suddenly I heard in the background: “Hey, are you calling to your young buck, you slut?”

Sigrid started weeping again and I said I would come to their room and take her with me. Shortly after, I arrived and knocked.

The s****r who opened the door had a mean, unpleasant look in her eyes. Must be Ingrid! I told her, “I’m coming to take Sigrid with me.”

Without answering, Ingrid started to shut the door, but then Sigrid called “Wait, I’m coming!”.

As soon as Sigrid stepped out, her s****r slammed the door — WHAM!

We left the hotel for a long walk.

During this walk, Sigrid told me that her s****r had married very late and wasn't very happy during the marriage, whereas Sigrid was happy with both her husbands. Ever since their adolescent years, Ingrid had been jealous of Sigrid. Men would swarm around Sigrid but mostly leave Ingrid alone.

Despite Ingrid’s faults, Sigrid loved her s****r and would do anything for me. As Sigrid opened her heart to me, I sensed that she was feeling vulnerable and emotionally tender. I comforted her and we became even closer.

We had a nice day, a romantic day. In the late afternoon we had dinner in the city because we knew we wouldn't meet her s****r there.

When we came back to the hotel, Sigrid went to the reception and asked for a phone. She dialled the number of her room. She told her s****r that she would spend the night with me.

I smiled.

When she put the phone down, she said, “I want to go dancing and stay with you tonight.”

It sounded like another great evening.

We went to my room and she opened the bag she had been carrying with her all this time. She said that she had collected some clothes for the evening in the morning. She put the bag on the floor. Then she came to me, wrapped her arms around my neck, and we kissed.

It in no time flat we were laying my bed, naked and kissing and playing with each other. She said, “Because my s****r calls me a bitch, a whore and a slut, I will be your bitch, your whore and your slut!”
I grinned: “Accepted!”

“Good!,” she said, “Now be my stallion and make my day!”

Then she was on all fours, presenting her bubbly bottom to me and saying, “Fuck me!”

I didn't need an second invitation. I quickly go in position on my knees and slowly pushed my dick into her already wet hole.

As the night went on, it was clear that she had thrown all her scruples overboard. And she couldn’t be satisfied! We fucked like rabbits and like dogs and like every mammal known to humankind, and when she asked me to fuck her ass, I wasn't surprised.

I gladly fulfilled her wish. I positioned my dick, glistening with her juices, at her asshole. I carefully entered her ass, thankfully without any problems. Sigrid was slightly aching but encouraging me.

Once she had taken me to the hilt and my balls were brushing against her, I pulled out and pushed in, beginning to thrust my hips increasingly faster. Soon you could hear our bodies were slapping each other. I fucked her as fast as I could until I finally orgasmed deep in her ass. By the end of the night, I had come in her ass, pussy, and mouth! What a night!

We slept in the next day, into the late morning. I only got up because I had an urge to pee that could no longer be denied. I went to the bathroom silently so that I wouldn’t wake up Sigrid. I sat down, thinking it would make less noise, and released my bladder.

Suddenly, Sigrid was standing in front of me.

“I also need to pee, urgently!” she said.

Without waiting for an answer, she mischievously smiled and sat down on my lap. I felt her urine on my skin. It was much hotter than I expected, both literally and figuratively.

We showered together close to an hour, fondling each other mostly. Afterwards, we fucked on the bed. She was moaning so much, I’m not sure how I even heard the door open. The maid had stepped in and was standing in shock. Her face blushed, as it probably did for Sigrid and for me. We had forgotten to place the “Please do not disturb” sign outside the door.

Without any word, the room maid turned around and closed the door after her — but not without carrying the sign with her and hanging it at the door, I noticed.

We laughed, then continued making love.

During the day, Sigrid told me that tomorrow was her s****r’s and her’s birthday and how she intended to go shopping tomorrow to find a birthday present for Ingrid. She begged me to be not disappointed that we would only see each other later in the evening. I said that I didn't have any problem with it. We had have another nice day together and she stayed the night at my room.

On the twins’ birthday, I met them for breakfast. After, Sigrid said goodbye to me with a passionate kiss before she went shopping.

Later in the afternoon, as I was dining, my eyes were suddenly covered from behind.

A well-known voice murmured in my ear: “Guess, who I am and what I'm hot about!”

I stood up, turned around. I saw the lustful smile in Sigrid's face and said: “You are eros and you want to fuck!”

Her smile widened up to a grin and she said: “Exactly!”

So I wrapped my arm around her hips and we left the dining room.

On our way to the door of the hotel's lobby, she said: “I want to go to back my room — I want to fuck you in my s****r's bed!”

“You slut!” I laughingly said.

We got to her room and undressed quickly.

Before we entered Ingrid's bed, she knelt in front of me, took my dick with her hands, and brought me to a full erection. Then she withdrew my foreskin, placed her lips on the top and started to suck. She used her tongue and massaged my dick with her hands.

This was better than ever before! I never felt such way! God, this was a real blow-job!

She would bring me to a near orgasm, but then interrupt every time to give me the chance to calm down. She kept bringing me closer and closer to ejaculation for close to an hour, but she never let me come. Whenever we stopped, we took another drink of Mallorquin wine. My lust was growing and driving me wild. Finally, she knelt for me on the bed and told me to fuck her from behind.

I might have been d***k on lust or wine, but I had the impression that her vagina was tighter than before. Sigrid cheered me on by groaning and moaning like an a****l in heat. I came in a matter of seconds. As soon as the tip of my cock felt the moist warmth of her body, my hips unexpectedly twitched forward and I felt my body push itself a****listically into hers. In a couple of thrusts, I had one of the best orgasms of my life. I held her closely as I deposited my seed, tightly holding her body next to mine to get in as much as possible and to get it as deep as possible. I could hear my heart beating in my ears as I held her closely. Although she hadn’t orgasmed, she was panting and clearly pleased with herself.

I pulled out of her, and flipped her on her back. I smiled at her and said, “I love you.”

“What the hell has happened here?” I heard a voice behind me say.

Startled, I looked back and there was Ingrid standing in the middle of the room.

“Uh, uh... hello Ingrid” I said awkwardly.

I looked back ay Sigrid on the bed, who still had a load of semen trickling out of her pussy. In a matter-of-fact tone, Sigrid said, “Hello Sigrid: back so soon?”

Confused, I looked at one woman and then the other. It dawned on me what had happened, but I still asked the naked Sigrid by my side, “Why did you call Ingrid by the name Sigrid?”

It was the standing woman who answered, “Because I am Sigrid, my strong stallion!”

I was dumbstruck.

It was Ingrid, not Sigrid, who had given one of the best blowjobs of my life. And it was Ingrid, not Sigrid, that I had fucked and filled with come.

What would happen next? I expected them to argue again. I mentally prepared myself to run.
Ingrid, who I had been fucking and who I thought was Sigrid, was still lying there spread-legged on the bed showing her wet, slowly dripping pussy to her s****r. She looked very pleased with herself.

"Well, big s****r," Sigrid started saying, "you’re lucky. I'm not selfish and I have learned to share."

With the end of the sentence she started to unbutton her blouse. One minute later Sigrid was naked on the bed between my thighs and sucking my limp dick. Ingrid and I were kissing as I played with her tits. It was then that I saw Ingrid’s tiny, little birthmark, below her left aureola. Sigrid didn't have a birthmark.

In time, I got to fuck Sigrid as hard as I had fucked Ingrid. By the end of it, Sigrid asked, “Well, Ingrid? This cock is worth to spread the legs for, am I right?"

And Ingrid answered with lust in her voice: "Absolutely."

Before Sigrid could give a reply, Ingrid added: "When I watched you two fuck, it made me really horny again!"

With a diabolic smile, lustful without a limit, Sigrid said, "Why didn't you come over and join us?"

"What do you mean?" Ingrid asked.

"Come over and sit down on my mouth, I will lick you. Later, when I ride our stallion, he can lick you."

"But you are my s****r." Ingrid said.

I was very curious about what would happen next, hoping for the best.

"You are horny, aren't you?" Sigrid wanted to know.

"Yes, but—"

"Come on!" Sigrid reached over with an arm and took her s****r by the hand.

This was it - Ingrid’s lust overthrew her scruples. She crawled over.

She slowly let her body sink down towards Sigrid’s mouth. Sigrid’s tongue was darting out and dancing preemptively. Ingrid shyly raised her body back up when she felt her s****r’s tongue brush her vulva. She blushed.

Sigrid took hold of Ingrid’s hips and pulled her down until her pussy was firmly touching Sigrid’s mouth. I heard Ingrid let out a small gasp. I could see Sigrid cheeks wobble; obviously her tongue was moving all over inside. After a few minutes, Ingrid was trying to sink her body even lower, even, at times, grinding her pussy on Sigrid’s face.

Eventually, Sigrid pushed Ingrid away and told her to sit on my face. I lay on my back with my head near the end of the bed. Sigrid climbed on top of me first, as if she were going to 69 with me, but she kept moving towards my cock. She guided it into her pussy and started riding me.

Then it was Ingrid’s turn to get into position. As she started to sit down, she paused and, holding her plump bottom above my face while looking at me between her legs, said, “Are you ready for this?”

I couldn’t give her an intelligible response as Sigrid was already bouncing off of me at an astounding speed. God she felt good.

Ingrid lowered herself onto my face, no longer shy or hesitant like she was before. I could smell the rich bouquet of her sweat and vaginal fluids. Her pussy was over my mouth, and it even partially blocked my nose. I was close to orgasm, and getting increasingly lightheaded.

Twelve minutes later, the bedposts were starting to slap against the wall because of Sigrid’s grinding. I was enjoying the strong smells that Ingrid was treating me to, but I was finding it increasingly difficult to breathe. Sigrid started moaning and breathing heavily and said, “I’m going to come!”

Upon hearing this, Ingrid redoubled her efforts, her body now fully sliding over my face and completely blocking my nose and mouth. I could no longer breathe, but I held my breath because I could feel an orgasm coming.

Sigrid let out a loud groan first, and before she could finish holding that lustful note her s****r Ingrid joined her. And then I reached the tipping point myself. I felt a sudden surge moving through my body, like an elevator without brakes falling upwards. Rising. Rising. Bliss.

And that’s when I ran out of breath. I passed out.

I woke up a minute later though. I was fine. We stopped for the night because of that small fright, but it wasn’t the end. Sigrid, Ingrid and I spent the rest of holidays together and during this time we can reliably say that we fucked our brains out.

When we said goodbye to each other at the Mallorca-Airport, because we had to enter two different planes, I asked them what they had planned for the future at home.

They looked deep into each other’s eyes and then, with a lewd smile, Ingrid said, "We will look for a boy-toy or two!"

We were laughing deep from our hearts and then we kissed each other and went to different departure gates.
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fun story!
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Very good story - nice to know that there are always men attracted to older adventurous women...
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Wonderful story, so sexy!
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Very hot story
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terific story thanks for sharing
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The story is excellent.
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Great story. Thanks
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sweet wonderful & naughty
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Older women (60-70) are GREAT!
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great story with a happy ending ,,hope u kno where to meet then on future trips,,,