How would you feel if you just found out that your wife of ten years had been unfaithful to you in a most disturbing way? Additionally, I discovered that she's been cheating on me with my fraternity b*****rs and other close friends, before and during our entire engagement and marriage.

I've been so naive all these years. Incidentally, I just found out what a creampie is. How disgusting and gross. Imagine licking up and swallowing the slimy fuck residue of her and her studs. However, I now have to deal with the fact that I love the taste of my wife's cunt when it's that way. Therein lies my dilemma. I also found out some things else even more troubling than what I've mentioned so far, but more about that later. First things first, I have to say I've been conspired against.

To make matters worse, after discussing the situation with my closet confidante, that is my mother, I was shocked to discover that she was aware of what I was being subjected to for almost 10 years. I couldn't believe she'd been a co-conspirator with my sluttish wife and others on this matter.

To make matters even worse, my wife's lovers included most if not many of my closet buddies, several of whom I went to college with. Several are my fraternity b*****rs.

It was a chance occurrence that I found out about my wife's extra-marital activities and past indiscretions. You see our eight-year-old son had this broken walkie-talkie he wanted me to fix. At the time he brought it to me he didn't know where the companion unit was. He said it too had been dropped like the unit I had and the power button had been broken. He wasn't sure which of his friend's houses he'd left it at when he was out playing earlier that Saturday morning.

Of course, he didn't think much about it, but I'd just put fresh batteries in both units that morning, so I was very interested in locating the other unit before the batteries were completely drained. Besides this was a top of the line set of walkie-talkies for k**s. My son wasn't sensitive to that or the cost of the batteries.

When I got time to work on the unit, I discovered all it needed was for a broken battery connector to be re-connected. The power light came on immediately when I did that.

It was when I turned the volume knob up, that my troubles started.

I knew the set of walkie-talkies had fairly good range for the price. Little did I know how effective they were until I heard the conversation coming through the small speaker.

"Yeah, I tell you Bobby, if it wasn't for Ellen, I don't know what I'd do for a quick piece of ass when my old lady ain't in the mood or on the rag."

"Me too. She's helped me out every since we were back in college. Of course she was also fucking just about everybody in the frat house too, except Eddie. She made him wait until their wedding night. She told me he really was a virgin. She didn't give him any the whole two years they dated and were engaged in college. All the while she was fucking almost anybody else who had a hard dick. And when she couldn't fuck, you know, the time of month thing, she'd willing suck us off. Talk about naive and believing whatever Ellen tells him, his middle name should be gullible."

I immediately recognized the two voices. They were those of my Buddies and frat b*****rs, Bobby and Ray.

Loud laughter arose from the unit I was holding as I was beginning to comprehend what I was eavesdropping on. I didn't want to believe my ears.
I was also surprised at the clarity of the reception, since the range was at least a 100 yards to either Ray's or Bobby's house. I was hoping that there was another couple named Eddie and Ellen they were referring too, but as the conversation rambled on, there was no mistaking it. They were talking about my wife Ellen, and I.

I was in the door to my garage and had to sit down on a lawn chair. I was so shocked. The conversation continued.

"I guess a hot piece like Ellen needs somebody like Eddie. You know what they say about opposites attracting." Ray said.

"Yeah, she's fucked around so much that she'd be hard pressed to find a real man to marry her. So to some extent Eddie was good for her. Especially since she had him eating her wet pussy almost from the day they met." Bobby replied.

"Yeah, she's told me that one a couple of time over the years." Ray interjected as I heard what sounded like him taking a swig of beer. It seemed that's about all he drank.

"He's a great guy and a friend, but I tell you, I don't know how he hasn't suspected anything after all these years. You know how she'd go out of town when the guys and we would go away at the same time hunting or fishing? Eddie couldn't go because he had to stay with the k**s."

"Yeah! That was rich. And all the while, she was with us guys, including Eddie's boss, draining every bit cum we had in our balls. Man, she sure can fuck and suck." Ray replied to Bobby.

"Yeah, she's a super gal and a great piece of ass. She loves Eddie, but she gets her jollies off cuckolding him, especially by having him lap her fucked pussy after she's been out screwing. She tells me he still believes she gets that way from thinking about him. She tells him that's her natural sex goo. She says he loves the taste of her that way. Of course we all know he's not raising any hell with that puny pecker of his."

"Yeah Bobby, I don't know where his head is at other than on her pussy, but in a way we're doing them both a favour by fucking her. Otherwise, she'd be a gutter slut instead of a respected housewife who's taking care of us guys when we need a strange piece now and then."

"And when our wives can't or won't come across." Bobby added.

I was too stunned at all I was hearing, especially that my boss was also screwing my wife too. All I could do was listen. It was a good thing that I was the only one home, well not totally. Our six-month-old daughter was asl**p and I had the baby monitor remote with me in the workshop, so I could listen to her if she should awake.

My wife was at the mall. Our four year old son was at a birthday party, and as I mentioned earlier, our eight year old was somewhere in the neighbourhood.

It was Saturday afternoon and I continued to listen at my two "close friends" talk about my "respected" slut wife. They continued to talk about lusty events of the pasts where I'd played the part of the gullible fool. That was a recurring theme in their conversation.

As I listened, I deduced that my son had left the other walkie-talkie somewhere in Ray's garage. Besides the power switch being on, apparently the transmit switch was in a stuck position also.

The conversation turned to other topics, but there were still interspersed comments about my wife and I.I was sure I'd heard everything worth hearing and was ready to turn the unit off. I was having a hard time thinking about what I should do. After all, we were talking about ten years of being kept in the dark and playing the part of the fool big time.

My mind was reeling with all sorts of thoughts.

Ellen had been the dream that I never thought could be mine. I truly had deep love for this woman. I recalled how we'd talked about how small my prick was and her saying to me that size didn't matter. She repeatedly jerked me off countless times over the two years we dated prior to marrying. A few times she had me do it for her as she watched. Sex for us then, at least my earlier perception anyway, was me lapping her always juicy and delectable cunt and me being jerked off. She refused to let me put it in until our wedding night.

She'd revealed she wasn't a virgin due to some sexual experimentation in high school. She was fearful of getting pregnant, hence my sucking her and my masturbation. She also was resistant to giving me head and also wanted to hold off on that until our wedding night. For some reason, which I was too blind to see at the time, it was okay for me to give her head, but not the other way around. For some reason, it made sense to me because I never pressed the matter since such a stunning brunette like her had condescended to even pay attention to a guy like me, let along agree to be my college steady and fiancée. I was about to turn the walkie-talkie off when I heard Ray and Bobby leave the garage to go in the house for more beer. I was pretty sure that my eavesdropping was over.

In retrospect I should have, because when they did return, the topic this time was news that cut through me even more than what I'd heard earlier.

"You know Bobby, you think Eddie even has a clue that you're the real daddy of his oldest son?"

"Probably no more than he knows that Dexter Jackson is the real father of his second son and his baby daughter. Ha! Ha!"

I had gotten up earlier, but had to sit back down. Actually, I felt my knees giving away as I heard the new even more damming revelations being emitted from the tiny speaker in my hand.

As my two close buddies chatted about how even more gullible and stupid I was, tears swelled in my eyes at the latest news I was receiving about "my" k**s.

"It's a good thing for you his oldest boy looked more like Ellen than you."

"Yeah, you're right about that. You know I left town for a while when I realized that Ellen had planned to have the baby, even though she was fairly certain she knew it was mine."

"Yeah, I remember. You weren't married then." Ray said.

"Ellen was turned on the whole time she was pregnant knowing that she was carrying my k** and had Eddie thinking it was his. She said she had something up her sleeve in case he thought it wasn't his, but she never revealed to me what it was. But I think it had something to do with Dr. Watson, since her mother-in-law told him about the doctor as well as knew she was screwing around on Eddie."

"Oh yeah! Remember him? He was the guy on the news. He was accused of brainwashing people through hypnosis and d**gs." Ray exclaimed.

"OH! She must've had poor Eddie visit the good doctor so he'd not know the difference. Now it's all clear. His own mom had to be in on it too."

"It sure looks that way. I'm telling you some guys really get it done to them don't they." Ray said before apparently taking a big loud swig of beer.

"Yep, they do." Bobby replied.

I sat and stewed. My mind was in overdrive as I thought about our visits to the infamous Dr. Watson.

Ellen had insisted we visit the marriage counsellor since she thought we were having some small marital problems even before our first baby was born. "We need to do this to nip any hint of a problem in the bud" were her words. I thought it was just a phase she was going through, since pregnancy does cause chemical changes in some women, which affects their behaviour. However, both our mothers agreed with her, so I went along her program. I went along with her idea of us seeing Dr. Watson who was a marriage counsellor and psychiatrist. Now I see there were conspiratorial f***es at work, which I could never have imagined.

As I was thinking of the three sessions with Dr. Watson, I do recall that he spent more time with me than with the two of us. I also recalled taking some relaxation techniques training but not a whole lot more.

As I was thinking about my sessions with Dr. Watson, Bobby and Ray were now talking about Dexter Jackson. Dexter was a lady-killer from way back in college. I had sensed my wife adored him, but always talked about him as being nothing more than a dog. Now I find out she adored him more than I realized and that her words of condemnation were meant to throw me off Dexter now lived in another city and had grown a beard some time ago. I heard Bobby say that the reason he did so was because Ellen had told him she'd planned on having his baby - our second son. The idea that the beard would somehow keep people from seeing "our" son as resembling him. Dexter also got another job and left town before our second c***d was born. I knew he came to town occasionally. Apparently, he got my wife again a little over 15 months ago, since that's when our baby daughter, Charlene, was conceived.

Ellen, who was off the pill at the time, attributed our newest bundle of joy to a defective prophylactic I wore. You see, she told me the doctor had taken her off the pill during this period to run some tests. Now it appears, it was to have Dexter inseminate her, while keeping me safely from interfering with her or their plans. Hence, I was relegated to wearing rubbers. As I listened later, and if I can believe Ray and Bobby, it was more my wife's idea than Dexter that she get knocked up by him.

I was sure that I couldn't hear more news more damming than I'd already heard, but I did.

"Look! There she is!"

"Hell! Wave her over!" I heard Ray reply to Bobby's exclamation.

I heard the sound of a car engine. Their voices dropped off and I next heard them walking away. I wondered whom they were talking about. At this point, I was sure that my eavesdropping was over and the two were at the curb talking to someone. I was about to turn the unit off when I heard a voice that was all too familiar.

"You guys are too much. You can't be serious about me doing you here. Where are Patty and the k**s Ray?"

The voice was that of my wife Ellen. My ears perked up.

"She's at the salon and won't be home for at least two hours and the k**s are over at their aunts. I have to pick them up in two hours. Hell! We got plenty time for a couple of quick blow jobs."

"Oh alright. I guess I can't refuse the guy that knocked me up the first time or an old friend that's been fucking me for years."

My wife's words went right through me like a thunderbolt. She'd confirmed what I'd heard earlier.

A couple of loads of hot jism would hit the spot." My wife even sounded gleeful.

I heard the garage door coming down. Next I heard the unmistakable sound of zippers being unzipped.

I think my heart skipped not one, but two beats at her reply and her cavalier tone.

"Hmmmm! Both your big cocks look yummy. Just what a girl needs after a busy day shopping, two large tube steaks, very rare and served with plenty of creamy cum gravy." Ellen said so sensuously, that the eroticism of it stunned me.

As the sounds from the scene unfolded, the best I could tell was that both Bobby and Ray had their open crotches before my kneeling wife and she was alternately licking and lapping their rigid organs.

My wife's praise for their "real manly" organs embarrassed me. I knew both men were well hung compared to me. I shuddered at her laudatory comments.

"OH Shit! That feels good!" I heard Bobby shout.

"You always say that when I lick your balls." Ellen replied to in a cooing voice.

I couldn't believe my ears. Sure, she sucked me off a few times, unenthusiastically I might add, but she never licked my balls.

"SLURP!... SLURP!... SLURP!... SLURP!" The loud sound of her oral actions sounded so cheap, so tawdry, and so sluttish. It was then that I noticed that I had an erection.

I closed our garage door and locked the other doors so I wouldn't be disturbed as I took my smaller member out and stroked it to the heated conversations coming in on the walkie-talkie. Little did I know it would heat up even more.

The sound of their actions was still detectable even though I couldn't hear them as loudly as before. I wasn't sure they'd moved away from the proximity of the walkie-talkie or what I feared most, was that the batteries were giving out in the unit on their end.

After about ten minutes or so I heard their voices more clearly.

"Well that was fun, but I have to get on home." It was my wife talking as her voice apparently came again into range of the walkie-talkie on their end.

"Thanks babe, you were just what I needed." I heard Ray say.

I heard both men saying good-bye and the sound of my wife apparently walking away. I was about to shut the unit off when I heard her almost cry out a gleeful scream.

"It's him! It's Dexter!"

I heard what appeared to be a car rolling into the drive way and a mixture of voices. But it was soon very clear what had occurred. Lady-killer Dexter Johnson had made an appearance.

I heard a mass of footsteps moving back toward the interior of the garage amid confused sounds of the group's voices. Here and there in the confused conversation, I was able to pick up a bit here and a bit there. However, the bottom line was that my wife wanted some privacy with Dexter. Bobby and Ray were to be the lookouts for them.

I felt rage. I felt sick. I had a range of emotions running through me as I eavesdropped on my wife and her current baby maker lover. At last I could begin to hear them clearly as they were talking.

"Dex darling, ...SMOOCH!... it's so good ...SMOOCH!... to see you...SMOOCH!..."

"Me to...SMOOCH!... baby...SMOOCH!...How's Eddie...SMOOCH!... and the ...SMOOCH!...k**s? ...SMOOCH!..."

The sounds of their loud sloppy kisses was sickening, but yet causing my prick to get harder. Finally they slowed their kissing down to talk. As a result, I could hear them clearer.

"Eddie is doing fine as is Charles and Charlene. Oh it's good to see you Dex honey."

"Is the treatment still working on poor Eddie? Has he figured out why you named the k**s the way you did?"

"Easy Dex darling, let’s take one thing at a time. I've told you before. There's nothing to worry about. The treatment is working fine. He doesn't see that any of the k**s don't look anything like him. Dr. Watson told me that it was permanent until someone mentioned the magic word to him. And only he and I know it. I suspect he's even forgot it by now. You know with all the trouble he's been in lately."

"Good! I'm glad of that. I like Eddie too and I feel guilty about my part in all this. I didn't think you were serious about letting me knock you up either time."

"Well now you know. Since you won't come around to see me more, I had to have my own souvenirs around to remind me of you."

I heard my wife giggle a bit at her own words before continuing her explanation to her lover. It made me feel relieved that Dexter, also a frat b*****r did have some remorse. I listened intently as my wife continued talking.

"Both of the k**s are beautiful and look just like you. As far as Eddie knowing I named them both after your middle name, I don't think he has a clue. I told him what I wanted to name them and he went along. Part of his name was used for their middle names, and of course they have his last name since they're legally his."

"You sure you love him? The way you do him, I'm not sure I'd want you telling me you love me."

"Dex honey we've been through this all before. I have a different and very special love for Eddie. I really do love him, but it's such a turn on for me to cheat on him. No, it wouldn't be the same being married to you or the other guys. Besides the hypno suggestions to make him see his facial features on the k**s or their pictures, he's a meek mild mannered straight arrow kind of guy and he has a small prick. I can almost manipulate him whenever I want to. I don't know what it is, but he's just the kind of husband I need, a husband that I can get to have my way with. It wouldn't be the same with a real man like you or the other guys. Y'all wouldn't put up with me even if I weren't cheating. Eddie does, because he loves me deeply. I need to know a man feels that way. And I especially like him eating other men's scum form my snatch. Speaking of that, why don't you put a deposit in my pussy bank. You know I'll open it for you anytime."

"Here? I don't know if Ray will go for that. Why don't we get together later tonight?"

"Sure, we can do that too, but I'm in the mood to be fucked now too. Ray won't mind. We can get a quickie right here."

Again, I could believe my ears as I heard the sound of a zipper, which was obviously Dexter's. I faintly heard the couple in heat arranging things and positioning a table as they talked about the best way to screw under the circumstances.

I heard Dexter call out to Bobby who was apparently nearby.

"Look Bob, keep a sharp eye, the lady here is in need of some quick plumbing work, you know, she needs some pipe laid."

I heard Bobby chuckle and encouraged him on but not before getting a commitment from my wife for sloppy seconds.

I almost dropped the walkie-talkies upon hearing the conversation as she quickly agree to his request.

"Oh Bobby you know you don't have to ask. Whenever my legs are open you know you can slide your log in me too. After all, you two are in an exclusive club. The knock up Ellen club."

Both men chuckled as I heard Bobby apparently leave my wife and Dexter alone.

What I head next could only be described as the hot fervent sounds of a couple in heat, fucking away to solve their horniness.

"OOOOOOH yes Dexter, give me that big hard meat of yours. YEEEEEEEESSSSSS! Hump me! Yes! Yes!"

Dexter's moans, sighs and grunts were clearly heard, even though my wife's expressions were clearly muted by something. It was obvious my wife was trying to mute her cries and moans of joy, or maybe Dexter was, since he kept reminding her to not be so loud.

Using his metaphor, he must've laid pipe to her for a solid thirty minutes. Some quickie I thought to myself. Even when I was trying, on a good day, I couldn't do more than five minutes.

Even though my cock was rock hard and I couldn't help from stroking it, I came well before he did. The slurping sounds of his piston motion in her obviously wet fleshy cunt cylinder, was enough to drive me over the edge as the distinct sounds of her juicy wet sloppy pussy being worked on by his rod of hard meat seem to rise above the other sexual grunts, moans, and sighs the couple made. He finally came and my wife got her third orgasm from his so-called quickie pipe job.

I was ashamed that I had jacked off at the sounds of another better-equipped man fucking my wife. But in a strange way, I had enjoyed it too. As apparently so had she. I found it hard to be totally angry with her over her enjoying another man's better sexual performance.

I next heard the couple saying a bunch of soft sighs and sweet nothings as they mutually complimented each other's lusty performance.

I heard my wife promise to try and meet him tonight for another sexual bout. I thought I heard Dexter chuckle when she said I'd be home babysitting the k**s while she was with him.

Then I heard Bobby coming in as well as Ray.

"Damn! It's funky in here." I heard Ray shout

"My turn now!" I heard Bobby said.

"I'm ready. Come on in Bobby Baby. The water is fine." I heard my wife say in a sexy sensuous voice.

The session that she and Bobby put on took up where she and Dexter left off. I couldn't believe she and he went another twenty minutes before he grunted and shot his load in her. I couldn't help but feel totally inadequate after both men's demonstrated such obvious sexual superiority over me. And to make things worse, these were just quickie shagging in less than satisfactory surroundings. I could only mentally compliment these sexually superior men.

Ellen, obviously enjoying her Saturday afternoon impromptu fucking party, sighed loudly as she uncoupled from Bobby with a "Swishing PLOP" as their genitals separated. Both laughed at it happened. Again, they mutually praised each other's screwing efforts.

A few moments later I heard my wife ask Ray if he wanted some of her. It was hard believing she was such a fucking machine. She had to be possessed, was my mental opinion. It was hard to believe this was the sweet girl I'd been married to all these years.

Ray passed at her offer since he said he had to take care of Patty, his wife, that night. "I gotta save some for home base you know." Was his reply.

I don't know what happened to Dexter while Bobby was working on my wife's party pussy, but I now heard Dexter offering her paper towels to wipe up the stream of fuck fluids streaming out of her well-fucked muff.

"That's good. I don't want to get it all out. I want to share some of this good loving y'all gave with my husband. Hand me my purse. I have a pussy plug I carry around expressly for such occasions as this. You know, to seal in the juices for him."

Dexter, Bobby and Ray apparently were all looking at my wife as she sealed her adulterous snatch with the residual spent semen from two of her favourite studs.

"I just can't see how poor Eddie doesn't know what he's sucking up. It sure looks nasty to me." I heard Dexter say.

"Me neither, I couldn't put my mouth on your wet messy bush even if I slopped it up myself." I heard Ray join in.

"Here, fasten the back of my blouse. Guys, Eddie does his best work on my pussy when it's creamed up. You guys feed me cream and I feed it to Eddie. He likes my creampie and I love feeding it to him. Mother nature made us all with some little quirks. His is doing that. So don't spend time trying to figure either of us out. Just keep on helping us both just the way y'all have before."

My wife's casual and cavalier explanation seemed so cold.

"I guess I'm just a slut at heart, but I really do love Eddie. It may be hard for you three to see that. Even though I do things like play around with you and the other guys and have a baby or two... or well, three from other men doesn't mean I don't love him or care deeply for him. It's just that I get a thrill out of cuckolding him because he's so gullible and a straight arrow kind of guy... and I guess because he's not as endowed as I like my men, that also adds to me doing what I do too."

All three men indicated they didn't fully understand her view, but that they did enjoy spending time with her like they were doing.

I was afraid to admit it to myself, but I could identify with some of what she was talking about. I'd read somewhere that some women delight in cuckolding men that are less than the ideal of the men they really enjoy sexing. However, to the men that sex them, they realize that those men would never think as highly of them as their cuckolded husbands. And it is this paradox of a faithful loving husband that gives the woman the thrill of humiliating and cuckolding him, usually without his knowledge.

I knew my wife was headed home with her wet, gloppy, well-fucked cunt. I really wondered if she was going to offer me her creamy fuck hair-pie. I wondered could I go along with this charade now that I knew the truth. I still deeply loved her even though I had to admit she'd done me terribly wrong. Not the least of which is bringing me jism to eat from the two men who sired our c***dren.

As I drove over to my mother's house I mentally recounted all that occurred after Ellen arrived home.

She came out of the car all aglow and eagerly hugged and French kiss me. Her kiss had the flavour of staleness mixed with peppermint. Apparently the mint was used to mask all the kissing and cock sucking she'd been doing.

I was in a mixed state of anger, apprehension and simply confused.

However, the moment she put her arms around me, I melted in her arms and held her tightly.

She told me she loved me and I expressed the same to her.

"Honey, I had this rush of love come over me while I was driving home. My pussy got all gooey and wet just thinking of how much you mean to me. Please honey, c'mon in and take my love goo. Show me you love taking it as much as I want to give it to you."

As a moth is drawn to a flame, I meekly followed my beautiful, but sluttish wife to our bedroom where she peeled off her panties and laid back on the edge of the bed offering me a very exposed view of her messy bushy snatch.

She'd always in the past explained the raw messy appearance as just the natural thing that happens when she gets these "rushes" of love for me.

I never gave it any thought before, after all, I was a virgin until I met and married her. I didn't' know any better.

"C'mon to mama's pussy. It's hot and waiting for you. You caused me to be this way. So just c'mon and show me you love me. C'mon honey I'm so hot for your love. I need your tongue. Please don't make me wait."

My wife's cooing and sexy talk made me desire her as much as ever, in spite of all I knew. It was almost as if she could do no wrong as I was drawn to her messy crotch that had a gamy musk like fragrance, which I now know was due to her being heavily fucked.

The all too familiar pussy plug was very visible. I knew what to do with it. I'd unsealed her pussy many times in the past to drink the love nectar it held for me. As is a habit that's hard to break, this time was no different. I gently pulled the device out of the way and almost immediately, the viscous milky coloured slimy fluid began to seep out of her hairy love crack.

As my tongue began its journey lapping along the entrance to her steamy twat, the taste was as good as ever. As I felt her pull my head tightly to her and caused my tongue to go further into her gaping wet slick gooey gash, the thought that I was now exactly where two big hard dicks, several times the size of mine, had recently been, had the reversed effect I assumed it would have. My little cock got hard. This was unusual since I'd just jerked off so recently.

Soon Ellen was gyrating and heaving and bucking her crotch up against my face as she held me tightly. This went on for at least ten minutes. She enjoyed these sucking sessions, but she was really enjoying it this time. Again, even in view of all I now knew, it still pleased me to give her the pleasure I was giving her. Pleasure that her studs couldn't. I consumed a good bit of her slimy gluey viscous fuck goo, while she got off twice. She then wanted me to change positions.

Laying face up on the bed, she straddled my face with her delectable but nasty snatch. Before she sealed off the light by plopping her crotch over my face, I saw the most delightful and dreamy smile on her face.

Knowing I was pleasing her so well made me do the best suck job I'd ever done on her sweet pussy meat.

Her orgasm now seem to reach down in the depths of her wet steamy bush and push out the most thickest dregs of the two men who had made deep and large deposits in her pussy bank vault. I of course swallowed all the fuck juices that slid out. In no time they were sliding down my throat.

Afterwards, she fell over and went to sl**p.

"Eddie, honey, I'm too tired to give you some now. You were magnificent and you tired me out so. Let me sl**p a bit and I'll give you some later." she managed to say before she dozed off.

I brought myself back to what I was doing. I could see mother's house on the horizon. I couldn't get there fast enough. I waited until Ellen had awakened from her nap before I left for mom's place.

True to her word, she quickly offered me her pussy for more conventional sex.

As is somewhat standard in our lovemaking, I have to finish my wife with my tongue because I don't just have the stamina to do so with my prick. This time when I had intercourse with her, she let me know that it wasn't necessary, after I came after being in her less than five minutes. It was good to enjoy her in this manner, even if her cunt was rather loose and somewhat less than responsive. After all I surmised, she had truly been had by better-endowed men.

"You did the right thing son. Even though you overheard how it was cooked, you did the right thing to play dumb and eat the warm cummy hair-pie she brought you. After all, to do otherwise would've raised suspicion. I knew you weren't a dummy."

"I-I was also horny from listening to all w-what was going on to, s-so I figured it was best for me to do w-what I did so she wouldn't be the wiser to what I-I'd discovered... when I'd ask her for some."

"Well do you feel batter after eating her out and feasting on her sloppy seconds?" Mother grinned a very broad smile as she looked at me.

"M-Mother t-this is hard enough w-without you joking about this. A-And yes it d-did make me feel better, b-but I-I'm still upset about all this. I-I still love her even though..."

"Say no more son. I fully understand. Go to the bathroom and thrown some cold water on your face. I don't want to see you crying."

I did as mother suggested. The cold water helped me compose myself. We resumed our discussion. After a few minutes, mother had me on the defensive.

"What have you to gain by revealing everything you now know?"

"Er, well..."

"You have nothing to gain. You only lose. You lose Ellen, the k**s, your friends, and where would you get another decent job like you have now. You also know now she's screwed your boss several times too. If you take him on and that comes out in the divorce proceeding, do you think he's going to keep you around or be a good reference when you're looking for another job?"

I had to admit mom was correct about her assessment.

"Doing nothing is the best thing son. Play along as if you know nothing. Your wife is content in her marriage and so were you until this incident. I knew you loved her dearly and was very proud of having such a beautiful woman as your wife and the mother of your, er... well, y'all's c***dren."

Mother exhibited a slight smug smile at her reference to the k**s as she corrected herself. Once again, I had been dumped on so much and suffered so much mentally, her action didn't bother me.

"I-I see y-your point... a-and I suspect your right. I-I would be the loser. You know mom, I thought I was really going to be on top of things when Ellen and I got married, but it seems that life just won't her nerdy type have it our way without some price to pay."

"Don't be despondent dear, you have a lot going for you. Healthy k**s, a loving, even though she is promiscuous, wife that does love you. You know that for sure, even though she does slut around and feeds you her other men's spent sperm and has had a baby or three from them."

I didn't say anything at mom's comment. I was content to let it pass. Earlier she'd explained her part in the conspiracy. She claims to have done it for my own good. I guess I could see her point, since she knew how deeply I loved Ellen. My mother also knew Dexter Jackson and later told me how she thought Dexter and Ellen would make good-looking grandk**s. I didn't see any need to delve into that further, because I suspected that such a simple statement from no less than my own mother might have influenced my wife. I've come to realize that indeed some things may not need to be known.

Mother and I talked a while longer before I went home. I had to be back home by Seven O'clock so I could baby-sit the k**s while Ellen went out with a girlfriend from out of town who was passing through. At least that's what she told me. However, I knew the real reason. I knew she and Dexter had plans to get together tonight.

As I drove away toward home, mother words stayed with me.

"Dear son, she loves you, and you love her as well as the creampies she bring home to you. Be content with your station in this marriage. This is what's best for you. It could be worse. You could be without her and her lusty treats."

As I arrived home, I wondered how my k**s really looked, since I'd been programmed to see my resemblance in their faces. Would I ever know the secret word to let me see the truth?

I promised mom I wouldn't ask Ellen to undo my hypno fix until the k**s were grown. Until then, I still play the part of the happy unsuspecting cuckold.

76% (8/2)
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