Mary Deanna's Anniversary Fuck part 4

Sharon Learns It All
We went to a restaurant that had secluded tables and she just said, "Spit it out girl!"

I didn't know how to begin. Sharon said, "I know its hard. I KNOW what you are going through. Let me help you."

I stared at her, with the implication of what she had just said going through my mind.

"You. You and Robert, too," I stammered?

She nodded yes and said, "Robert has been Fucking me for two years. I was his first conquest after he started working here. Now, tell me how it happened."

I let it all gush out telling her how my husband had fantasized about me Fucking another man and then learning his real fantasy was me Fucking a Black man, and what I did to set it up. She found it interesting to hear me tell of it. Making me give all the details I related the story:

Two weeks before my anniversary Robert again hit on me, asking me to go out to dinner with him. I started to refuse him, but Joe's fantasy flashed to mind and I thought Robert would do it. I know it. I told him ok, when? He said how about tonight, giving me a quizzical look, wondering why after two years and many refusals I was agreeing so readily? I told him I would tell my hubby I was going out with some girlfriends and would be late. After he walked off with a smile on his face I wondered why I did that? But, I then picked up the phone and called Joe at work and told him the lie.

I met Robert in the parking lot by my car. He said he had always admired my car and said he'd drive. Taking my keys we got in and he drove off sedately, the wind blowing in our hair. He told me he was pleased I had agreed to have dinner with him but he didn't know why, just now, when I had refused him for so long. I found myself, unable to say why, but just stared at this tall very good looking Black man. Robert is about 6' 4", and about 210 pounds. His shoulders are broad and he is abut ten years younger than I. Close cropped hair, a bushy mustache, impeccably dressed, and politely mannered.

"You want something. Don't you?" he said.

His eyes bored into my soul. I was embarrassed. If eyes are windows to the soul then mine must have been like sliding glass doors. How did he know? Was he omniscient?

I looked down then, worked up my courage and told him, "I want... I want... I want you t-to. I want you to Fuck me. There I said it!" I blurted out in a rush.

He looked at me with those black eyes.

"Perfect," he smiled. "But what would cause a very prim and proper Southern lady such as yourself, to want to have a lowly Nigger like me fuck her" he queried?

I was embarrassed, I turned red, mortified was more the word. I told him he wasn't a nigger. He interrupted me and said that is unimportant. I want to know why Mrs. Benton, you want me to fuck you?"

I noticed we were driving around town, apparently not going anywhere particular. I also saw people staring at us. I told him I had my reasons and if he wasn't interested to get out and I'd go home. He indicated he was interested alright. That was why he had been hitting on me. He wanted to fuck me alright. Very much so. He turned on to the old highway and went to an old motel out of town and stopped at the end unit.

He walked to the door and looked at me still sitting in the car. I told him I didn't want him to do it tonight, but on the 7th. Saying we would talk it over inside, he opened the door and entered the room leaving the door open. I sat there for a minute or two thinking is this right, is this what I want to do, do I love my husband?

I closed the door behind me and saw him sitting in a chair. The only chair in the room. I looked around at the interior of the room, a room I was to become very familiar with. Nothing special. It was clean, weird patterned d****s on the window, brown carpet, queen sized bed, bath with door, TV, nice new TV, wet bar.

Robert motioned for me to sit on the bed and told me, "Now, why, Mrs. Benton, do you want me to Fuck you? Be truthful. Its always best for everyone involved," he intoned.

I was impressed by his casual and very restrained manner. I had half expected to have to fight him off once I came inside. I stood there wondering what the was going to think and told him of Joe's fantasy. He nodded and said it was a common one among white men, wanting to see Black men Fuck their wives as they watch. He asked me if I thought Joe wanted to suck his cock either before or afterwards, another common thread.

I said I had no clue of that, Joe was clearly not gay or even Bi. He asked me exactly what I wanted from him and I told him: Fuck me in all of my holes for Joe to watch. Use me as his sexual plaything and give me the thorough fucking I know Joe wants me to have. Robert asked if I wanted it videotaped or photographed. I told him I hadn't even thought of that. He said he had, and Joe would want it. He said it will take some choreography to set up the action... kinda like a script. We'd need to rehearse some.

I said, "WHOA there! If you think I am going to fuck you in advance of my anniversary we'd better quit now."

Robert intoned, "What you want will require advance planning and set up. We will have to practice the camera angles and a lot of other stuff. From what you told me you have never had your ass fucked and you do not like to suck cock. The first is easy to fix... the second... now to suck cock takes skill and the only way you get that is by sucking one. I think I can teach you enough in about five sessions to get by on the "BIG DAY!"

Listening to him speak I realized he was right and I would have to go along with it like it or not. I said ok and what exactly do I have to do? But I made it very very clear I did not want, nor would I go along with any penetration of my vagina or anus before my husband witnessed it. Robert agreed, but with one proviso. Dildos don't count!

And he also said, "One other thing, Mrs. Benton. I never use condoms."

I considered his statement and simply said, "No condoms."

"Why are you doing this," he inquired? "I know this is repulsive to you. I can see it in your eyes and on your face."

I stood there some long minutes and finally replied, "I love him."

It was answer Robert understood.

"Take off your clothes Mrs. Benton," he ordered. We need to get moving on this, we only have two weeks and you need special tutoring."

My mouth gaped open, when I heard him say take off your clothes, as casually as if he was ordering a glass of tea at a restaurant. He saw the look on my face and knew what was on my mind.

"Mrs. Benton, I want you to understand one thing. I am not ever going to f***e you to do ANYTHING you really do not want to do. What you do with me you do because you really WANT to do it. Its as simple as that. Now, Mrs. Benton, sooner or later you will have to let me see you Naked. The sooner you do, the easier it will be to prepare for the rest of what you want me to do," he spoke.

I thought on the logic of his statement and had to agree, but I was not prepared to do it right now. My mind resisted.

"You want to make your hubby's fantasy come true don't you?" he inquired.

I nodded yes.

"To do that you'll have to take off your clothes. If you want to fulfill that fantasy then, take off your clothes," he explained again.

I was convinced by his logic and my body reacted... I could feel a tingling deep in my insides, as a thought formed in my mind. In a few minutes at the latest, I will be standing naked before only the second man who had seen me sans clothes. I unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it from my skirt. I started to kick off my shoes but didn't. I reached around and unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor. I was undressing quickly, not trying to be sexy. Just efficient.

I figured I had about 30 seconds of courage left in me and If it was going to get done, then I had better do it now. I tugged my slip off over my head, after removing my blouse. I stood there in my bra and panties... white if you need to know... my pumps and thigh high nylons, the kind with elastic at the top that stay up without a garter belt. I saw his approving gaze and knew I had to go for the gusto or chicken out right here. I turned around and undid my bra... it unhooked from the front and let it fall from my shoulders. Then I heard him murmur, "Nice ass."

Taking a big gulp of air and really screwing up my courage, I turned around to face him. It took all of my remaining courage not to make one of those silly "September Morn" poses trying to hide my nakedness by covering by breasts and pubic mound. I stood there before him as he was seated in the chair five feet away. Totally Naked. Staring him in the eyes.

His nostrils flared as he gazed at my naked body for what seemed like years, but was only a few seconds.

"Very nice Mrs. Benton. VERY nice indeed," he commented with a smile spreading across his face. "You have lovely breasts... WE, you and I, must refer to them as TITS. And just look at that hirsute pussy... combined with a great pair of legs and a hot ass... my oh my! Lovely... yes, yes, just fucking lovely you are Mrs. Benton. I am certainly going to enjoy fucking you!"

I was embarrassed, mortified, I cringed inside every time he used a vulgarism to refer to my body. Joe referred to my breasts as tits and even my pubic mound as my bush and my vagina as pussy. But he was my husband of nearly 15 years. He had the right to be a little crude. But this man... none. But, as I stood there exposed to his lustful glare and heard him speak his crude and descriptive language, a tingling that had begun earlier was now a fire. A small one but nonetheless, a fire in my loins.

"You look very good in red Mrs. Benton," he said smilingly.

I wondered what he meant. I was feeling hot... very hot and did not know why.

"You are blushing all over, Mrs. Benton. I find that attractive in a white woman, and you are quite a woman.
Your husband is very lucky to be able to bed you anytime he wishes. But he doesn't, does he? Bed you anytime he wants? You only let him fuck you when you want it. Don't you? Well, by the time I am finished, you will be wanting it... a lot."

How can this man know my secrets?

"You are really going to have to get used to me seeing you naked. So why don't you just walk around and describe what you see in here while I undress. I had started to do as he said... funny how he says something and I do it. I whirled around in fear and backed to a wall.

He saw my reaction to his statement, and reassuringly said, "Remember Mrs. Benton, you will never be f***ed to do anything you really do not want to do. I am only going to help you learn what it is you want to do."

He finished undressing and my eyes were drawn to his penis. I didn't want to look but I had to, I couldn't help not looking. It was not hard but it was still bigger, significantly bigger than my husband Joe's. He knew where my eyes were riveted and held himself up in his hand for me to see.

"This is a Cock Mrs. Benton. My cock, with which you will become very well acquainted and if I am not mistaken, will come to want more than anything in the world." He smiled wickedly, as he spoke. "Look at it. Isn't it beautiful? All Black and semi-ready. Wouldn't you love to hold it to stroke it, to feel its as it comes to life?"

I had to agree, it was everything and more of what he said. My fire was growing rapidly. I could feel the heat between my thighs grow. I did want to touch it... feel his cock grow, and harden as he thought about what he wanted to do with it. To Me!

"You want to touch it, then do it," he exclaimed! He sat down on the edge of the bed and his cock was now at rigid attention, pointing toward the ceiling. Its Blackness was awesome. Coal Black... dark as the night and hard.

I moved over to him and knelt on the floor before him. He spread his legs and I closed in a few more inches closer.

"Look at it Mrs. Benton"... he was only calling me Mrs. Benton... why... he knew my name? "Look at it. Think about how it will feel in your hand... long, thick, rigid with life coursing through it. It just makes you want to touch it doesn't it?"

It did. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to touch him. I felt my loins burning with desire. I wanted his cock. I felt an old familiar wetness between my thighs. My body began shaking with the first waves of my climax. My God I thought he has made me cum without even me touching myself between my legs! What kind of man is this?

I reached out with my hand.

"No, not that hand. Your left hand. Only use your left hand Mrs. Benton," he directed.

My left hand took hold of his member, my fingers just barely reaching around. I looked at my hand on his big phallus, I felt his life bl**d pumping through it. I began to stroke slowly... to pump it up and down. My fingers caressing the purplish helmeted head, scr****g the sensitive underside of the head.

"I see you like my cock Mrs. Benton. You must or you wouldn't be cumming like you are," he said gently! I am pleased you like it because it also means you want to suck it. Don't you? You've always wanted to suck cock haven't you? But most of all you've wanted to suck a Black one. Think about it Mrs. Benton. Be brutally honest with yourself. Isn't this true?"

I could only nod my head in agreement. I didn't know why but I did want to suck his cock. I knew it was also true I had always wanted to suck a Black one.

"There is nothing here that will hurt you Mrs. Benton. Kiss the head of my cock. Feel the head penetrate your lips. Feel the helmet pass between your teeth... Suck on the head, wrap your lips around my cock Mrs. Benton, he motioned gently. Isn't the head in your mouth wonderful? Swirl your tongue around the head. Take a little more into your mouth. Let your tongue glide along its length. A hard cock in your mouth is good. You love it don't you?"

I did as he said and it was as he said. It felt wonderful and I did love it as I licked and sucked and swirled my tongue around his cock. I tried to get as much of it into me as I could. I choked as it touched the back of my mouth, my gag reflex kicking in. I stroked him with my left hand as I bobbed my head up and down on his cock, my tongue swirling around the head, my mouth slavering over his cockhead, covering it with my saliva.

I worked on his cock for what seemed like was an hour and I felt his scrotum tighten in my hands as I rolled his balls with my fingers. Without further warning his cock spewed forth a hot stream of gooey white liquid with a f***efulness that took me aback. I gagged as the load of jism splashed against the back of my mouth and the entrance to my throat. I pulled my head from his cock and received four more explosions of his cum in my face, up my nostrils, in my eyes and even my hair.

"Uggghhh," I cried, tasting the slimy seminal fluid for my first time. Not liking it at all! Cum flowed out of the head of his cock running down the side of his shaft over my hand, coating my wedding rings on the 3rd finger in a layer of sperm! I looked up at him with cum dribbling form my mouth on to my chin and then onto my tits. My face was covered in cum, jism and sperm.

"Mrs. Benton, you are beautiful. You're going to make a lovely Cock Sucker," Robert beamed!

I was amazed at myself. I had just stripped myself Naked in front of him then played with his cock and then sucked him off, letting him cum in my mouth and on my face. I had never let my husband Joe cum in my mouth or on my face and I had only tried sucking his cock a couple of times... its was nasty I had thought. What was happening to me... my mind raced like a car at Indianapolis. I had done all of this and he hadn't even laid a hand on me yet and to top it off. I had cum just thinking about sucking his cock!!!

Now, per his instructions, I was laying on the bed with my legs spread and he was on his knees with his face 6" from my pussy and he was talking about honesty and never cheating on my husband! He told me that if I was to always tell my Joe about every time I let anyone fuck me or at least to have him present when they did it to me. He said that way you are honest and open about your love of fucking. Of course, at that particular moment I wasn't thinking about how much I loved to fuck. I was trying to get over my mortification at having Robert closely inspecting my pussy. Why was I doing this I thought? How can this man have this power over me? He says it, I do it! Then Robert said that if I was to put on a good show for Joe, I would have to get used to being fucked in my ass too and he thought my tight little asshole would need some attention. He told me to raise my spread legs and grab my ankles, pulling them to my chest. This raised by ass and presented my brownie to him. He took a tube of KY jell...

"What are you going to do," I asked him through my embarrassment?

He told me he was going to fuck my ass, but not with his phallus, but with this, and he held up a long fairly thick black dildo with a handle on the end.

"Oh, no!" I squealed. "You're not going to shove that up my ass!"

Robert patiently went through the routine of asking me what I really wanted and in the end... my end got it. He placed the slicked up end of that latex cock at the opening of my ass and gently applied pressure. My tight little brownie resisted mightily but after he told me to relax and think of my end goal, it loosened up. As the sphincter relaxed, the head of the fake cock penetrated my virgin asshole and was soon buried about 1/3 in me.

It was very tight and it hurt. I whimpered and cried in pain. I was told to think about my upcoming anniversary and how much Joe was going to like my present to him. The harder I concentrated on that, the less it hurt and soon Robert had the black latex cock fully ensconced in my ass and was sliding it slowly in and out, fucking me slowly.

I kept thinking how does he do it? He has not laid a hand on me! And look at me doing this!!! What would Joe think of his prim and proper wife if he could see me now? I began to feel the cock gliding in my bung hole to be less frightening, to even start to feel good! In short order Robert began talking about how good it must feel and he intoned in a monotone way about it for several minutes, and in that time my body reacted unexpectedly.

The fire in my groin had sparked to life again and I was warm, then hot, then burning up as he fucked my ass. I felt my juices begin to flow and Robert murmured his pleasure in seeing the black dildo glisten with my moisture. From that point it was only a few seconds before I was in the throes of a strong orgasm as my unbelieving mind recorded the fact that I was cumming while my ass was fucked by a piece of plastic!!! My moans were music to Robert's ears and his pleasure was clearly evident on his face. He was enjoying the shit out of this.

As I lay there, Robert was providing me with instructions on how to overcome my prudish nature: from now on NEVER wear panties or bra outside of your home, preferably not even there; go naked at home whenever you can; when in public, unfasten an extra couple of buttons on your blouses... let men see those pretty tits of yours; wear shorter skirts... show more leg; start thinking and using explicit language, your vagina is now a pussy or cunt or snatch or twat or fuckhole, your breasts are tits or knockers or melons or jugs, your buttocks is your ass. he told me a long list of terminology and insisted I use it in talking to him.

"Now Mrs. Benton," he said with a pleased look on his face, "we are going to prime that pretty pink pussy of yours for my cock." I worried what he had meant by that...? Robert removed the dildo from my ass and greased it up again with the ky jelly. I lay there still in my ass fucking position and thought to myself... that wasn't so bad. Could've been worse. He might not have used the jelly! Robert aimed the black latex cockhead on my slit and slid it up and down, exerting slight pressure on my puffy pussy lips.

I knew I wanted it in me but the prim and proper wife I had been a few minutes ago, had it only been two hours?... recoiled with the thought of it fucking my cunt. Cunt... damn! The man is persuasive... now he has me talking dirty while I think! The head pressed home and it the cockhead impaled my cuntlips, entering my love canal. The slot behind the slit. It was big. Bigger than anything I had up in me before, except my c***dren when they were born. It felt full, and filling, stretching me.

As I drove home, I reviewed the events of the evening: I had let Robert talk me out of my clothes, into stroking and sucking his cock till he came in my mouth and on my face, let him ass and cunt fuck me with a big black dildo, start thinking and using in my normal conversation nasty and explicit talk, not to mention, I had climaxed at least five times maybe more in the past three hours, and still, even now, he had not put a hand on me. There still had been no skin to skin contact. The closest thing was when I had sucked his cock. He wiped the cum from the dildo and tasted my juices. The guy was a spellbinder! And to top it all of, the son-of-a-bitch got off without buying me dinner!

For the next week everyday after work I would meet Robert at his motel room and upon arrival I would automatically strip naked and await his arrival. He and I would then go over the planned events of the fast approaching anniversary. We choreographed the camera angles, made sure I had enough film and videotapes, brought my husband's camcorder and 35mm SLR camera to the room and thoroughly discussed all possible reactions my husband Joe might have when confronted with what we had done.

We made plans accordingly and on the big day I was to prepare myself for the nights activities at the motel room as Robert and I checked the plans one final time. We also "practiced" sucking cock. I would give Robert a blow job every day twice or three times an evening. He said it was only fair. He was giving me what I wanted, which was to please my husband. It was only right I give him something he wanted... to tide him over until "the moment of truth as it were"... namely a blow job, besides being a novice cocksucker!

The week of my anniversary I took off as vacation. This was good because I had a very difficult time hiding my emotions and I didn't want anyone including my best friend Sharon to know what I had been up to. If I had been at work I am sure someone would have seen the tension between Robert and I and put two and two together. A side benefit was it gave me plenty of time to prepare for my first out of marriage Fucking. I was looking forward to it and was dreading it at the same time. I felt like I was two different persons caught up in one body. Of course, I was!

By the time October 7 rolled around I had become quite comfortable being naked in Robert's presence and I had even learned to like sucking his cock! Will wonders never cease? When I woke up that morning I had butterflies and B-52's in my stomach again. I was nervous. I hoped my c***dren and husband didn't notice. I had arranged for my k**s to go to their grandparents after school so the house would be empty for my husband and I to party in upon our return from dinner.

At least that was the story I told my parents when I asked them to take the k**s. Joe went to work and I made sure everything was ready at home. By noon I had worked myself up into a frenzy. What the hell was I doing? Was I some kind of a nut? Was I crazy? What was this going to do to my marriage? I had no answers. I only knew one thing. I was afraid.

I went to the motel by a round-about route as usual. Robert was there when I arrived at 3pm. I had brought everything I needed for the night. I would leave from here to meet Joe at his work at 7:00. I would get ready at the motel, bathe, apply my makeup, and dress, all in the presence of Robert, my soon to be new lover.

As I did so he kept asking me if I was sure I wanted to go through with it. We had gone over this ground before and I assured him I did. He told me again and again over the past two weeks that I could back out at anytime. I told him I wanted to do it. I can tell you now, that I was very indecisive... I was afraid but my body overpowered my mind and made me do what I, what Robert and I had prepared.

Just before I left to meet Joe, Robert stopped me at the door and told me to open it, which I did, and step through it to the walkway under the porch overhang. Again I did. Robert told me one more time that I did not have to go through with it. I had one more chance to call it off. I told him I was not going to do that. I had made up my mind. I told him I had come so far in so short a time. I was not going to chicken out. Of course, this is what I was telling him. Trying to act much more assured and confident than I was. In reality my knees were jello and I was unsure as hell.

"Mary Deanna Benton, I want you to understand something. When you return and come back through this door, you will be naked. When you cross the threshold it will be too late to stop. There will be no stopping me then. Do you understand? It will have gone too far. I won't stop. If you enter this room again. Clothed or naked as planned, I am going to Fuck you. Neither you or your husband Joe, will stop me. If he likes the idea or not. If necessary, I will beat his ass and **** you! When you come in here... in all of your holes... your lovely ruby lipped mouth, your tight round ass and your hot married, white mother and wife Cunt... YOU WILL BE FUCKED!!!"

"I understand, Robert," I said and left.

The entire time I drove to Joe's work and during dinner I kept hearing those words over and over and over... You will be Fucked!


Sharon had listened to the events unfold with rapt attention, not saying a word, just nodding her head as if to say, "Go on girlfriend."

I continued on, indicating that brought us to dinner and I was trying heartily to not act nervous. Robert had wanted me to flash the Maitre 'D and any other patrons or employees I could. During dinner, unknown to Joe... I had unbuttoned the linen coat I was wearing and allowed the patron on the backside of Joe to see I was naked from the waist down. I was so excited I was sure Joe would notice.

I just tried to keep a sweet look and smile on my face. Apparently I was successful, he never noticed or said anything until I told him later. I had the chance and when I came back from the ladies room I opened my coat and flashed the Maitre 'D and the wine steward. Both had amazed but happy smiles on their faces when I did that. They both came to the table and I was afraid they were going to say something to Joe about what I had just done, but they both just smiled at me and the steward poured more wine. The Maitre 'D mentioned to Joe something along the lines of, "Your wife is dressed beautifully, "Cest Man.

I had Joe drive us to the motel, still unaware of what I had arranged for him. Once there I got out of the car and quasi-hid in the shadows while I unbuttoned my linen coat. Then I told him I was going to give him his Anniversary present and threw off my coat, stepping into the moonlight. Joe's breath was taken away when he saw me standing there totally naked save for my high heels and nylons and jewelry.

I asked him if he wanted his gift and naturally he said yes, clearly expecting he was going to be screwing me shortly. I then cautioned him and made him promise on our wedding vows, that once we entered the room he was not to interfere, or try to stop what was about to take place. He was confused but he promised and I moved to the door, opening it and waited a second, knowing full well this was the decisive moment. I could still back out, call it off. I knew my marriage would not ever, ever be the same once I stepped across that threshold. Robert's words rung loudly in my brain... "YOU WILL BE FUCKED!"

I looked at my husband, asked him if he was coming then stepped through the door. The rest as we say is history. Robert came out on cue and began fondling me, then he f***ed me to my knees and made me suck his cock in front of Joe. He really did a number on me though. He rammed his whole cock down my throat and face fucked me, cumming in my mouth and throat. He came so much he almost drowned me!

When he was finished I had cum all over my face, in my eyes and ears, in my hair, dribbling down onto my tits, all over my hands. I looked at my cum covered hands. My engagement, wedding and anniversary rings were dripping with Robert's cum and jism. The rings Joe had put on my fingers himself 15 years ago and tonight too.

Before Robert came in on cue I had had Joe strip too. I didn't want him to be dressed while I and Robert were naked and fucking. I couldn't believe it, I looked at Joe standing naked with a king-size hard on. I knew he liked what he had just seen and more was to cum! I had wondered about Joe when he had said he loved me, but I saw something in his eyes I was unsure of. I wondered how he was really handling this? Robert wanted me back and I pressed my body against him and we kissed a lot. He felt me up and fingered my pussy.

I was so hot he made me cum several times just standing there being French kissed and having my pussy and clit manipulated. I was weak kneed and laid on the bed and spread my legs for Robert. A practiced move like most everything else we had done and were going to do, so the video camera we had set up could get good shots of the action. I was quite comfortable with the "show" so far and when I lay on the bed... I could honestly say I really was enjoying myself and wanted Robert to Fuck me. First he ate my pussy like it had never been eaten before and again I climaxed... several times.

It was at this point that Robert indicated he was ready to Fuck me. I had Joe come over to us and made him ask Robert to Fuck me. He actually did it! I was astounded!! Robert said he would but I really doubted it until I heard Joe say the words. Robert and Joe had taken an instant dislike for each other and it is a significant sign of how much Joe wanted this to happen, for him to literally ask Robert to Fuck me. And Robert DID Fuck me.

Without wasting anytime I was being fucked hard fast and deep and I asked Joe if this was what he had dreamed about. Joe said it was and professed love for me, but I could see something behind his eyes wasn't right. Robert fucked me in the ass then again in my pussy and shot loads of cum in both. I was in heaven. I had no idea how good a really good fuck was! Until now. I loved every bit of it and every inch of Robert's beautiful Black Cock. I couldn't get enough of it.

We were laying there and Robert was still in me and I happened to look at my husband Joe. I thought there is my husband. He has just seen his wife of 15 years get fucked in her mouth, ass and cunt. He is standing there, Naked... I saw cum dripping from his cock and saw a large satin on the floor near him. I realized he must have cum heavily for that much to puddle. He is really turned on about this.

My husband... gave his wife to this Black Stud to fuck! And fuck me he did. So very very well. I knew I had to have more... tonight. I looked at Robert and then back to Joe and back to Robert and back to Joe. A weird totally far out, and very unconventional thought sprang to the forefront of my consciousness. Looking at Joe, I thought, Joe is my husband, and Robert, this gorgeous hunk of Black Stud... so snuggly tight with his cock buried deep in my cunt soaking in our combined juices and cum... is... is my man. And I am his Woman! I am Joe's wife, but I am Robert's Woman!!!

I tried to express this thought to Joe and make him understand how it was. I loved Joe. I truly, truly loved Joe. He was the father of my c***dren. I was his wife, his very loving wife. Hadn't I just proved that? Proved that by allowing Robert to Fuck me in all of my virgin holes while he watched and photographed and even videotaped me? Hadn't I? I saw Joe wasn't buying into it. He said he was, but the look in his eyes was clear disbelief. Now Robert he did buy into it and he did believe it. I had also proven that to him too. I had proven to both of them with the same acts, but one was accepting it, the other wasn't. I then really really knew my married life was in for some very rocky ground.


I didn't bore Sharon with vibrant descriptions of my sexual ecstasies. She knew! I could tell in her eyes she knew. I did tell her how Robert and Joe had had a minor struggle fighting over me and that I knew Robert had let Joe win the point. I even was able to get Joe to thank Robert for Fucking me!!!

But Robert won the round by making me promise to meet him on Saturday and spend the night with him, without Joe. Sharon's eyes really raised at that! I told her of the ride home and going to bed unfucked by Joe. The first time on any of our anniversaries he didn't fuck me! I related the scene when he came home and of our strained relationship and trying to appear normal to the k**s. She wanted to know about Saturday! I told her quickly I had spent not only Saturday night but all day Sunday and most of Sunday night till midnight with Robert without coming home after I left on Saturday.

She was impressed with my description of the fucking in the utility bath and the subsequent scene with Joe.

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