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Hello Everyone- I hope that 2014 has been a good year for all of you. And if it was, I hope 2015 is more of the same. I appreciate all the friend requests I have gotten, but I would appreciate it even more if you gentlemen that have over 500+ friends would refrain, (that means don't) from sending me friend requests.It just becomes the accumulation of numbers and not wanting to get to know a person as a person, which to me defeats the purpose of being here in the first place. Other than that, I wish all of you a happy,safe,and healthy New Year." Live long and Prosper"-Mr. Spock. (12/18/2014

I have been a sexual and sensual person since the age of sixteen, when I discovered that boys were good for something other than football, baseball and beating the crap out of ( I was a tomboy).It might have something to do with being a fourth generation Californian;and you know what the Beach Boys said about "California Girls" .I have been told that I have a very earthy and sensual nature, and I believe in being true to your nature, if nothing else in this life. I find men masturbating more stimulating to me, than women doing the same thing.I think some men are very sensual creatures, and I find that very attractive,and special.I am also stimulated by gay porn, as opposed to heterosexual porn. Watching two women is not exciting to me, because you don't know if their passion is real or simulated and passion is the balance that we as humans need in our lives.It is a spark, that indefinable something that the animals don't have, which we use for the most part to either create or destroy.With men,unlike Meg Ryan in "When Harry Met Sally",they can't fake their arousal,which arouses me even more.I believe that everyone should explore the limits of their sexual natures, since we are basically a sexual species.Try something before saying you don't like it, whether it is a new food, or a new sexual position. It could turn out to be better than you believed.It has had a lot to do in making me the person I am now.Learn something new everyday, it keeps the mind active and open,which will improve your sex life,and who doesn't want that most pleasurable of events.As Richard Pryor said,"I want to cum and go at the same time", not a bad plan really:). Mr. Spock said "Live long and Prosper" I agree with that fully,and wholeheartedly, live your life so that you have few regrets, but an abundance of pleasant experiences.I would like to thank everyone that have been so open with me on this site. I have met some very good people. Some have not been so kind, but that, also is human nature. May each of you have a full and happy life, that will give you the greatest happiness. Again, as Mr. Spock said " Live long and prosper." (In spite of everybody, that one didn't come from Mr. Spock:).Truth is very liberating, which is the reason I've been so fascinated by this site. I don't have to be PC about my thoughts,and edit them constantly.Because I have been honest and open,I don't like being lied to;why because as my photos show I'm a big girl and I can accept the truth from a person and if I have given you the truth, I think it only fair that you give back what your receive. If you are here to increase your number of conquests, or boost your ego, fine, we all like to be liked,and made to feel special, and well thought of, that too is human nature. Just don't think I believe everything I'm told. I may have been born at night, it just wasn't last night.:) I realize that while you and I may be having a possibly sensual conversation, that you are busy trolling for the next best thing,so be it.Rude, but again so be it. Good luck in your search for the next best thing. The friends I have here, I enjoy very much,we have had some interesting conversations, and not just about sex, and I wish them all the best in this life and the next, unless the Mayan calendar is correct, which it turned out not to be:)..Life is a continual learning experience. We learn from every experience that we have, while we are on this mortal coil as Shakespeare would say, so make the most of it. As the Chinese proverb says" May you live in interesting times".
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13 hours ago
Hi Deni, hope all is well
15 days ago
I hope everyone had a Happy Valentines' Day.
27 days ago
Beautiful astonishment to you !
1 month ago
Hi deni, hope all is well
1 month ago
Hey Deni, up for Skype chat?
1 month ago
Hey Deni, i would love to play again with you
1 month ago
Hi there
1 month ago
beautiful girl !!!
1 month ago
Happy New Year Deni,
Your friendship is a great highlight here in xHamster. To a fantastic woman happy New Year
2 months ago
Hey Deni, Happy Birthday. I miss you
2 months ago
Thank you for the birthday wishes:)
2 months ago
Happy Birthday!!!
2 months ago
Merry Christmas to all my old friends, and new. Have a safe,healthy and prosperous New Year.
2 months ago
Happy Holidays, Deni ! ♡
2 months ago
Some teaches, some librarians, some long full moon nights that are heavy with your frangance do so contain magic. Small intimate areas of it that are sublime.
3 months ago
Deni, I really miss you
4 months ago
Thank you. Glad you like them. Somethings just appeal to my imagination :)
4 months ago
Hi, Deni.
Your avatars always have seem to have some beautiful untold story to imagine:)
4 months ago
need you in my bed
5 months ago
Nice profile
5 months ago
5 months ago
Hey mom, I'm on Skype i have news
5 months ago
5 months ago
I wanted to compliment you on your ship avatar, but saw you had a new one. I like that one, too:) Have a lovely day, Denicia!
5 months ago
Looking good, friend. Hope you had a good Labor Day. Take care.:)
5 months ago
Good as ever. Always a pleasure to stumble upon your profile.
6 months ago
Thank you very much. Glad you liked it.
6 months ago
Thank you very much:)
6 months ago
Nice profile! :-)
6 months ago
Thank you.

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