My Neighbour Roy

My name is Roger and my next door neighbour is named Roy.

He's quite a guy and has the proverbial gift to gab. The guy can talk anybody into anything. He's one of those fellows who you know is lying, but you want to believe him anyway.

Roy and his wife have three k**s, and so do my wife Rachael and I.

Roy's k**s and mine look a lot alike, owning to the fact that Roy has inseminated my wife three times.

The very first time Roy made what my wife deemed inappropriate sexual comments to her, she told me about it when I came in from work.

In fact when I walked into our bedroom, the air was heavy with the gamy fragrance of heavy sex, and my wife was lying there with the brightest most pleasing smile I'd ever seen on her face. Her legs were obscenely parted, and her normally shapely bushy muff was a frothy mess. It was obvious she had been well fucked. The reddish imprints of big hands and love spots were everywhere on her alabaster skin.

It was obvious she was in a dreamy mellow state of mind.

As I was about to inquire what had happened, she began telling me about our neighbour Roy and how his lewd comments led to him seducing her and them having 2 hours of "glorious sex" - my wife's words.

Fuming, I went over to see Roy to discuss his inappropriate actions with my wife. After only about 10 minutes of talking with him, he had caused me to settle down, and to see his side of things. To my surprise, not only did I apologize to him for my wife's slutty behaviour, but he also had me kneeling and licking and sucking the dried crusty fuck slime from his sizable cock and large balls. In the true meaning of the phrase, Roy was a bull when it came to being endowed. His member truly made me feel very humble when I compared it to my skinny 5 inches.

In the process of my oral cleaning of his 7 - 8 inches of stout dick meat, he got an erection and urged me on until I finished him off. Since I was new to cock sucking, he instructed me through the whole process. I ended up was swallowing a load of his thick rich hot slimy sperm.

Mind you, I had never thought of sucking a cock before, let alone a man who had a short time ago, fucked my wife.

He gave me a quick lesson on doing him to completion. I have to say, his hot semen was very creamy and the taste was rather palatable.

In addition, Roy made me feel as if it was perfectly natural for me to suck his dick, because he was a better man than I was and had a bigger dick. As I said, he really has a way with words.

He also revealed that my wife had told him many intimate things about me during their two hour tryst. One was how small my prick was. And the other was that I didn't come anywhere close to his stamina, sturdiness, and over all sexual prowess in bed.

I couldn't help but feel very inferior to Roy, especially since he admitted that he ejaculated three times in my wife and that I'd just recently swallowed his fourth load in the span of two and a half hours. He also added that he had gotten her off 6 times.

I'm lucky to get her off once, including when I use my tongue to finish up what I start off with my prick.

In fact, I couldn't help but be in awe of the man, and that seemed to make it easier to accept my inferiority without a sense of depressing shame. In other words, it was very difficult to not admit or accept that he was the better man; despite that he'd fucked my wife and had me suck him off to boot.

Roy then accompanied me home, where we found my wife still in bed in the same position I'd left her about forty-five minutes earlier.

My wife Rachael was in a sort of twilight sl**p when we entered the bedroom, but she stirred awake after realizing we were present.

"Oh hi Roy. Don't tell me you're back for more?" She said without the least bit of shame or reservation. She didn't count my presence in the least. It was like I wasn't there. Yet, at the same time, I couldn't help but feel happy for my wife that she had gotten the kind of sex she'd dreamed about. Roy told me she'd said that earlier. And from her actions now, it was obvious she had.

"Aw Rachael, I need to rest a bit, but at the same time, you still look sexy enough for a quickie fuck. Just looking at your pretty pussy is causing my dick to stir. But first, Roger how about you freshening up your wife's cunt for me? You sucked my dick, and drank down my jizz, so you shouldn't have any problem sucking her twat clean." He said in his heavy bass voice.

"Oh Roger, you did that for him? I'm so proud of you honey. I'm so pleased you had the courage to show him that you respect a real man with a real dick."

"He did a damn fine job of respecting my dick too. Your husband is going to make a mighty fine cocksucker. I think he likes the taste of my dick cream." Spoke Roy with a slight smirk, as he began to undress.

“Oh that's so good. C'mon darling, I know you can get my pussy ready for him. You know how much you love sucking it anyway. So with it full of his stuff, you should really like it." Squealed Rachael with excitement in her voice.

I stood there in a sort of suspended animation. But Roy, ever the one to seize the moment, came over to me - now completely nude and ready for action. I found it hard to believe that he was erect again. The sight of his mighty member did indeed look impressive. I couldn't help but stare at his very manly penis with its bloated shiny head and big pee slit.

"Now Roger, you want to see your wife happy don't you?"

"Y-Yes I-I do." I replied meekly and stammering.

"Then if you can't do it with your little cock, then a good husband would see that his wife gets a good piece of meat to satisfy and fill her, don't you think?"

"Uh, er. W-well..." Not being a quick thinker, I was trying to respond to his not too straight forward question, but he cut me off.

"That is if he loves her. And you do love your beautiful wife, don't you partner?"

"O-Oh yes, of-of course."

"I thought you did Roger, so lets stop fooling around. Go ahead and get that fuck slop out of her gash, so she can enjoy my dick. If you like cum straight from dick, you're bound to like it mixed with pussy juice. Plus, if you just finished sucking cum out of a dick, and don't suck it out of her pussy, what will your wife think about you? Now go ahead and show your wife what a good husband you can be. Get that pussy ready for me tiger. Suck it good." Said Roy as he nudged me in the direction of my wife parted legs.

Knowing that nothing I could say could really counter his trickily phrased words, as well as trying to maintain some sort of husbandly image, I resigned myself to doing as he and my wife desired.

As I positioned myself on the edge of the bed, Rachael hooked one of her legs across my back and urged me to hurry up. As soon as my head was within reach, she cupped the back of it with her hand and pulled me forcibly to her gamy smelling oozing hairy gapping fuck slot.

It looked so mess and nasty, but as I got into gingerly tasting and slurping up the abundant slimy wetness, it wasn't near as bad as I expected. It was indeed very tasty to suck up all the fuck gunk and slop there.

"OOOOOHHHH! Yessssss! Suuucccckkk it darling! Suck me good! Yessss! That's it. Eat all his jism! Show me what a good husband can do!" Screamed Rachael as she bucked and wildly gyrated her crotch under my sucking mouth.

That went on for about 5 minutes or so before she had a rousing orgasm. As she settled down from it, she still held my head to her wet warm soft pussy. I continued to keep at it for a few more moments until Roy pulled me away from her and directed me to wet the head of his dick. Then he had me guide it in her much less messy fuck hole.

I don't know why I didn't resist or object. It just seemed that it was right to do what he told me to do.

My wife sort of swooned as Roy drove his might tool home. I was utterly surprised that my wife took it all. Yet for some strange reason, I couldn't help but feel a sense of pride that she could. I knew I was out of the race to be able to fuck her like he could, and that seemed to make it easier for me to stand on the side line and watch.

And as they continued to get it on, I found myself with a rising erection and almost involuntarily stroking myself.

The slushy, sucking, sloppy, juicy noise from their joined sex organs was so erotic and enticing.

They were going on after some 10 minutes of hard serious fucking, when Roy looked over at me and called out.

"Stop playing with yourself Roger and get over here and lick my balls so I can get off!"

Again, I don't know why, but without thinking, I quickly moved around behind him and did as I was told. I first fondled his huge nut sac, then put my tongue against the soft hairy flesh and lapped him as he directed me.

It was surreal, but it made me feel as I was connected to his manliness in some way, as he was fucking my wife. Giving her the kind of pleasure I would never be able to give her.

Moments later he came with a loud series of moans and grunts. My wife emitted a series of muted screams and swooning sounds which slowly died down. They stayed tightly coupled for a few moments before Roy pulled his languished, but still sizable rod from my wife's extremely well fucked and wet slimy twat. There were long wide rope like strings of slime between his uncoupled member and my wife's gapping wide fuck slot.

As Roy began to move, I was moving to return to my seat when he lay on the bed beside her and called me over to lick his dick clean. Knowing it was no use to deny him, I passively did as he commanded me.

My wife looked on with an approving eye as I mouth cleaned the very superior dick of a bull stud that had fulfilled her dreams of super sex.

Roy and my wife were talking as, as he leisurely fondled her magnificent tits. They both were looking down at me working my mouth and tongue over his languished member, cleaning and suckling up all the slimy fuck residue. They talked of future encounters and she basically committed to being available when he wanted her.

Also, Roy let her know that his wife knew of him fucking other women so my wife didn't need to worry about that.

"Anyway, she welcomes the outside help in keeping my dick tamed."

Roy told both of us a few more things that disturbed me, but I thought it best to remain quiet and to slavishly continue my oral duties.

A few minutes later, Roy left with instructions for me to suck my wife's pussy clean. Which I did. I couldn't believe she got off again.

She later admitted that she had gotten off 9 times over 4 hours.

Over dinner, she and I couldn't help but talk about the events that happened earlier in the evening with Roy.

"Roger, I'm so delighted that you took this all so well and was able to accept being subservient in Roy's presence. And darling, I so proud of you sucking his dick and drinking his cum down, as well as mouth cleaning his dick and my cunt. A wife couldn't ask for more respect from her husband that knows he can't do the job that a real man can." Rachel said as we sat.

All I could was blush as she spoke. I knew now that once she had been exposed to what I could never do for her, I was worried about my place in her life and the marriage too. I asked her just that.

"You don't have to worry about me leaving you darling that is as long as you stay faithful to me and do what you do best. As you heard dear, I'm basically one of Roy's women now and he'll have free and total access to me and my pussy now. I was so delighted that you didn't say anything when he told you that you'd have to ask his permission for me to give you some pussy from now on."

"I-I guess I-I was too much in shock to s-say anything. P-Plus I-I felt so lowly a-and so inferior, I-I felt I-I had to go along with whatever he decided."

"It's best if you do dear. I want you to do as he says. I think it's good for our marriage for both of us to have a real man, a strong man like Roy who is in charge in this house."

That was eight years ago, and Roy is still very much the master of our house and in our marriage. He still has me sucking his cock about every week or so - sometimes more. I also suck my wife's cunt clean of his deposits, whenever he fucks her, which is about a couple of times a week or more. Oh, and he also has me sucking his wife's used pussy after he fucks her too, which is also about 2 -3 times a week.

My wife is thrilled to have Roy fucking her, as she raves to me about how good a job he does in keeping her sexually satisfied. There is not much I can say, as it's readily apparent, I'm not in the same league he is. To keep peace in my marriage and house, I have yielded and acquiesced to Roy in almost all things.

Being the bull that he is, he has told me many times that he considers my wife one of his heifers and that I shouldn't get upset. He's always checking to make sure that I'm being a good and loving daddy to the k**s too.

I'm too sensitive and caring to not be otherwise to the k**s.

To make sure I'm a good provider, on weekends he takes me into the seedy parts of town to XXX peep shows, theatres, and bars and pimps me out to horny men to suck their dicks, at $20 - $30 a dick. He takes half of my
"suck off earnings”, and I get to keep the rest for my growing f****y.

It's nothing for him to require me to give 20 - 30 blow jobs when we go out hunting cock for me to suck for his profit and my household money to support his k**s he has populated my f****y with.

I have to say that I am concerned that Roy may want us to have more k**s. My wife has also let me know that she loves getting pregnant from Roy if he wants to knock her up again.

Roy also has taken me on all expense paid fishing trip with some of his buddies. The only thing I didn't realize is that he expected of me the first time I went was that he would allow them to demand blow jobs of me.
On a three day fishing trip with 3 or 4 guys, it was easy for me to have to suck dicks at least a dozen times.

After that first trip, it let me know that it was expected of me to give head on a moment's notice. To date, I've been on over 20 trips with him and his big brawny buddies and they use me as a cock slut. There's not much I can do since he's in charge.

Over all, I guess Roy really hasn't been a bad neighbour. He's helped me keep my wife sexually satisfied, helped me raise a f****y, taken me on all expense paid vacations and fishing trips, and helped me get three tax deductible dependents, as well as see that I have money making opportunities to ensure I'm good provider to the k**s.

In a way, a guy like me would probably be hard pressed to find a better neighbour.

73% (21/7)
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