What Am I?

What Am I? Tell me what Am I?

I lurk in the city suburbs

I drink the bl**d and eat the flesh of the low class.

Their bl**d is very sweet and their flesh is chewy

I cannot get enough of it

One day a middle class drops by and i try him

His flesh is meaty and his bl**d is so sweet

I lurk now in the middle level of the city

They are my feast. I need more.

One day I hear from my lunch about the high class.

Their bl**d is thicker than water, and tastier

I ponder as I rip my lunch and sip the red ooze.

I ascend to the highest level and gaze at the wonderful food

They dress like kings and eat like gods

I faint from lust and love.

I am in heaven

So tell me, What Am I, my sweet, sweet dear lunch
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4 years ago
you are a dumbass!
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4 years ago
gwaugh!!! ilb