Forbidden Attraction (Third Person POV)

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In our minds we think to ourselves and keep secrets to ourselves and believe those secrets and thoughts are safe. Ken, a tall Caucasian man with toned muscles covering his body believed this too- until one day. We'll get to that day, but first let me tell you more about Ken. Being born in a religious area and a religious f****y he grew up on morals and teachings that tore at his very sexually-driven nature. Eventually falling away from his religion in his early 20's he felt he could fantasize further about the women in his life now and not feel the guilt from what he used to believe was wrong to do. Starting off slow, the women friends he grew up with gathered his attention as he began to notice how full, curvy, and simply beautiful their bodies have grown into. His lust began to burn within his body, starting as a small flame but spread like wildfire as he could no longer look at any woman he was attracted to without fantasizing about them. With only his beliefs of the past trying to tell him to stop he kept pressing his lust further on, even when he met a married women he couldn't help but try to sneak into their sexuality by slowly getting to know them and then asking about what they enjoy sexually. The situation of a married woman willing to reveal these personal sexual preferences to him made him believe they wanted him to do those things to them, it drove him wild. Being a virgin, due to previous beliefs, Ken could only feel his want for sex overflowing as he got more and more daring with the women he interacted with.

One weekend Ken's friend Jayson, who he met in grade school, invited him over to hang out. Ken gladly told Jayson that he'd be right over to his place, not knowing this was the day he would never forget. After arriving to Jayson's home, Ken briefly exchanged greetings as they sat on some couches in the front room. Jayson's wife Mary walked into the room and continued passed Ken, standing in front of Ken and blocking Jayson's sight from Ken. Mary's butt was lined up to Ken's face only a couple feet away, wearing tight spandex shorts her firm butt was almost completely revealed. Ken's eyes opened wide as he both realized how attracted to her he has been for the few years he has known her and how sexy she is to him. His mind and eyes started to wonder, looking down to her bare-skin thighs, Ken could see how smooth her dark skin was. Groping her with his eyes as he looked back up to her ass he felt his lust spark a flame that quickly coursed through his body. "I ran 5 miles today, cleaned the house, and watered the garden, hun." Mary proudly said to her husband whom only glanced up at her as she spoke to him. "That's nice, dear." He generically replied before looking down at his smart-phone.

Mary suddenly backed her butt right into Ken's face pressing his nose into the spandex right against her pussy and butthole. Mary jumped and gasped as she turned around, "Oh hey Ken, didn't know you were here already, didn't even see you sitting there." She said with a wink while she was turned away from her husband. Almost lost in lust Ken was slow to reply, "Oh hey, Mary, thought I'd come over right away- didn't have anything to do tonight anyway." He said in his deep voice and tried to be as casual as possible as his heart started pounding. Seeing her wink after she had backed her butt into his face sent his mind off as he thought to himself, "She had to of known I'm here. She knows I like her? How? When did she find out?" Ken smiled at Mary for a second then heard Jayson sigh and quickly glanced to see what he was doing, Jayson had his head pointed down toward his lap as he fumbled his fingers on his smart-phone. Ken couldn't help but notice in the corner of his eye Mary was still looking at him, turning his head back toward her dark brown eyes that complimented her skin tone. Mary smiled suggestively, growing a wicked grin as Ken stared and grinned back at her- but was startled by Jayson's upset voice as he said, "Hello." Looking back at Jayson, Ken realized Jayson was talking on his phone with somebody. Ken sighed in relief after realizing Jayson didn't catch him staring at his wife. Jayson stood up, covering his phone's mic with one hand as he whispered, "It's my boss, I may have to go into work for the rest of the night." Ken nodded in reply. Pacing back and forth, Jayson sighed as he said, "Yeah I'll be there right away." then put his phone in his pocket. "Well, they need me down at the shop, we'll have to hang out another time, Ken." Jayson said with disappointment. Grabbing his coat and walking out the door quickly shutting it behind him without saying bye to Ken or even his wife.

After hearing Jayson's car start, Mary walked over to the window and watched him drive off. Turning back to Ken, Mary locked eyes with him as she walked back over . "He ignores me like this all the time, barely acknowledges my existence." She admitted with a slight frown on her face. "I am not some robot that he can just pay attention to whenever he wants sex, and we never have sex anyway." She added with a hint of desperation. Ken stood up, meeting her eye level. "I think it's great how you were able to run 5 miles and still clean up the place and water the garden." He assured her as he slowly stepped closer to her. Her beautiful face lit up with a big smile as he proved he listened to her and also from the compliments he was giving. "I'm not sure how he could not want to pay attention to you and have sex with you all the time." Ken said with confidence, now face to face with her. Mary's ears shivered in lust as she listened to his kind words with his deep voice. "I can tell you want me, Ken." She said without a doubt in her voice. "Your body language, how deep you're breathing.." She paused, reaching out with her right hand on his chest before continuing, "how fast your heart is beating.." She inched closer to him as she spoke softly, "You've now paid more attention to me than he has all month." In deep curiosity Ken quickly asked, "Did you know I was there when you backed up into me?" Content-lust was pulling them together as their eyes were chasing and searching each other as they looked back and forth. She admitted with a nod and closed her eyes, he quickly closed the gap between their lips as both of their eyes shut.

Their arms and hands quickly wrapped around each other, rubbing all over their backs. Ken lifted his right hand onto her neck gently caressing it as he sucked her tongue into his mouth, licking it as she licked back. She let out soft moans, "Mmm." before reaching down to his pants, unbuttoning and pulling them down. She felt his cock spring out from the slit of his boxers as his pants fell passed it and pressed into her bare-skin-thighs. "Mmm, you're so hard already." She said in lustful excitement. Ken pushed his hips forward, shoving his thick cock against her wet pussy through her spandex shorts and letting out a deep passionate breath against her face through his nose. Lifting her shirt up, Ken caressed and groped up along her sides underneath her shirt. In delightful surprise to find no bra he didn't realize how big her breasts were until he was groping them. They broke away from their passionate lock of lips as they slid off her shirt passed their faces, Mary tried to quickly pull down her shorts to get his cock against her pussy lips. Ken assisted her after flicking his boxers to the floor with one thumb, pulling her skin tight shorts to the ground before she kicked them off of her feet. Before standing upright, Ken pulled his shirt clean off and kissed up from her belly button to her breasts only stopping for a quick suckle on her left nipple and continued kissing up her chest to her neck then spread is lips apart and opened his mouth wide. Sucking gently at first, he suckled her dark skin on the lower front left of her neck and progressively suckled harder and harder before slowly letting go and moving up inch by inch on her neck and repeating the same lustful suckle on each spot of her neck. Mary could feel herself getting soaking wet as she softly moaned at him and pressed her hands against his muscle-toned body, grasping his thick arms, pressing against and groping his hard pecks and running her fingers through his six-pack-abs. His large hands groped her with desire, his left hand lifting and playing with her right breast and nipple, his right wrapped behind her lifting and gently squeezing her ass. Ken finally reached up to her face, kissing back to her lips as she gently tugged him toward the couch.

Lifting her against his body as his thick cock prodded into her pussy lips and she wrapped her legs around him, he lowered her back onto the couch, his body following up against hers. Staring into each other's eyes as she began closing her legs tighter slowly sinking the tip of his shaft into her very tight and dripping-wet pussy. Ken's face flushed with passionate pleasure, his virginity slowly being spent on his friend's wife. His cock pulsed for more, making his hips thrust forward and spreading her tight pussy lips around his thick shaft. Buckling his hips against her he sank the last few inches of his warm cock into her hot, tight, dripping-wet pussy. Slowly grinding deep inside her, he lowered his body against hers as they locked their lips back together. Mary pulled his tongue into her mouth and began moaning while he started thrusting his cock deep in her tight pussy. Letting his tongue go she moaned out, "it's too good, give it to me, harder!" Ken's lust burst as she moaned out those words, he began thrusting the entire length of his thick cock faster and faster, his feet and the end of the couch pressing hard against it as he used it to pound his shaft harder and harder into her tight pussy. His cock was stinging with pleasure, he could feel her pussy tightening further constricting his cock and coaxing it to cum inside her. He began grunting followed by uncontrollable moans, holding back his cum as long as he could while his balls kept spanking against her butthole. Mary suddenly started shaking violently, "Don't stop.." she barely was able to cry out to him as a massive orgasm crashed through her body, her pussy almost vibrating with contractions. "I can't hold it in, I'm going to cum too!" He admitted, with constricting pleasure eating at his voice. Feeling Mary's pussy orgasm on his cock was too much for him, he was beyond the point of no return and quickly shoved his cock completely inside her pussy and began thrusting with small but fast thrusts. Moaning down at her, "Ahhhhh.. Ahhh, I'm Cumming!" His balls began flexing and pulsing while slapped up against her butthole, his entire shaft pulsing wildly as hot cum sprayed out against her soaking-wet, tight-contracting-pussy-walls. Continuing to thrust through her orgasm and his own, his body began to overload in pleasure and lust. "Mmm... Maryyy~.." His deep voice whispered out in passion as his thrusts began to slow, their orgasms subsiding and their lips locking again. Hugging him tightly against her body with a desiring moan as they kissed was her only reply.

The End.

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