Mary Deanna's Anniversary Fuck part 2

Joe's Torment
But I knew I was going. I slept on the couch that night, not feeling I had any right to sl**p in my marriage bed. The k**s thought I had just fallen asl**p waiting for them to come home, which I had. But I remained there after they went to their rooms. I slept fitfully Friday just as I had on Thursday... with dreams (nightmares?) of long thick Black Cocks invading my body and filling my holes with their cum jism and sperm till I was awash in a sea of white creamy fluids.

I awoke and found myself soaked in sweat and lying on the couch with the afghan kicked off and my nightgown on the floor. I was totally naked and both of my hands were between my legs. I felt a warm slick mess there and was aghast to realize I had masturbated myself to what must have been multiple orgasms in my sl**p while I dreamed of Black Cock. Ashamed of myself I took a shower in the utility bath in the laundry room. The hot water felt good on my body... there was still a bit of stiffness in my legs and lower back from the positions I had been in two days ago. As the water coursed over me I began to touch myself as I soaped my body down... Big mistake!

I was instantly hot with thoughts of Robert's beautiful Cock fucking my pussy and filling it with cum. I was in a reverie of mental fucking when I felt strong hands caressing my body... passionate lips kissing mine... a probing tongue entering my mouth. I threw my arms around my lover and pressed my soapy body to his... my full tits flattening against his hairy chest... my soapy mound pinning his hard erect phallus against his pubic bones. My eyes were clinched tightly shut... I wanted that big hard cock in me ...

"Fuck me... give it to me... now," I gasped.

I was lifted from my feet and laid on the floor of the bath... he maneuvered between my legs and I felt the head of his cock slide into my hungry cunt.

"Oh yes, Fuck me, baby... give me that thing," I begged.

He glided into me and his hands grabbed my ass and he lifted me to him. I arched my back to make it easier for his cock to penetrate my depths. He thrust quickly, rapidly even, his cock filling me with pleasure... his hands moving to my stomach and onto my tits as I kept my back arched my ass several inches off the floor as his cock nailed my pussy with a increased fury. His thumb centered on my clit rubbing it and making it hyper stimulated I was in ecstasy...

I was cumming steadily... my juices flowing like a river from my pussy, my nipples pinched between his firm fingers... I couldn't believe how good his fucking me felt. It was wonderful... so truly pleasurable as wave after wave of orgasm racked my body only making me thrust
my hips to meet his cock thrusting into me.

"I love you Mary Deanna"... broke through my reverie and I opened my eyes to see Joe between my legs with a look of pure delight on his face as he gave me the best Fucking of our marriage. A Fucking that had caused me to cum repeated while his cock had pounded my hot wet cunt!

"I love you too, Joe," I murmured.

He started to say something but I put my fingers to his lips and said, "Don't talk. Just Fuck!"

He renewed his hard cock assault upon my sopping love canal and I again closed my eyes just enjoying the feeling of sexual excitement and the building of another orgasm... it was wonderful... as the intensity of my climax built I began bucking my hips harder and harder against the downward ramming of his cock. I felt myself again go over the edge as his cock and thumb brought me to a new height of sexual release... I could feel my already dripping pussy gush with another river of my cum

"OH YES," I screamed! "Fuck me Robert!"

World War III broke out right there on my ass!

"YOU FUCKING WHORE," Joe yelled!

With that he slapped my face hard, stunning me with a brain-blinding flash. Joe had never hit me, never laid a hand on me in anger before in 15 years, and now he had hit me, nearly ripping my head off.

"YOU COCKSUCKING NIGGER'S SLUT! All the time I thought I was a causing you to orgasm you were just thinking about that Black Bastard's Cock Fucking you," Joe furiously screamed at me!

Joe's cock once so magnificently engorged with bl**d as it pounded into my puffy cunt lips, had instantly shrunken to insignificance. His balls shriveled up into their sack and couldn't be seen. But the rage on his face was frightening. I wondered if I was ever going to make it up off of the floor alive. If the proverbial "looks could kill" ever applied, it did right then and there. Joe's face was contorted with pain, humiliation, and a murderously maniacal look. He knelt there between my spread thighs as my cum still poured out of my open and now empty cunthole. His hands clenched and unclenched, as he poured forth an invective of hate.


And those were the nice things he yelled at me. I prayed the noise wouldn't wake the c***dren and cause them to investigate. I couldn't bear to have them see and hear their father degrading me so violently with words.

He reached out and grabbed me by the neck and squeezed, I tried to resist but I couldn't, didn't have the strength. I felt my self losing consciousness. I remember my last thought was... he has killed me!

I awoke with the sun in my eyes, still lying naked on the floor in the utility bath. It was almost 8am and I could hear the k**s moving around upstairs.

I said out loud, "Well he didn't kill me I see."

Saturday morning was busy with the c***dren and their sporting activities, soccer, morning after football practice. Joe was nowhere to be found. His car was missing, and the k**s asked for him... I told them he was... out. I spent the afternoon in my room thinking about the coming night. I bathed and prepared my clothes. Not much to get ready in that department. One linen coat, one pair of silver sandal pumps, one pair of black thigh high nylons.

I put on my makeup and was ready by 6PM. Per Robert's instructions I sat in my room, wearing the nylons and pumps. No coat. Just my jewelry - wedding and engagement rings, anniversary ring, diamond ear studs. And oh yes, the black velvet choker with cameo.

Around 6:30 I heard his car pull up in the drive. I felt my stomach knot up in fear. Was he coming to finish what he had started earlier? I panicked... not knowing what to do... I locked the door and I started to dial 911, but I was so nervous I kept dropping the damn phone!

"Mary Deanna... open the door," he said after finding it locked.

His voice sounded normal, composed... should I, I thought? I put down the phone and walked over to the door and unlocked it and stood back, not knowing if I was going to die or ...? Joe walked in slowly, a sheepish look on his face, hurt in his eyes, a droop to his once proud shoulders, a droop that would last for a long time.

"I, I, I, I'm sorry," he stammered. I am so sorry, Mary Deanna. Please, please forgive me." Then he was on his knees, tears streaming from his eyes, his a face again contorted but this time with remorse and shame from memory of how he had struck me. My heart melted. I walked over to him and held his head against my stomach, my breasts just resting on the top of his head. Joe cried for 10 minutes, holding on to me tightly, his hands digging into my ass cheeks. He begged me not to go see Robert. Pleaded mightily, offering his soul to stop me. I had never seen him so worn down and so broken in spirit.

At 6:45 I told him I had to go and pushed him away, then put on my coat. I led him by the hand downstairs and out to my car, a vintage 1964 1/2 red Mustang convertible, fully restored. It wasn't really convertible weather, but I had my instructions. I opened the door and sat down starting the engine. As it warmed up, Joe looked at me with his pleading eyes, that were saying, Don't go. I put the car in gear and Joe grabbed my left hand. We both looked at each other then to my hand. His fingers were wrapped around mine covering them completely. Completely that is, except for the gap where the diamonds on my wedding and engagement rings f***ed his fingers apart.

A rueful look came over my face and I said, "Will you be here when I come home?"

"Yes," he softly whispered. "The c***dren still need me."

I accelerated away and the last thing I heard was... "Mary Deanna... please don't."

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1 year ago
What a BITCH
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Man, I was almost in tears.
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again a grate story