Company Cuckold


It seems that some of us, no matter how hard we try, can't avoid what fate has destined for us.

My name is Donald, and as I review the last 20 years of my life and marriage, I can only say that it seems that my destiny is to be degraded and subjugated by stronger women and men.

I'm married to a wonderful and beautiful creature named Darlene. She is a vivacious woman without question. Even though she's an assertive wife, she has a wonderful personality with a touch of capriciousness thrown in. And she's definitely a good mother to our 8 c***dren.

Yes we have 8 k**s, which is a larger f****y than is common in these modern times. However, the c***dren are a joy to us as well as to their grandparents.

My wife and even our parents are constantly telling me and friends how much the k**s look like me. When in reality, none of them resemble me in the least.

That's not really surprising to me, since for the entire time Darlene and I have been married, she has demanded that I wear a condom during the times we've had intercourse, even during the 6 times when she was pregnant. So I've never had the pleasure of having my prick in her without a barrier between her hot juicy pussy walls and my cock.

I've never gotten her to reveal why she won't let me have her bareback even when she's pregnant. Whenever I press her on this matter she's always evasive and changes the subject.

The other puzzling thing is that she does use the pill, except when she stops taking them to conceive.

Anyway, over the years, I've come to the conclusion that she just has a thing about me putting it in her luscious pussy bare back. Therefore, I've just left the matter alone. As all of you know, we husbands have to put up with our wives little quirks.

Darlene and I are Caucasian, with blue eyes, and have dark hair.

Of the 8 k**s in our brood, there is a set of red headed twins and a set of Nordic blond headed twins. We also have one light tanned son with straight hair, one dark tanned son with obviously Negroid curled up hair, one daughter with dishwater blond hair with hazel eyes, and one daughter with black hair and brown eyes.

Because of details which will be revealed later in my story, I have never had the need to question the paternity of any of our c***dren. I have even signed a legally binding document indicating I never will, and in addition, I accept all c***dren born into our marriage as legally mine without exception.

The company I work for was nice enough to pay for the legal fees to have these documents drafted up and authorized. But more about the company I work for later.

But for now, back to my wife Darlene.

When I first met Darlene, I had no idea how promiscuous she was or had been. But I soon found out. However, she was a slut the entire time we dated, were engaged, and all throughout our marriage, even up to the current day.


“Donald, I want you to meet my parents.” Darlene said to me after we had been seriously dating for a while.

I had recently graduated from college and had just gotten a job as an entry level analyst at one of the biggest employer in Phantomville – GB Industries. It was a privately owned company named after its founder George Baxter, and was now managed by George Baxter III.

Darlene's parents didn't have to say it, but strongly implied that their daughter had finally started going out with a more respectable guy. That made me feel good about myself, even if I did worry about the types she'd been dating previously.

“However, Donald, I hope you don't think you have plans to take advantage of our daughter just because you're a smart fellow and work at such a high highfalutin company as GB Industries.”

“O-Oh no Mr. Jones. I-I would never do that.” I replied nervously.

“Do you have a big dick Donald?”

“W-What? E-Excuse me m-ma'am?” I replied as I stammered trying to make sure what I heard her say.

“I asked about the size of your dick. You do have one don't you?” She spoke in a firm tone.

I became speechless at her clarification.

“He has a small cock mother. I've felt him when we were making out. He's little even when he's hard. Hee! Hee!” Darlene spoke with a bit of a giggle.

Then she had more to say as she turned toward me.

“Don't look upset darling, mother thinks guys with small dicks are more sincere and devoted than those with bull size dicks.” I could only look at her with total surprise too.

She continued to talk, as she directed her words now to her parents.

“And don't worry mother, he hasn't put it in yet, he's only sucked my pussy nothing else. And also he's a virgin and his mama makes him wear a cock lock to stay that way until he's married. So he's been the perfect gentleman to me,” injected Darlene with a smile as she kissed me on my cheek, as she took my hand and held it affectionately.

Her words made me want to sink beneath the love seat we were sitting on.

Yes, Darlene had met my folks. It was quite by accident – I think. Darlene and I were at the mall enjoying a bite of lunch one Saturday afternoon. It wasn't a formal date, just some shopping and getting to know each other.

We were at an outdoor patio style restaurant, when Mom and Dad showed up unexpectedly.

This was the first time I had mentioned to mom or dad that I was seeing a girl regularly. Dad was very pleased, but Mom was not so pleased. Basically, because she had expected for me to have told her about Darlene and not have met her the way she did.

You see, my mom is a rather controlling type person and she rules the roost. She basically dominates Dad and me. Well more about all that later. But it was at this chance meeting that Mother told Darlene about me basically never having engaged in sexual intercourse before and that she thought it would be good for me to save myself for the right girl.

Mother talked entirely too much and all I could do was sit and turn beet red. I knew I dared not interrupt her. Dad also was blushing, but knew not to say anything either. We both knew our places.

To my surprise, Mother and Darlene, as they conversed and conversed, they found they had a lot in common. I was so embarrassed when Mother told Darlene she encouraged me to masturbate myself to take my mannish edge when I went out on high school dates.

“Even though he's 23, I still supervise him as he masturbates to keep the pressure in his balls under check. I just think it's proper for a mother to oversee these things to ensure he strokes himself properly, as well as milk himself properly too.” Mother revealed without the least bit of shame.

Darlene's face was all aglow as she smiled and looked at me. I had to turn away, feeling ultra small and utterly embarrassed.

“For a well mannered boy such as Donald, I can see that it's good for him to have a mother that gives so much of herself to, as you say, keeping him in check.”

“And don't tell anyone, but many times I expose my tits and pussy to stir up his imagination as he beats himself off.” Mother added. I almost fainted from shame.

“Yes, I agree, I think it's great for him to see his mother expose herself for his pleasure.” Added Darlene, as she obviously was ingratiating herself to my mom, yet wearing an obvious broad smirking smile.

I thought things couldn't get any worse, they did. I again felt ultimately small.

“I'm glad you feel good about a guy like my Donald who wants to save himself for his new bride. To ensure he doesn't do anything foolish, he's been wearing one of the Phantomville Penis Management Control Company's devices (aka electronic cock restraint) for several years, starting back in his teens. In fact we just had their latest model installed two weeks ago. This one even has GPS built in. That's how I knew you were here dear son.” Mother turned and smiled at me.

I felt super little as mother continued to tell Darlene all about the features of this latest model I was wearing.

“As with the earlier one, it gives him a nice little electrical jolt if he tries to rub or play with himself, and sends me an instant alert via the closet cell phone tower to me too. It doesn't let him get away with anything.”

I thought she wouldn't get any more graphic or reveal anymore than she already had, but I was totally wrong.

Darlene had a very broad smile as she looked at me while agreeing with mother.

Mother kept talking to my total chagrin and utter embarrassment.

“It even lets me know if he comes in his shorts without touching himself, which has happened a few times hasn't it sweetie?”

I was so thoroughly blushed and fully flushed red. I really felt minuscule. What happened next really threw me for a loop of further humiliation as Darlene added her input to the conversation.

“Why that happened the last time he was eating me out. Didn't it Donald?”

I really wanted to faint this time.

“You've been licking and sucking pussy and didn't tell me, your mother? That must've been the reason I got that alert last week about you messing up your shorts. You didn't tell me the whole story did you baby?” Mother said looking at me with a broad grin.

“Well we'll talk about that later, but son, I have to admit that I can't help but be proud that you could use your tongue and mouth to seduce and captivate such a beautiful girl as this. You little devil you. They say the mother is always the last to know.”

"Your son is such a gentleman. Most guys are trying to get in my panties from the second they come on to me. But Donald wanted to know about me the person, and from there we worked on being a bit intimate. Actually, it was I who guided him to do me orally, as he revealed that you wanted him to save himself for his wife to be, whoever she was. Well, I thought that was so noble and sweet, that's when I proposed his going down on me." Spoke Darlene in her sweetest tone.

“I've really tried to make him respectful of women and to be my well mannered boy.” Spoke mother with an obvious ring of pride in her voice. I hated her reference to me as a boy, which strongly implied that I was a mama's boy.

“He is well mannered and a very good pussy sucker too.” Added Darlene as she again embraced and hugged and kissed me.

“Now, I don't let him touch my tits. I told him that I wanted to save that for when we got a bit more serious.” Spoke Darlene in a serious firm tone of voice.

“I totally agree with you. And it's only fair that if he's saving something – namely his virginity, then it's only right for you to save something for the one you'll marry too.

It was obvious that mother liked all that Darlene was telling her.

I was mortified at the whole conversation and stayed a deep blushed red the entire time we sat there. But alas, I could do nothing but sit and continually be embarrassed.

Well anyway, the aforementioned conversation that day is where Darlene got the information to tell her folks that my mom had verified my virginity.

Well back to the conversation I was having with Darlene and her parents.

“Very good. I like you even more Donald.” Said Darlene's mom.

“I feel much better about you too.” Added her dad.

I finally got my voice back and tried to carry on some polite conversation as the conversation moved on to a news item that was on TV. I was hoping that no more would be mentioned about me or Darlene and such extremely personal subjects. However, I was wrong.

"Darlene, I can see you being naughty with such a nice boy as Donald here. You haven't fed any of your cream pie have you?" Her dad asked her.

"Now dad. But to answer your question, yes I've fed him some, but not with a lot of cream. But he really liked what he ate."

I looked at Darlene with a puzzling look, then said. "I don't remember us ever having eaten any cream pie."

Darlene and her parents simultaneously broke out in loud laughter.

It was obvious that I was missing something here, for I could not see anything to laugh about.

"Oh, you're such a sweetie Donald, and so innocent. That's why I like him so much mom and dad." Darlene replied, but still did not provide any insight to me as to what caused them to laugh earlier.

"My boy I can see you don't get out much do ya. It's like this..."

"No, I'll tell him dad. I'm the one who should do it." Said Darlene.

"She's right dear, it is her responsibility." Darlene's mom said to her husband.

"You see Donald, most guys I go out with want to get in my panties on the first date. And well, most of the time I give in to them and take them off for them. And to answer the look on your face, yes, I've often had sex on my first date. In fact you're just about the only guy I've dated where I didn't fuck on the first date."

This revelation by Darlene caused me to squirm uncomfortably, as it was not my impression of her that she was that type of girl, hence my reaction.

While she told me she wasn't a virgin, I didn't think she was a slut either. But as she told me about the many different guys she's dated and had sex with, my opinion of her rapidly changed. Her parent's lack of a reaction meant they didn't seem the least bit concerned about her promiscuous behaviour.

"Well Donald, it all started when an old boyfriend was horny and needed a quickie fuck. I was on my way home from work when I stopped by and gave him some. I then later met you for dinner near the campus library that evening - remember that rainy evening in the college library and there was hardly no one there?

"You were sweet enough to do as I asked of you and give me some head, for I really hadn't gotten off to my satisfaction earlier. You and I were having such a delightful time being together, I just got this urge for you to put your tongue in my horny pussy.

"I had wiped my cunt down good so none of my previous fuck date's jism was there - at least I thought I did. But when you did as I asked and went under the table and buried your head in my crotch, I didn't realize just how much of his cum was still deposited deep in my box, for as you were sucking on my slit, the dregs of his deep deposited spend really oozed out and flowed right in your mouth. You really give such good suction darling.

"Well after I got off and settled down from a very beautiful orgasm, you quickly let me know I tasted better than ever before. It was then that I realized what happened. I of course came up with an excuse that it was because I was so excited being with you that you had caused my pussy to produce that flavour especially for you.

"But in all honesty, I have to admit Donald, and to you too, dad. What I did was not planned, but after knowing that I had fed you another man's spend, the thought gave me such a wicked indescribable thrill. Donald honey, I knew I had to do it again, and especially so since you enjoyed the taste so much."

I sat totally speechless, as I felt the burning stare of three sets of eyes on me.

I was literally stunned and immobile.

"Donald, honey, I want you to know that I really like you and want us to continue getting to know each other better. I really need you and want us to grow this relationship." Spoke Darlene as she moved to the floor and got on her knees before me as I continued to sit on the love seat.

"Darling, I want you to know that even though I've had a lot of big dicks in my cunt, you're the only one I let suck my pussy after I've been fucked. And sure the guys fill me up with their hot slimy goo, but they just can't compete with the ecstatic feeling you give me by sucking out their man cream. And sweetie, you must like it too, since you've gotten off in your pants without even touching your little thing." She spoke those incredible and outlandish words with such sweet sincerity I again could only stare at her.

"B-But D-Darlene...” I was cut off by her dad.

“My boy, if you're worried about what we think, well put your mind at ease. Me and the wife won't mind a bit if you want to suck our daughter's pussy after she's been fucked by her men friends.”

“My husband's right Donald, I don't mind in the least. And with you having such a little thing, and with it being under lock and key, this is probably the best way for you two to express your affections toward each other.”

“That's right son. Darlene can still get the dicks she needs and you can eat that good fuck slop you like from her crotch and get off in your pants too.” Added her dad with a tone of smug satisfaction in his voice.


"I know how you feel Donald, but it's not like Darlene intentionally meant to humiliate you, or didn't give you a reasonable explanation for her actions. After all, being the beautiful full bl**ded woman she is, it's understandable that she would be tempted to having sex with guys who were aggressive and well endowed and have the equipment to satisfy her needs.

"But she is a lovely girl and seems to think highly of you. After all, she did confess that you're the only guy she lets suck her pussy after she's been fucked. And since you apparently like the taste of her cream pie, that has to mean a lot to you, doesn't it?”

“M-Mother t-this is-is so h-humiliating t-to know t-that I-I have b-been s-slurping up her o-other guy's cum. C-Can't y-you see what I-I mean?”

“My dear son, if you wish to cry, you go right ahead. It's okay. Remember, you're a mama's boy and I'm your mama. Okay?”

“O-Okay mother.”

“Now Donald, since you've been exposed to her pussy and found it so tasty, you're going to be miserable not having her cream pie to eat, even though it's other men's creamy cum you're swallowing down. Therefore, baby, mommy is suggesting that you just get over it that you like eating other men's sperm mixed with her hot pussy juice. The more times you eat her creamy hair pie, the less you'll worry about your dignity as a man. In fact son, I think it's better if you not concern yourself about that in the least if you want to keep Darlene, since it's really fairly clear you can't match up to her standards of being a real man. You do understand that don't you?”

“SIGH! Y-Yes I-I do.”

“Good boy. Just remember, to have her as the love of your life, you should not be ashamed of being a virgin. In fact, it's obvious she adores that about you. Remember telling you all these years that saving yourself would contribute to making you a good catch. Plus she really seems thrilled that when eating her used pussy, you get so excited that you sometimes shoot off in your pants without touching yourself.”


After talking with mother, I knew I still cared deeply for Darlene, despite how she had treated me. It had been over a week and I missed seeing and talking with Darlene. She had tried to talk with me, but I had refused several of her calls. I was still upset at her, but nevertheless I did miss her.

So I decided to call her and just see if we could talk. I had no idea what direction our talk would head, but something in me was urging me to meet with her, so I did.

She seemed glad I finally returned her calls, and she invited me over the next Saturday afternoon. She warned me that she was expecting several visitors at different times, but that we could talk between their visits.

I offered to come by when she was not so busy, but she insisted that I come anyway.

When I arrived at the appointed time, Darlene was dressed in jeans and a low cut blouse. She looked so lovely, actually ravishing even in such a plain casual outfit.

Her dad was there and her mom was out with friends shopping. I had a hard time looking her dad in the face as we greeted each other. He was warm and casual and there was no hint in his demeanour that alluded to any of the candid and, for lack of a better word, salacious revealing conversation we had at my last visit.

He showed intense interest in the TV program he was watching. He waived us off, as Darlene asked me to go to her bedroom where we could talk without disturbing him.

As we sat on her bed and began to talk, I felt nervous and so inferior even sitting beside her. That is, after now knowing just how sexually sophisticated and promiscuous she really was. As we talked she pulled it out of me as to why I felt nervous and seemed sheepish.

“Donald, I want you to know this and I really mean it. I care about you and really like you. In fact, I love you darling. I want you as my soul mate. I need you. We can make our relationship work.”

“B-But what a-about y-your studs, w-won't t-they get u-upset because y-you're n-not going to-to be available to them like you...”

“Whoa Donald! Darling, let me explain something. At one time, I thought I just needed a strong man to keep my promiscuity in check. But now I know I need the dicks of many strong men, real men, to keep my pussy pleased. I like the diversity of many horny dicks. Plus I like being the slut I am. And as far as the type of soul mate I need. Donald, you're the ideal mate for me.

“I want my freedom to slut around and put out for men as I please. And I need a significant other that has the courage and strength to accept the humiliation and ridicule that goes with having me as their slutty mate. Donald, that's you. You're ideal for me, and I'm ideal for you. You're sweet, not confrontational, unassuming, and a well mannered mama's boy. And not to mention a virgin, that loves to eat to eat out my cum filled sloppy pussy. You just don't know how much that turns me on to have such a nice and hip guy like you eating my studs' jism out of my cunt.”

“Y-You think I-I'm hip a-and c-courageous?”

“You bet I do darling. That's why I only want you with your head between my legs slurping from my wet used snatch. You really make me feel so thrilled to have you sucking other men's cum from my pussy.”

“SIGH! I-I guess I-I should f-feel flattered. A-And I guess it-it goes without saying that y-your other m-men would be a-a part of our relationship?”

“Definitely darling, but don't worry, you'll get use to them and their cum, especially since you like the taste of the stuff in my pussy anyway.”

“DING! DONG!” The sound of the door bell was heard downstairs.

“C'mon Donald, I bet that's one of my old friends who I'm expecting. I want you to meet him. We can talk some more later.

I was pulled out of the room by Darlene as she yanked my hand and literally pulled me with her.

She opened the front door and greeted a tall muscular blond fellow, who she introduced as Dave. I was taken aback by the quick, but passionate wet kiss on the mouth that Darlene and he had. He shook my hand as she indicated that I was very close friend. I winced as we shook. My hand felt as if it had been in a vice grip once he released it.

“Donald honey, go sit and watch TV with daddy, while Dave and I go to my bedroom to catch up on old times.” Said Darlene with a hint of a giggle in her voice. I could tell she was thrilled to see this handsome well built guy, who obviously had probably been a jock in high school.

I was left standing there and looking foolish as the two of them literally raced up the stairs.

“C'mon over here and have a seat. You might as well be comfortable while they're up there doing their thing.” Darlene's dad said as he looked in my direction.

It then hit me hard. I had just met one of her guys that she was soon going to be having sex with.

“If you love my daughter and want to do right by her, don't worry, you'll spend a lot of time waiting on her being with her other men.” He added in a matter-of-fact tone.

“I didn't think that team was going to win.” Her dad said in the next breath as he changed the subject back to what was on TV.

I remained silent, as his burning words zinged around in my head. As I sat watching the TV, my mind was on what was happening upstairs. I couldn't help visualizing Dave, with his large brawny frame, hunched over driving, what I was sure was his well hung cock, deep into Darlene's delectable and eager wet warm pussy.

“You thinking about them fucking ain't you?” Spoke her dad breaking the silence and into my thoughts.

I could only grin and blush. I guess I didn't have to say anything, for he just smiled and continued to talk.

“You know Donald, any man that sits down here and waits on his gal to get fucked by another guy so he can eat her slimy twat, ain't much of a man, but I have to say I respect your nerve and gumption to do that for my daughter.”

“N-No S-Sir, I-I'm not g-gonna s-suck, er, I-I mean do that. T-That's not why I-I'm here. I-I just came over to-to talk.” I stammered terribly as I replied in a soft almost cracking voice. I know I hadn't planned on doing her orally, but I had already envisioned what her freshly fucked pussy was going to look like after Dave finished using her.

“Don't be nervous. It's okay if you like her that much. In fact, I think you two will make a nice couple. She needs a guy who can put up with her sl**ping around. And with you having a taste for creamy cloche, it's a great match. Me and the wife like you two, even though we know you ain't much of a man. But we see you as somebody who'll stay in his place and be there for her when she needs her messy gash sucked. She really likes you doing that for her. We're both hoping you two make up.”

Her dad's comments were bitter sweet. I liked that he and his wife were favourable to me, but it hurt emotionally to know, and well accept, that I was not a man in their eyes as well as Darlene's.

There was a noise on the stairwell, it was Dave. He spoke to Darlene's dad warmly as they exchanged some small talk. Apparently they knew each other.

“You two have a good time?”

“Yes sir, a real good time.” He said to her dad, as he emphasized the word “good”.

Then he looked at me.

“By the way, Donald Darlene wants you to come upstairs and help her clean up.” He said with an obvious smirk as he looked me straight in the face.

I also heard her dad issue a low chuckle. To be in the presence of two such masculine men and to hear their reactions made me feel so humiliated. I wondered if Dave knew I had a history of licking Darlene's used pussy.

As Dave left, still red face and flushed, I went up to Darlene's bedroom. I knocked and she called out for me to come in.

Time I opened the door, the obvious strong smell of sex hit me in the face. The sight before me caused me to freeze momentarily.

Darlene was reclined on her bed with two large pillows at her back. Her legs were lazily parted wide and the sight of her messy, cum oozing frazzled bush was literally as I had envisioned it after a sturdy fucking by Dave.

“C'mon in Donald darling. I feel so wonderful. You like what you see?”

“D-Darlene, w-why d-did you invite m-me over a-and t-t-treat me like...”

“Simple, because I love you.”

“Y-You love me?”

“C'mon over and sit here beside me Donald. You'll get a closer look at my pussy pie. Dave really worked on it. He shot off twice.”

I said nothing but did as she asked, and couldn't believe one guy could shoot of that much sperm to make her cunt so messy.

“You've never seen my cunt really messy have you? Does it look yummy to you?”

“P-Please Darlene, I-I'm not g-g-going to-to do w-what you e-expect. I-I just c-came over to talk to you. I-I don't know why. B-But I-I do have strong feelings for you. I-I just thought w-we could work something out... M-Mother told m-me to give it a try. S-So t-that's w-why...”

“Would you have come if she had not prompted you?”

“P-Probably so.”

“Don't be so nervous honey. Don't be afraid to look at my pussy. Go ahead and put your hand in it if you wish. It'll be good for you to play in it and to have another man's spend on your hands.”

“P-Please Darlene, l-lets be serious. Do y-you t-think there is-is a chance f-for us.”

“Of course there is Donald. It's really simple. One, we already know we love each other. Two, I want you to remain a virgin until we're wed, as does your mom I might add. Three, I need well hung men, now and as well as when we're married, so you'll have to share me with them – that's non-negotiable. Four, you like to eat sloppy jism soaked pussy.

“Donald, as I've told you before, we are a perfect match. And mother and dad think very well of you too. They really like you better than all of the other guys I've brought home, that are to be my husband. However, they understand and accept that I'm going to need a hung stud in bed. They are having a hard time seeing why you don't accept that, especially since you love sucking my creamy fuck pie.”

“O-Oh Darlene, I-I c-can't make you s-see h-how humiliating it-it is f-for m-me t-to...”

“Donald, stop whining and look at me. C'mon look me in the face. Now!” Darlene's raised voice caught my attention and caused me to snap my head around to look her in the face.

“You have got to understand, and accept, that there is nothing wrong with humiliation for you. Especially humiliation that turns you on. Sweetie, you wouldn't come in your pants if you didn't enjoy sucking up after a better man. Okay? So let's be a man about this whole thing. You can handle being treated like the little dick, cum eating mama's boy you are. Okay!”

I felt tears swelling up in my eyes and I knew that if I didn't get out of there, I was going to break down and start crying. Which would be full vindication in Darlene's eyes that I was truly a pantywaist mama's boy.

Apparently she noticed my situation and grabbed my arm and pulled me to her before I could move. She pulled me to her naked breast, and held me. In our relationship, she forbid me from touching her magnificent boobs, so it was so wonderful to be close to them and her naked body, even if her luscious tits still had the Dave's hand prints showing so clearly all over them.

“That's it my sweetie, pie go ahead and have a good cry. Get it all out. Don't hold back. Accept your station in life and in our relationship. It'll be so far less stressful. Why I bet you're hard, here let me see. Yes you are! See, your body is trying to tell you to do what's best.”

Darlene had grabbed by crotch and found my erect prick and held me securely. She had me and even though I tried to hold back my tears, I couldn't. I started sobbing and then finally the flood gates opened and I just gave up trying to stop.

“That's it, you big baby, let it all come out. Get all that water out of your eyes. It's good for you. Keep on crying while Mommy Darlene holds you.”

She had proved her case and we both knew it.

Finally after a short while, my uncontrolled crying was down to uncontrolled sobbing.

“SOB!... I-I'm... SOB!... Sorry D-Darlene ... SOB!... I-I ... SOB!...”

“That's okay Donald darling, I understand. You can make it up to me.”

“I-I ... SOB!... Can? ... SOB!...”

“Yes Donald, just do what you do best, be the nice boy I want you to be and do this for me. It would make me so happy, and you too.” She whispered in a hoarse sexy voice, before positioning and guiding my head to her exposed gloppy gamy cunt.

I let out a loud sigh, as I surrendered myself to her desire.

Her neatly trimmed bush was still a total slimy mess, but there was something about her cum smeared and oozing snatch that attracted me more than repulsed me. I did want to taste her, even if it did humiliate and disgrace me and annotate me as less than the type of man she labelled a man. As I put my face in her nasty looking crotch, the smell and taste became more of an erotic flavouring, as I licked, lapped and started nosily sucking up the gluey, slimy, heated results of her previous fuck session with her stud, Dave.

In my mind's eye, his smirking face appeared with him inviting me to go clean up the mess he made between the legs of the woman I knew I now really loved.

After getting her to a rousing orgasm, and in the process swallowing an awful lot of Dave's deeply deposited semen, we both cleaned up and just lay there on her bed talking.

“Donald darling, that was so wonderful. I just can't describe how good it was hearing and feeling you sucking out Dave's heavy thick loads. Don't you worry in the least, we're going to have a great relationship and you're going to get over any shame you might still have, as I feed you more and more cream pies.”

While my ego was greatly boosted from having given Darlene a very exhilarating orgasm from my oral activity, I still felt a great deal of humiliation just having this conversation with her.

I felt a sense of mental relief, but also a sense of deep shame that the woman I knew I loved, knew just what an inadequate male I was.

“DING! DONG!” It was the doorbell again.

“That must be Dan! C'mon, I want you to meet him too!” Spoke Darlene gleefully as she again pulled me from the bed and down the stairs to meet another tall muscular stud, who this time had jet black hair.

Again, Darlene passionately greeted Dan with a juicy on mouth kiss. Again, my hand was almost crushed by Dan's much bigger and stronger rough hands, as we shook. And again I was directed to watch TV with her dad, while she and Dan went to “Talk over old times in her bedroom.”

This time Darlene's dad glanced at me with a slight grin and whether he knew I had gone down on his daughter and mouth cleaned her well fucked pussy, or not, I certainly felt that he suspected it.

He said nothing except to return his face to the TV screen.

We both sat in silence for a long while. All the while my mind was in turmoil, not really absorbing what was happening on TV.

“Donald my dick is hard from seeing them fine pieces of ass on TV. Come here a minute, I need you to help me with something.” Her Dad suddenly said, breaking into the whirlwind of thought circling in my head.

Not thinking the two phrases he uttered were connected, I followed him as he walked a short distance down a side hall, to apparently what was a guest bedroom.

He walked in and I followed. While he went to a nearby window and lowered the blinds, he directed me to sit on the bed.

When he returned he stood in front of me. The bulge in his pants was more apparent now than I had noticed before. I was still uncertain as to what was about to unfold until he unbuckled his pants and unzipped them. He did it so quickly. Before I knew it, they were on the floor around his ankles and he had also pushed his shorts down too.

In an instant, I was looking at his sizable erection that was hardening and soon was jutting out and up. His dick head was swollen, bloated and shiny, and large.

Being caught off guard by his sudden action, It took me a while to ascertain what was about to be asked of me as I sat facing head on what looked to be an 8 inch stout rigid dick in need of relief.

“You like what you see Donald? How about giving my dick some of that sucking you give my daughter's slimy cunt.”

“O-OH NO! S-Sir I-I can't do t-that. I-I'm n-not gay. I-I've never s-s-sucked a m-man's p-penis b-before.” I replied nervously and pitifully.

“Well, my boy there is always a first time. And with you so accustomed to the taste of jism, you already got half of being a cocksucker down. Now c'mon open your sissy mouth and wrap your girlish mama's boy lips around my dick. You've had your mouth on a pussy where a lot of dicks have been. Now you're just tasting one dick. C'mon Donald, this will be a good experience for both of us.”

“P-Please S-Sir, I-I c-can't...”

“Damn it! My dick is hard! Stop messing around you pipsqueak pantywaist!”

“SLAP!” He hit me with a backhand slap. It made more noise than actually hurting me, but it got my attention. I knew then and there he meant business.

“That ain't nothing compared to when I make a fist. See this?” His large fisted hand terrified me even more. I knew I had to do what was demanded of me.

“P-P-Please s-sir! D-Don't h-hurt me! I-I'll do w-what you want.” Being easily intimidated and frightened, I feared being hit and the resulting pain.

I knew there was not much for me to do but to give in to him.

I replied quickly and in a very scared tone.

“P-Please t-tell m-me what t-to do.” I asked of him. And he did.

I closed my eyes as I gingerly licked his big shiny, almost glassy dick head and tasted his clear pre-cum.

As I got use to moving my mouth around his rigid manly member, licking and suckling on his big penis was easier than I had assumed it to be. It was obvious he was thrilled and was enjoying my oral administrations on his hot rigid dick.

I could also sense he was pleased at my change in behaviour, which I didn't think about it, but had gone from fright and horror to probing curiosity with my tongue and lips and mouth.

Once he got ready for me to let his cock slip in between my lips, he made sure I knew how to keep my teeth out of the way.

“That's it Donald, don't be afraid of being a sissy sucker. It's good for both of us.” Her dad said as half of his large thick member filled my mouth and I slowly suckled it as he directed me to.

I continued to suckle him as he held the back of my head. Soon, he was slowly fucking my mouth and moaning. It was obvious he found great pleasure in using me this way to sooth his rigid rod.

Moments later he began moaning louder and it became obvious to me by his motions that he might be approaching the point of no return and nearing ejaculation of his semen.

There was nothing I could to do to stop him, so I just prepared myself for what was to come. I surmised I would have to swallow fast as I was sure he would be spurting heavy and rapid. I was right on both accounts, except I didn't count on the viscosity being so thick and his ejaculate being so hot.

There was a heated trail going down my gullet as I swallowed his copious discharge of cum.

I had my eyes closed while all this was happening so as to better concentrate on what I had to do. Darlene's dad ordered me to continue milking his slowly softening and shrinking penis, and I kept my eyes closed for a few moments while doing as he commanded.

When I did open them, to my utter surprise, Darlene was holding her cell phone not more than a foot away getting a close of all the action that had taken place. As soon as I realized what was going on I sought to break free of the hold her dad had on me. He did release me and also pulled his thick dick head from my lips. It made a loud plop. An obvious indication I was applying suction to his dick at that moment. A definite indication I was not ready for him to pull out for anyone looking at Darlene's video. In addition, there was a slimy string of drool between my lips and his dick head, which I knew had to add to the humiliating nature of the video.

“A damn good blow job Donald! Your boyfriend definitely can suck!” Her dad spoke as he addressed both of us.

Darlene was giggling at having secured a prize video clip of me.

I begged her to destroy it, but she continued to laugh at me as I blushed and tried to explain how her dad took advantage of me.

“Aw come on Donald, it was just as good for me as it was for you.” He said laughing as he pulled his shorts and pants up and zipped up, before leaving the room, and me and Darlene in it on the bed.

“P-Please Darlene, d-destroy t-that...”

“Donald, I'm going got keep it as a memento of this moment. Plus, I know dad really liked your suck job. So I want you to come by every Saturday afternoon he's watching TV and offer him head. I think that'll be a great way for you to bond. After all, I want you to become his future son-in-law.”

Darlene wouldn't bulge on her position and quickly ran out of the room, but returned a short time later without her cell phone. She let me know she had hidden it in the event I tried to get it away from her.

She pushed me back on the bed and the next thing I knew she was straddling my chest and was moving her crotch up to my face.
"Darling, let’s forget about you sucking cum out of daddy's dick and get you focused on getting out the loads that Dan left in my muff.”

As before, her cunt was gamy and ripe with the strong smell of fresh semen. I knew there was no sense in trying in any way to repulse or refuse Darlene. She wanted me to clean up she and her stud's fuck gunk and that was that. Before she lowered her rather wet bush on my face, she briefly paused to pull out what appeared to be a piece of plastic wrap and threw it on the floor.

“Just to keep as much as of his load in there for you darling”, was her quick and urgent explanation as he pressed her cunt on my face and then she moaned as she began to rotate it over my face. My probing tongue soon made contact with her heavily oozing slit. I sucked the heavy flow down as she moaned loudly and pleasurably.

Her pussy was obviously much sloppier after this second fucking with the stud known as Dan. I sucked and sucked and drank down a lot of their combined fuck fluids. It took a while but Darlene finally got off my face after another rousing and loud vocal orgasm.

“Oh Donald, that was so fantastic! Yes, I just know you and I are going to be so happy when we're married. No matter who I go out and get fucked by, it's going to be so wonderful to know I can come home to you and your wonderful tongue and slurping and sucking mouth. You really make me feel so wonderful and excited when we're together. I just love the way you attend to my pussy.”


My job at GB Industries was as an analyst in the accounting department. It was not the most exciting work, but I hoped to use it to get away from being under mother's tight control of my life. I didn't want to remain in Phantomville after graduating from the nearby state university, but of course mother wouldn't hear of that. Hence, here I am.

Oh well, I was making the best of where I was at the moment and after saving up a bit, then I would make my escape from Phantomville. My only problem was that even my pay check was monitored by mother, but I did have a secret account, where I was saving money she knew nothing about.

The situation with Darlene had also complicated my planning, as I never anticipated becoming so emotionally attached to her. Was the relationship going to lead to the altar? I wasn't sure. She wanted me to become her cuckold.

While I have been her cuckold boyfriend, I still had some reluctance about being her cuckold husband.

Well anyway, this day, the GBI Division head was walking through our department and I was introduced to him as a new employee. He shook my hand and again his strong grip caused me to wince noticeably.

“You've gotten to strengthen your grip there.” He said as he chuckled at me.

I saw him notice Darlene's picture on my desk. It was a rather small photo, around 2” X 3”, but apparently her tits caught his eye.

“Nice looking young lady. Your fiancée?” Asked Mr. Mike Foster, the GBI Division Head.

“Er, n-no sir, just a close friend.” I replied.

He also asked her name, which surprised me.

“D-Darlene.” I stammered out a reply.

“Her last name?” His asking that also surprised me.

I slowly told him.

“Well... Donald”, he said after pausing to look at my desk name plate, we expect our employees to get married and settle down, as we like to project we are a f****y values company. Do bring her around to meet some of us here at GBI at our next social function so she can see she should be marrying a fine young employee such as yourself and start raising a f****y.” Mr. Foster said.

He moved on and left me standing there.

I didn't expect to hear any more from him or about his perfunctory visit. However, two weeks later, I got a personal invitation from Mr. Foster's office for me and my ‘close friend Darlene’ to attend a greet and meet for new employees of the Division.

I didn't know much about Mike Foster, but I'd heard some rumours that the handsome, tall, well built, top manager was a skirt chaser. That automatically caused me concern about having him and Darlene in the same room. I was being humiliated enough with similar type men she found on her own. The last thing I needed to do was introduce her to such a stud where I worked.

Therefore, I decided to not tell her about the event. However, something rather strange happened. She found out about it from a phone call from Mike Foster's office. I remembered he had asked her last name. Now I was beginning to have an ominous feeling about this. But I also had to give myself a warning about being too paranoid too.

Darlene called me and was very excited about going to the company dinner at one of the fashionable local hotels.

I told her that I wasn't sure I was going to attend.

“It's going to be boring.” I told her. I didn't dare tell her the reason I didn't want to go. My paranoia had grown the more I thought about her getting a call to attend. I also thought about several other brawny looking guys that Darlene would attract, and knowing her, I'd find myself sucking their cum out of her popular pussy. And with them in the same building with me, my humiliation would reach a new high.

I decided the risk was too great to mix Darlene with the temptation of picking up another guy she would readily be attracted to, even though she would be out on a date with me. You see, it has happened before, more than a couple of times, and afterwards when she'd come back to me coerce me into sucking her used cunt clean of their abundant ejaculations.

Yes, she is fully aware she's humiliating me by her actions, but as she has told me many times, “Donald darling, you can handle such humiliation better than a real man, because you're not one”.

As she has a weakness for aggressive, well built, and well hung studs, I apparently have a weakness for her hot hairy cream pies. She knows that I find it hard to say no to her, no matter how much shame and abasement it causes me.

Well, I had assumed that my decision to attend the GBI new employees' function was final and that I would not hear anymore of the matter. However, the Friday afternoon of the event, my boss called me in and asked if it was true that I had not planned to attend.

Caught off guard, I slowly admitted that I was not attending.

“Well Donald, you have caught the eye of Mr. Foster who thinks you have a potentially bright future here at GBI, so I strongly recommend you reconsider going. Understand?” He said as he stared me directly in my face.

I'm easily intimidated, so his actions put me on the defensive. I quickly answered.

“Y-Yes sir, I-I understand.” I relied stammering.

“Good, then I'll be looking forward to seeing you there and be sure you bring your friend Darlene.” He replied with what I considered a sinister smile.

I was shaken by the meeting and that ominous feeling had come back upon me.

After work, and after picking her up, I confronted Darlene as to whether she had anything to do with my boss knowing I had not planned to attend.

“No. But a Mr. Foster's secretary called me early this afternoon and asked about the spelling of my last name so she could get it right for the registry of those attending. When I told her we were not attending, she asked me to stay on the line. When she returned, she told me you had changed your mind and was attending.” Darlene replied.

My concern had shifted from Darlene to Mike Foster. And I was beginning to feel manipulated too. Again, I was beginning to feel I was going to be at the mercy of influences I had no control over.


The GBI social was quite an event. There were a lot of folks there from all 4 GBI Division which were located in different parts of Phantomville.

Each Division employed about 300 employees.

The evening started off well. We had a great meal, and Darlene and I were seated with another couple in our age group, so we had a lot in common to talk about.

My boss and other senior managers were at a head table and quite a distance from me. That made me feel better since I was still a bit paranoid about even being at the event.

Darlene was having a great time and looked radiant. My worry was that while I found her that way, I'm sure other men were also looking too. She was easy the best overall looking girl at our table of 10 couples.

There was a band that played soft dinner music. However, after dinner, the dining area was expanded by the opening of a folding wall, and a dance area created.

I'm not much a dancer, but I did get out on the floor with Darlene. The other couple that sat next to us also came out on the floor.

After a couple of twirls, we returned to our tables and continued to chat.

I was having a great time, and since there was an open bar, that made it even better. I chided myself for not planning to come. Mike Foster seemed preoccupied with his stunning date, who I assumed was Mrs. Foster, and my boss was also with his wife.

It looked as if I had become a worrywart for no reason. I continued to enjoy the company and companionship of Darlene and couple I'd mentioned earlier.

The guy's name was Dennis. He worked in the Western GBI Division and he also told me a similar story about planning not to attend, but his boss called him in and insisted he come.

However, in his case, he had let his co-workers know and the boss found out that way. He did mention that he too was surprised that his Division Chief had also come by his desk and noticed his girl's photo - her name was Dorothy - and encouraged he bring her to the social event.

As he and I were talking about our jobs, out of nowhere, Mike Foster shows up and introduces himself. At the same time, Dennis' Division Chief also shows up.

The two top executives are after dances with our girls.

Dennis seemed very pleased that his top manager was interested in dancing with Dorothy or Dot as she called herself. I on the other hand felt a pang in my stomach as Darlene eagerly accepted the hand of Mr. Foster, before the words "Okay" were out of my mouth.

I could easily see the twinkle in her eyes from being sought out by such a handsome and important man.

As I sat there, my paranoia ran rampant. Dennis on the other hand seemed thrilled that his big boss took such interest in him and his girl.

To make matters worse, the two managers kept our girls for 2 dances. The second one a very slow one and I noticed that Darlene and Mike Foster were very close to each other as they danced.

The dance finally ended. I was glad because I was a nervous wreck, even though I tried to keep my cool.

But what happened next I was not prepared for.

As soon as Darlene and Dot were returned to our tables by Dennis' and my Big Bosses, there was an announcement made that all the ladies were to be excused to an adjoining room, while we GBI employees were divided into different groups to discuss a company strategic planning issue for a few minutes.

We were assured that our ladies would be suitably entertained while we were in this special session.

Dennis and I were separated as we joined folks from our respective Divisions. The groups that he and I were in were sent to smaller meeting rooms.

I didn't give Mike Foster and my paranoia another thought, as I just assumed he would by necessity be too involved in this special and unexpected planning sessions at this event.

As I joined my boss in my newly assigned room, he let me know that this was normal and that it would be over in less than an hour.

I groaned at having to listen at GBI business planning propaganda. Also Mike Foster's short appearance also further allayed my fears of him making advances on Darlene.

True to my immediate boss's assessment, the special meeting lasted just slightly under an hour and we were rejoined with our dates in the main ballroom, before we were dismissed.

Darlene was a bit giddy, but I attributed it to her being in the company of the other women as she and Dot were entertained by a group of comics while Dennis and I were in those special sessions.

We said goodbye to Dennis and Dot and headed home.

I could tell Darlene seemed excited about something, but couldn't put my hand on it.

I thought this was going to be a very boring affair Donald, but it turned out to be so much more, so much more. Thank you so much for changing your mind and of course for bringing me." She said as she kissed me on the lips passionately as we were temporarily stopped at a red light.

We continued to chat about the people we met during the evening until we reached her house.

It was late, when we arrived, but Darlene was insistent that I come in.

I assumed she was randy and wanted a goodnight tongue lashing, and I was game for that, especially when her sweet pussy was not full of some stud's jism.

While I could handle the taste of semen and pussy juice and the concoction did have a unique taste, when I was just sucking up pussy juice, I didn't have a humiliation hangover.

Darlene's folks were in bed, so she quickly led me by the hand to her bedroom.

"Donald darling, you are really going to be proud of me and really thank me for all I have done this evening." She blurted out excitedly, as soon as the door was closed.

She quickly began undressing and was down to her camisole and thong panties. Having seen her panties often, I noticed a wad of cloth in her crotch.

In addition, my nose began to pick up the faint musky odour of semen. I was telling myself it couldn't be true that Darlene had a chance to get fucked tonight.

But as she continued to talk, I literally was left in a state of unexpected shock.

"So you see darling, Mr. Foster and I really hit it off well. He was so taken by me and how much I wanted to be your wife that he wants to help us out. When he confessed that my beauty couldn't help but excite him and give him a hard on, I also confessed he had heated me up too.

He and I arranged to meet while you were in that special session. He had a room in the hotel. We went there and had a great fuck. He really is some cocksman darling. And he's really a heavy cummer too. He shot off three times.

"This is his hanky in my pussy slit. I really wanted to bring as much of his cum as I could back to you honey. Plus after I slipped and revealed you were a cream pie eater, he fully encouraged I do so. He wants you to eat his cum too darling.

"So are you proud of me for negotiating with him to advance you the money for an engagement ring, in return for some pussy from time to time? He really appreciated me being so cooperative and not a prude about helping him with his hard-on. He's also going to put you on a special project that can better utilize your special talents - those were his words darling."

I just sat silent as I tried to sort out all that Darlene had revealed. One I was going to be moved to a special project because of some special skills I had which I didn't have the foggiest idea about. Two, I would be getting a pay increase and out of that I would be getting a sizable advance to buy her the 2 carat engagement ring she's always told me she wanted, and which I couldn't afford. And also, in my own mind I wasn't sure I was going to get it anyway, as I wasn't sure Darlene was the right girl for me, even if she and others thought so. Three, now that she had intentionally, or inadvertently told Mike Foster about my weakness for sucking used pussy, I knew my humiliation would reach a depth I couldn't even imagine. The thought of leaving GBI passed across my mind as I sat there flustered and perplexed as to how all this could be happening to me.

I was sitting in the easy chair that was in Darlene's room. I leaned all the way back and had my head tilted back horizontally, such that I was looking up the ceiling.

Darlene was saying something, but my mind had blocked her out as I thought about the despair that I seemed to constantly encounter. I closed my eyes to rest them as I was thinking.

Moments later, I noticed the presence of Darlene before me. As I opened my eyes and started to lean forward, she pushed me back as she put a foot on each arm of the easy chair and proceeded to climb up such that she was able to hold onto chair back. Then she proceeded to squat, which brought her drenched, gamy, hairy snatch right over my head. She pushed her crotch right into my upturn and instructed me to suck her “good”.

"Don't struggle, Donald, just give that good feeling you do so well. C'mon darling, it'd your boss's cum after all. You should be eager to suck up his stuff after all he promised to do for us." Darlene said in a husky moaning tone as he sought the pleasure of my mouth on her slutty slimy fuck slit.

I was so confused as to how all this could happen to me, yet her words and her pussy were drawing me to submit to her in what had to be most serious bout of humiliation for me yet.

Not only did I find some strange erotic masochistic comfort in knowing that it was Mike Foster's jism I was slowly slurping down, but that he also knew and had directed Darlene to feed it to me. I felt I had reached rock bottom in regard to my dignity and self worth.

To add to my indignity, I felt my prick pressing tightly against the fabric of my trousers. Not only did I have a strong hard-on, but I could tell it had a mind of its own and that it was going to take every scrap of my will power I had to keep from coming in my shorts tonight.

Darlene was really excited as she wildly rotated and thrashed her very wet and well fucked cunt over my upturned face. And for some reason her intense arousal was infecting me too, when logically it shouldn't. I now was finally f***ed to admit to myself, that I must be sexually aroused by being abjectly humiliated and verbally degraded.

She was quite right, Mike Foster's cum was plentiful and thick as rich cream. Darlene's cunt brought a lot of it back to me.

"OOOOH Yessss! Suck your boss's cum out of my pussy. Get it all darling, he wants you to have it... He told me to feed you his fuck... He's quite a man darling... and his dick is so big and sturdy. Get use to it darling, I'm sure he'll want to feed you a lot more... a lot more."

Darlene got off twice as she vigorously scrubbed and tightly ground her dense, but trim bush all over my face.

Unfortunately, I also got off too, in my shorts. I tried to hold back but it was to no avail. I just couldn't hold back as Darlene pressed her cunt so tightly to my face as she came that second time. For some reason, knowing that I was causing her to feel so good always has a powerful effect on me.

She continued to keep her wet pussy on my face for a few moments until she rode the aftershocks of her last orgasm. Finally she got down and we both began to compose ourselves. She went to the bathroom nearby, and a short time later returned with a damp wash rag for me to wipe my face.

“Donald, you don't seem happy by all that has happened tonight. Mr. Foster has taken us under his wings. He wants us to get married.”

“It-It's all s-so sudden a-and unexpected.” I replied softly.

Darlene went on to tell me that Mike Foster did indeed suggest that she and I should get married soon, but she told him that she'd always wanted a June wedding, so she wanted to wait until then, which was several months away.

She said Foster was understanding and asked her if she wanted a lot of c***dren, to which she quickly replied yes. She's told me the same thing – that is she wanted to have at least 6 k**s.

“Mr. Foster seems to really be an alright guy. He said he wants to do what he can to help us get our marriage off and running and on the way to having a f****y.”

“D-Darlene, I-I really wish y-you hadn't told him a-about... Uh... Well about me a-and y-your cream pies. I-I know h-he must think I-I'm so perverted.”

“No darling he doesn't. He said that guys like you aren't that unusual. He was so easy to talk too. And I confessed to him that I loved feeding you my cream pies after I'd fucked other men. He asked more questions about you and, well, I guess I told him more stuff too.”

“Y-You did? Like what?”

“That you're a virgin. He asked me how I knew and, well, I told him that your mother had you in a cock lock for over 10 years, so I was pretty sure.”

“Oh my God! I-I'm lucky to-to have a job when I go in next week. D-Darlene how c-could you...”

“Donald honey, he really seemed to be delighted to hear what I told him. In fact he said hearing what I told him got him hard again. That's when he fucked me the third time. He mentioned that what I'd told him was very valuable and would definitely help you do well in the special project he had in mind for you.”

I was an emotional wreck the whole weekend, thinking of what was going to happen on Monday morning. Darlene consoled me by repeatedly telling me how naturally suited I was to endure any ensuing humiliation that might result.

Darlene was also still ranting and raving about what a handsome stud Mike Foster was, even as she fed me more of her used gooey pussy after she did bed time with three of her regular “fuck buddy studs” over the weekend.


When I arrived at work Monday morning, I was on pins and needles. I feared having to face Mike Foster after all the stuff Darlene had told, especially since he knew of me and cream pies and that he sent one to me that he helped make.

However, nothing out of the ordinary happened until about 9:00 AM. My boss called me into his office and told me that I was to clean out my desk, as I would be working in an office in the executive suite area, as I had been reassigned to a special project.

He congratulated me. I asked him what was the nature of the special project and he said that he was not liberty to discuss it, but based on my qualifications, I should do well. He didn't tell me what the qualifications were either.

Again, I had this ominous feeling. I remembered Darlene's words in reference to what Mike Foster told her, but couldn't make any sense out it all. However, I did as I was directed and went to my newly assigned special project.

I was told to report to a certain office and wait outside until someone came over to unlock it.

To my utter surprise as well as my chagrin, it was none other than Mike Foster himself.


“G-Good morning sir. I-I didn't expect y-you to-to be the...”

“Good morning to you also. Oh no problem about me coming to meet you. I definitely wanted to be the one to welcome you as the new head of this special project office. From what Darlene has told me you have excellent qualifications to be the new manager here.

“M-Manger?” I replied as we walked into the empty and rather somewhat small office. He closed the door after I walked in.

“Yes manager. By the way Donald, I take it you liked the desert I helped make for you last Friday night?” He asked with a slight chuckle.

I turned beet red and hung my head as I tried to come up with a reply.

“M-Mr. Foster, D-Darlene h-has an o-over active imagination a-a-and s-she tends to...”

“Cut the crap Donald, your face tells me you're lying. You're a pipsqueak cunt and cum sucker! Now when I ask you something again, don't lie to me! Ever! Or I'll make sure you can't get a job anywhere, even cleaning toilets! Understand?”

“Y-Y-Yes sir!” I was easily cowed by the tone and ferocity of his sudden outburst toward me. I felt so intimidated and scared of his verbal onslaught.

“Now once again, answer my question. You enjoyed eating my cum out of your slut girlfriend’s pussy didn't you?”

Scared of more of his verbal wrath, as well as suspecting he only wanted to hear a yes or no reply, I blurted out the best response I could under pressure.

“Y-Yes Sir I-I did. B-But s-sir p-please d-don't think I-I'm p-perverted, D-Darlene s-seems to have t-this influence o-over me t-that c-causes...”

“So you still want to blame it on somebody other than yourself. Wake up Donald, it's you that likes the hot hairy fuck pies, get a backbone and stand up and say so. But look, it doesn't matter to me how you face your little kinky desire. What's important to me is that you have such a desire or need. For your sucking skills are just what's needed for your new assignment.”

Further shocked at what he said, I listened patiently as he proceeded to explain my new assignment.

“Donald, this is your new office area. You can do some of your work out here, right at your desk, but back here is where you'll do much of your main work.” He said as he opened the door which led to a short hall. There was a small rest room on the left and at the end of the hall there was a door, and on the right there was another door.

He opened the door on the right first. It looked like comfortably furnished motel room and also had a bathroom.

“I can see the puzzlement in your face Donald. You see Donald, we haven't had a manager in charge of E-loads in about 6 months. Not just anyone has the aptitude and skill for this job. But we were so fortunate to find out you were an ideal candidate. You see, you as the manager of E-Loads Processing – and by the way, the “E” is not electronic, it stands for Ejaculated Loads Processing. In other words Donald, your job will be to contribute to the sexual comfort of the men and women and couples who come down to your office to relieve the sexual tension and pressures of daily office life.

“This room is where, by appointment only I might add, where senior and mid management will come to have sex with their secretaries or other female workers should they choose. Some may just fuck them in their offices, but will send the women down here to have you suck their pussies clean. I require that of them.

“ You can do most of that out here in the office here, right at your desk, or if there is crowd of women waiting for you to mouth clean their cum filled pussies, or if the female desires a bit of privacy for her oral clean up, you can bring her here.” He said as he led me to the door at the end of the hall.

I stared at him wild eyed.

That room had no windows and only the one entry door. The door seemed rather thick and the room seemed to absorb sound as Mike Foster spoke. It was lined with what looked like acoustic type panels. I concluded it was sound proof and he confirmed it.

“As I'm sure you know, when the girls get off with a good tonguing, they tend to be a little loud.” He said as he smiled and looked at me.

I said nothing as I continued to look at the 4 items in the rather spacious room. There was a queen size bed. Then there was a chair that appeared to be a piece of medical OBGYN equipment one would use to examine females. Foster confirmed that was the case and that also brought another smirking smile to his face as he had me sit on the attached stool which would place my head right at crotch level for anyone sitting in the elevated chair which had stirrups for their parted legs. He pointed out that there were many adjustments to accommodate any size body build.

The next item in the room that caught my eye was a padded table that had what appeared to be restraints for arms and legs if someone was laying on it.

“My executive assistant, Ms. Ferguson, will be coming down to give you a further orientation in your new job and will explain that piece of equipment to you.“ Foster said as we passed by the padded table.

“This is just an easy chair that is fully adjustable in height. It too may be useful as you're carrying out the duties of your job.” He added as we headed out of the room.

“Donald, your credentials, mostly based on what your fiancée has told us, as well as what I have discerned about you, is that you are very qualified for this assignment. Your first duties will be to do what appears to be your greatest talent at the moment. That is, the sucking clean of used drippy cunts. From there we will move on to training you to be a skilled cocksucker.

“Don't look so shocked, some of the best cocksuckers are pantywaist mama's boys like you. And by the way, I know about your cock lock.” He said grinning a cruel grin.

“B-But M-Mr. Foster I-I'm n-not g-gay...”

“I didn't say you were. Look Donald, you have a taste for cum, and this is just a job, where if you have a taste for jism, it makes it all that much easier. Just look upon it as just sex. Okay?”

I didn't answer. I couldn't answer. I was dumbfounded. He went on to his next point.

“You will also be trained in the art and skill of passive intercourse to accommodate horny managers who desire to push their cocks up your ass. We have a physician on staff who'll train and work with you on muscle relaxing and hygiene matters, to make you feel comfortable, as well as not become injured, as you provide yourself to men for the pleasure they seek by using you in that manner.” He said with yet another wicked grin.

I was totally mortified at what I was hearing. I had to sit down.

“W-What! I-I c-can't believe y-you m-mean...”

“Yes Donald, this job is also known as the Company Cuckold and sissy cum sucker position. The manager of E-Loads is expected to be a willing receptacle for hard dicks and to lick and suck cum filled cunts clean of all deposits, as well as to mouth clean dicks and facilitate couples having sex if they desire you to be an aid to them as they're seeking their sexual relief.

“I often used the previous manager to lick and suckle my balls when I brought his wife here and fucked her in front of him.”

He looked at my wide opened eyes.

“By the way, I and other managers will be bringing your soon to be new bride, Darlene here to fuck her doing the workday. And of course, you'll be expected to cheerfully and eagerly perform whatever sexual service is desired of you. I might as well tell you, she is very eager to become a company whore after you two are married. You see, we only use the wives of select employees for those positions. It just seems to work out better to have a couple devoted to serving the best interest of the company.”

“O-Oh Mr. Foster, I-I h-had no idea t-this is-is what you had in mind. I-I know that I-I can't do f-for Darlene what you a-and o-other better endowed men c-can for h-her in bed, b-but y-you c-can't e-expect me to w-work here doing...”

“Donald, as I've said, you really have no choice, if you ever want to work anywhere again. I can make it very, very, difficult for you to ever get another job. And who knows, since you worked in accounts receivables before coming to this new assignment, there might be some embezzlements you could have performed down there. Who knows what we'll find if we look hard enough. You get my drift?”

I got not only his drift, but the full tidal wave. Once again, fate had dealt me a hand that really boxed me in under the control of another dominating person.

Once he knew that his threat had its full impact on me, he went on to tell me about the compensations for myself and Darlene.

The company would pay us both a handsome salary as well as add a significantly monthly amount to our 40l(K) plans.

He then went on to tell me about the negotiations between him and Darlene. She wanted to get married in June, some 8 months away, but that after talking with her again - on yesterday, which was Sunday – he came up with a counter proposal. Darlene failed to mention this to me.

He would arrange for us to get married this week as well as purchase the wedding ring set she desired. I would have to pay for the rings as they were to be an advance on my salary.

“It will be a justice of the peace civil type affair. In fact I want it to be held right here in your new office.” he said with another of his wicked smiles. “Then in June, she can have the formal wedding she desires. Sounds good to you?”

I didn't really answer his question, but stammered badly as I tried to explain to him that while I cared for Darlene, I wasn't sure I was ready for marriage.

“Now, now, Donald, she's just the girl for you. Plus you don't want to break her heart. She raved to me about what a sweet guy you are and what a great tongue you got. She's quite a catch for a pantywaist such as you. She really wants to raise a f****y with you. That should make any new husband to be proud. And doesn't your mom like her too?”

Apparently, Darlene had told him a lot she hadn't told me, she told him. I now knew that had been talking about a lot of things in the short period since their meeting each other.

“Y-Yes sir, s-she does, b-but...”

“No buts about it Donald, you need to be married and I have to agree with your mom, Darlene is the girl for you. Plus, she's going to make an ideal GBI company whore. As you know I have assessed that she's got a fine pussy. So much for that line of discussion.”

I felt even more disrespected by his dismissal of my concerns, but I guess I knew that was to be expected.

“Donald, from the first moment I shook your soft limp hand, I thought you had potential for this assignment as a cuckold and sissy cum sucker. And seeing Darlene's lovely picture and then to meet and fuck her in the same evening was so much more than I could have hoped for. And to find out that you were an exceptional cream pie eater and used to sucking up and mouth cleaning her pussy, was such a fortuitous discovery.

“And Donald, after further conversations with Darlene, not only have I found out that you frequently come in your shorts when eating a sloppy, freshly fucked cunt, but that you've also sucked her dad's cock a few times too. So it's also wonderful to know you've been initiated as a cocksucker.”

I said nothing, but cringed as Mr. Foster gloated over his success in the events leading up to his discovery of me and Darlene, for the highly derogatory position he had in mind for both of us. The only difference was that Darlene was more eager to accept hers than I was mine.

After Mr. Foster left me along in my new office, his executive assistant, Ms. Ferguson, showed up about 30 minutes later. She was of slender build, but projected a firm and professional image and appearance.

“Donald, first of all, congratulations on your new position. This position has been vacant for over 6 months. There have been a lot of unhappy people because there hasn't been someone in this office. There are over 35 women, including myself who have missed the perk of having their wet, cum dripping cunts sucked clean on demand. You will definitely be filling a much needed void here.”

I looked at her wild eyed.

She went on in her professional tone to explain that every morning I would receive a calendar for the day that would list my daily appointments of scheduled sexual tasks scheduled for me.

“Now Donald, since horny urges are not always predictable among the staff, you will receive hourly schedule updates via e-mail. Per Mr. Foster, for your first two weeks, we'll only schedule pussy sucks and cream pie eat outs for you. He is of the opinion that you may need some additional training to increase your proficiency at fellatio.

“Therefore, over the next 2 weeks, I'll have a renowned cock sucking faggot tutor come in to train you, along with several sex starved men, who will let you practice on their penises.”

Ms. Ferguson, said that Mr. Foster wanted to wait a while longer before he started my training in anal intercourse.

That's about the only good news I'd heard that morning, if there was any. It was almost lunch time as Ms. Ferguson continued to go over some additional administrative matters, including my work hours and my performance evaluations and that type stuff. She made it crystal clear that I was to always address everyone who came to my office as Mr. or Ms.

“And Donald, so that you're not surprised or caught off guard, you'll probably be called “Pussy boy” or “Cucky” some other similar name, so don't get agitated or irritated, just accept it without question. Okay?”

I said nothing, but just nodded my head up and down.

Ms. Ferguson departed.

The network folks got my PC and e-mail set up after lunch and Ms. Ferguson sent me my first calendar of appointments. I couldn't believe there were 4 appointments for cream pie eat outs, with the first starting in 10 minutes, and then one every 30 minutes after that.


As I left the office an hour after my normal quitting time, I noticed several workers pointing at me and whispering as I walked by. It was obvious my name had been circulated as the new Division cuckold and cum sucker.

I also had the same experience in the cafeteria also. I then and there decided it would be better if I brought my lunch rather than go there every day and endure the stares and whispers that weren't really whispers. I heard many derogatory things that were said. The bad thing is that I couldn't disagree with what was being said, as after all, I too cursed myself for being such a weak snivelling male to be manipulated as has happened to me.

One of my dreams was to be my own man, and break away from mother's control, but alas that was not to be. I love her dearly, but I just can't seem to get up enough strength or courage to break away from her control. And now, the same thing is happening with Darlene in an even greater way. As I've said before, it seems to be my hopeless fate to be subjugated by those around me.

As I had predicted last Friday night, my humiliation and ridicule had reached new depths, but it seems I have to endure the cards I've been dealt. I still found it so hard that Mike Foster would go to the extreme he insinuated to make me take and stay in this highly despicable position where I would be basically, a full time, but paid, cum sucker.

I had hoped that I would only have to suck out the four used pussies that were on the early first schedule I got. But to my amazement, and after three more schedule updates, 4 more popped up near the near the end of the day - hence my leaving late.

Ms. Ferguson made it clear, as long as I was needed, I had to stay and be available – no question about it.

However, I have to admit, and hated doing so, but all 8 of the soggy jism filled pussies were tasty, despite they each had a bit of a different flavouring. All the women were knock outs, giving credence to the claim that only good looking women were hired for GBI positions.

There was a lot of spend in those used cunts and each of the women had pussy plugs. I found out that they were instructed to seal their used cunts and bring as much of the contents to me for “processing”.

I tried to keep myself sexually detached from each pussy sucked and told myself it's only a job. And I did very well, even if my prick stayed so hard I thought it would break.

All of the women's cunts were attractive in their own ways. Three were clean shaven, two were hairy but well trimmed, and two had short, dense pubic hairs and neatly trimmed. Only one was a full natural hair suite.

I managed not to lose a load until the very last woman who came in for clean up. Her cunt was so much reminiscent of Darlene, and the rousing orgasm she got from my oral administrations contributed to me going uncontrollably over the edge and flooding my shorts.

Time I arrived home, mother was anxious to hear about my first day as a manager, as well as why I had ejaculated. The sophisticated cock lock, with its GPS positioning at least verified my explanation that I was at work when I got off.

Mother accepted my explanation and listened intently at all I told her. She really liked Mike Foster's idea of Darlene and me having a civil ceremony and a more formal one later. There was only one thing she wanted known.

“Donald, I only have one concern and that is that your cock lock stays on until the formal wedding and you become hers. I'll talk to Darlene about that. I suspect she'll agree with me too. Otherwise, I fully support her becoming your wife and joining GBI in the position they need her for.”

I strongly protested, or should say tried to protest, for mother totally ignored me.

Mother went on to let me know that while I had concerns about marrying Darlene, she was completely satisfied with her becoming my wife and that I should accept it too. She too was like Mike Foster, she cut off debate on the matter and basically told me that it was “final”, I was going to become Darlene's husband – “end of story!”

I mentally sighed and resigned myself to my fate, pretty much as when Mike Foster had also told me that marriage to Darlene was a done deal as far as he was concerned.

I moved on to discussing other aspects of my first day as the Manager of E-Loads Processing.

Mother gave me her take on things.

“Donald dear, it sounds like a good job, and remember somebody has got to do it. I have to agree with Darlene, you are better suited to handle being humiliated, taunted and ridiculed better than a lot of men with their normally high testosterone levels.

“And son from what you've told me, you're doing fine with cleaning out their women's used pussies. Look at all the wonderful compliments you gotten on just your first day. And even with your own admission, you've increased your knowledge of being a pussy sucker from the diversity of cunts that have been under your mouth and tongue. I like the term you said that you heard someone call you. What was it, oh yeah, 'cunt custodian' - that does sound cute.

“And as far as your boss wanting you to suck on men's cocks, I can't blame him for wanting you to do that. You have to admit, you do have soft hands and I have to admit, I think you have a girlish shaped mouth. You just have to accept that men will find you attractive to help them with their cocks orally. Isn't that what Darlene's dad said when he had you suck his dick that first time?”

Mother finally got me to open up and admit to her that sucking cocks really wasn't all that bad for me to do either. After all, I have been giving Darlene's dad weekly blow jobs for the last 2 months and I always swallow his heavy hot slimy loads. My incentive for doing so came from Darlene having her cell phone video of me doing him that first time, and threatening to put it on the Internet if I didn't agree to give him head every week as he desired of me. However, I had to confess that just like learning to deal with eating her used pussy, I had quickly become acclimated to doing him, as well as found it rather relaxing sucking his dick and receiving the fresh hot cum that spurted from it.

Again, as mother highlighted the knowledge I've gained from my oral actions, she stressed the same when she commented on Mike Foster's desire for me to get fucked like a woman.

“And Donald, as far as you having passive intercourse with the managers and receiving their hard dicks up your bottom, first of all, your boss has you getting prepared and monitored under a doctor's care. The company is showing top notch concern for you well being. Secondly, the educational value and the experience of feeling what it's like to have sex as a female has got to be priceless. No dear, all I have to say is, go ahead and get fucked. I think you'll quickly get use to it and over any shame you may feel as being a sweet pussy boy for those executives that desire to fuck you.”


True to this word, Mike Foster, did arrange for the Justice of the Peace wedding to be held in my new office a week later.

Darlene, her mom, my mom, Ms. Ferguson, and of course Mike Foster, as well as the Justice of The peace were in attendance.

Mike Foster arranged for Darlene and I to visit one of the finest jewellery shops in Phantomville to select the ring set for us and as promised GBI paid for the exquisite $18,000 set.

I just hoped that I would make enough in a reasonable time to pay off the balance. Later I was told that it would take me 8 years to pay it off in the amounts they were deducting from my pay check.

The ceremony was short and sweet. As Ms. Ferguson wanted to make sure I was back on my work schedule after lunch.

I even had to suck two cunts that morning before the civil ceremony– one cum filled, the other woman was just horny and her boss sent her to me for a good tonguing. I also had to perform 3 cock sucking training exercises that involved sucking 3 dicks to completion, as part of my cock sucking training.

The ceremony was to start at 10:00AM sharp and that it did.

Mike volunteered, and insisted he be the best man. Who was I to argue with him? When I told Darlene about his insistence, she smiled brightly told me that it just seemed fitting for him to be the best man. Her comment didn't make me feel any better about the whole scene.

The Justice of the Peace, who was also addressed as Magistrate, began speaking and quickly covered the first part of wedding vows and quickly got down to these words for each of us. He then addressed me first.

“Do you Donald XXXX, promise to take this woman, Darlene XXXX in holy matrimony promising to forsake all others and to cherish, care for her, be devoted, loving, obedient and faithful to her always, in sickness and health, and for better or worse, and to accept all c***dren born into the marriage as your own, and always exhibit caring and loving devotion to them at all time?”

I thought the word obedient was out of place in the vows, and I had never heard any mention of c***dren in a set of vows before, but I went along with the program as I didn't know if it really mattered what I thought these days.

“Y-yes sir, I-I do.” I replied softly looking at Darlene, who looked so beautiful dressed in a short white dress, whose hemline I thought was too short. The dress was also purchased by Mike Foster, so what could I say.

“Do you Darlene XXXX, take Donald XXXX to be your lawful wedded husband and promise to ensure he keeps his sworn vows and remain loving, devoted, and faithful to you at all times?”

“Yes, I do.” She replied in a firm tone of voice.

“By the powers granted to me by the city of Phantomville, and as Magistrate of the Peace, I now pronounce you woman and husband. You two may now kiss each other to seal this holy state of matrimony.”

I was stunned by the difference in vows, as well as the “woman and husband” declaration, but apparently no one else was, for Darlene gave me a very passionate kiss, and the others in the room applauded and began wishing us well as soon as we began kissing.

Consummation of the marriage:

Mike Foster even arranged for some refreshments to be brought to the affair. After sipping some of the alcohol laced punch, the Magistrate indicated that he was also asked to stay for the Consummation Ceremony and to be a participating witness.

I had never heard of such a thing and while I was still in a state of confusion, my boss Mr. Foster directed the group to the back bedroom in my office. There were several chairs in there that I knew was not in there yesterday. I had not had a chance to look inside this particular morning.

To my surprise, Darlene made an announcement.

“My new husband will continue wearing the cock lock he has been wearing for the last 10 years and he also will remain a virgin until our formal wedding ceremony in June. In the mean time, since he won't be able to consummate our marriage, due to his sexual confinement and willingness to stay virginal longer, his boss, Mr. Foster, will do the honours of consummating the marriage for him by proxy. Of course, my dear sweet Donald will participate by being a sexual assistant to us during the consummation.”

I was dumbfounded and literally blown away to hear my new bride's words.

“C'mon Donald and help me get ready for Mr. Foster to put it in.” squealed Darlene.

“Go ahead dear, don't keep them waiting.” said mother who apparently thought I was taking too much time responding.

Knowing that I had been not included in all the planning, I knew that it was best for me to do as I was told and to go with the program that was being played out before me.

Darlene positioned herself on the bed and pulled her short dress up. Smiling, she asked me to pull her panties off for my boss.

After I had pulled the white sheer lacy panties off, she next directed me to get undressed and to wear them while she and my boss were consummating the marriage between her and me.

I again was stunned at such an outlandish suggestion, but when my eyes met my boss he shook his head up and down, as did mother.

I suddenly turned beet red and began to undress. All eyes were on me and it seemed like the longest time as I stripped as I was directed. I thought all I had to do was take off my pants, but Darlene and Mike Foster, almost in unison, directed me to take off everything.

Feeling vanquished and conquered, I obeyed them. Everyone giggled slightly at my total nudity as I tried to hide my little member, which to my total embarrassment was starting to swell.

By the time, I got Darlene's panties on, I had full blown boner and I was utterly embarrassed. I knew everyone would assume that I had to be a pervert to be so aroused at the humiliation that was being imposed on me.

The truth of the matter was that besides the sight of Darlene's thick and lovely trimmed bush being an arousal trigger, I had to finally come to grips with the reality that I involuntarily became excited at being made a fool of. So I guess I do qualify for being a pervert. It hurt for me to admit that to myself.

“I can see you're in the mood also for the consummation.” Commented the smiling Magistrate.

I next was directed to unbuckle and unzip and remove Mike Foster's trousers and shorts. I could only see this as a means to totally degrade and humiliate me to the fullest. But I knew I had nothing to say except to do as I was told.

After Mike's big dick was exposed, it was already very erect and at the ready, but I was asked to condone the consummation by kissing and licking the head of mike's dick as well as Darlene's eager and wet pussy slit. Afterward, Darlene positioned herself on all fours on the edge of the bed, and I was directed by the Magistrate to position myself, such that my head would be under their joined genitals. He also told me that as Mike Foster moved up to couple with my wife, I was to guide Mike Foster's big stout turgid cock into Darlene's very wet and very receptive cunt.

I knew my humiliation was complete, as all this was being done under the watchful eyes of my mother, and new mother-in-law. Again, I did as I was told, knowing I had no choice.

Soon after coupling, Mike Foster and my new bride had developed a very rhythmic fucking motion. To my embarrassment, my much smaller prick was straining and throbbing in Darlene's white panties that I was now wearing. I knew that this was not being missed by the others in the room, as I could hear their giggles and comments. Even those of my own mother.

“Doesn't my sweetie look so cute in those white lacy panties with his little think sticking out like that?” Mother said.

“Yes he does. And white is so appropriate too... you know, since he's still a virgin. He's such a nice boy... and knows his place too... They're going to make such a nice couple.” I heard Darlene's mother reply to my mom.

I couldn't hear much else because of the closeness of where my head was, as well as the slushy, squishy noise emanating from the very juicy coupling of a big dick and a hot wet pussy.

Also, Mike Foster's big balls were dancing and bouncing as they were being dragged to and fro all over my face, due to his vigorous fucking motion as he drove his large lengthy erection completely in and out of my new wife's very receptive and juicy cunt.

“Lick my balls real good pussy boy, so I can make this a good fuck for your new bride.” Spoke Mike Foster in a low guttural moaning voice. It was so obvious he was enjoying fucking Darlene.

“Yes! Yes! Donald lick his balls good! Show him what a good husband you are! He fucks so gooood!” My new bride added in a sensuous moaning tone that showed that she indeed was feeling a wave of pleasure and sexual abandonment from Mike Foster's sexual prowess.

Even though I was being utterly disgraced at my own marriage ceremony, I couldn't help but be in awe at Mike Foster's performance. And in the same way, I couldn't deny that my new wife was magnificent in her reciprocating performance also.

The sloppiness of their copulation had increased to the point that my face was literally splattered wet with the drippings from the intense action of their genitals. I was also wondering how long it was going to take for Mike Foster to get off, as Darlene had one orgasm about 5 minutes after her luscious snatch literally swallowed his very sizable dick. Here it was at least 10 minutes later and he was still going strong.

Having multiple orgasms is common for Darlene.

Mike Foster's prowess and endowments really put to shame any dreams I could have of ever trying to compete with such a hung stud as him.

During this period of time while I was trapped under the two of them, my mind involuntarily began to dwell on my overall situation, all the while my mouth and tongue was continually busy lapping his large hairy balls and their joined sexes. And the more I thought of my humiliating situation and how hopeless it was for me to be anything close to the type of man my new wife needed, it seemed my prick got even harder and would occasionally pulse.

Several times I thought I was going to lose my load, something I really didn't want to do in the situation I was in, and especially with my mom present. It was bad enough that I even had a hard on, which was quite a validation of what a wuss I was anyway. But to lose a load and make a bigger mess in Darlene's silky lacy panties, would certainly set to rest just how pathetic I was. I could already feel how wet they were from my leaking pre-cum.

I was trying everything to wish my prick down, but it only seemed to grow more rigid the more shame I felt and the more ridicule that was directed at me.

“OOOOHHHHH! YESSSSSSS!” Darlene cried out, as her climax was building up toward her second cum. However this time, I could sense that Mike was at last ready to pop his load.

They both came together and I could feel his intense ejaculation from my tongue being on his balls. His cock appeared to have pulsed 6 or 7 times, and as he continued his fucking action, his spent seed was being pumped out around his dick and dripping down on my face and mouth.

The intense action and the heat of the moment as well as the thick slimy drippings fluids were just too much. I came in an uncontrollable ejaculation, which I'm sure was noticed by the others in the room because I found myself humping upward involuntarily, and for all practical purposes, fucking an air pussy.

I knew there was nothing else but the most severe ridicule that would be left for me, as I had already began to hear the laughter and giggles and comments about what had happened.

Mike Foster kept his dick deep in Darlene's cunts for a few moments longer until the end of his powerful ejaculation. Then he pulled out. There was a type of sucking gurgling sound as his very slimy, softening dick came out with a noisy “PLOP”. A brief moment later, a torrent of fuck gunk gushed out right on my face and ended up in my open mouth.

Due to the closeness of my position, I couldn't turn my head away from the deluge. I could only do what was expected of me and work to consume the messy flow.

“OOOOH YESSS! Suck all that good fuck juice up my husband. Show everybody how much you love your new wife. YES! THAT'S IT! Suck all that real man's jism out!” My new bride spouted out as she continued to delight in the afterglow of the very exemplary fucking she'd just gotten with me watching close up, and now tasting and consuming the warm slimy results.

“He really sucks that scummy stuff out so well. We all think very highly of him at GBI. He's easily one of the best pussy boy cum suckers we've had. You should be proud of your son.” I heard Mike Foster say to mother.

“Yes... Sob!... I am ... Sob!... So... Sob!... Proud of ... Sob!... him. Thank ... Sob!... you sir ... Sob!... for such ... Sob!... a wonderful ... Sob!... ceremony ... Sob!... and ... Sob!... being the ... Sob!... t-the man ... Sob!... to his ... Sob!... new bride ... Sob!... he could ... Sob!... never be ... Sob!...I'm so ... Sob!... happy... Sob!...” Spoke mother as I heard her express herself as she sobbed fiercely. She told others in the room that she was so happy for me and my new bride.

“That's enough Donald. Don't suck your new bride dry. Come out from under her. She's got some more fucking to do. You're next Magistrate.” Mike Foster said as I slid out from under Darlene's bottom as she continued to remain on all fours.

“Here! Wipe your face and prep the Magistrate so he can give your new bride some more real man meat.” directed Mike Foster as he threw a towel at me.

After wiping my face free of the abundant slime coating, I knelt before the Magistrate and begin to grasp and lap his already stiff and long dick. Mr. Foster directed me to nuzzle and lick his balls as well and thoroughly wet the Magistrate's dick head.

The Magistrate eagerly welcomed my oral attention. He too had a sizable cock that had to be at least 8 inches in length and like Mr. Foster's dick it had a thick shaft.

I was also directed to guide him into my new bride's eagerly receptive fuck slit.

“OH YESSS! Another hard dick! Yes! Just what I need. Yes! Please fuck me good! I need it!” Darlene said loudly as she welcomed her second dick of the morning.

“Now get over here and mouth clean me pussy boy!” Spoke Mr. Foster loudly as he stood with both hands on his hips.

I quickly did as my boss ordered. His languished long dick was covered in a whitish crusty coat of dried fuck slime. As I lapped and licked and suckled his dick head, shaft and balls, the sliminess returned.

Feeling still very shamed and disgraced to be doing all this in front of my mom and mother-in-law, I nevertheless did as I was told. I was still only wearing those white lacy panties that were a soggy mess due to all my leaking pre-cum and the abundant ejaculation I'd also shot off in them.

“That's good. Now go get a warm wash cloth and towel and clean me properly.” My boss ordered as he looked down on me in my kneeling position.

Very shamed and very red faced, I returned from the adjacent bath room with a warm wash cloth and towel and wiped his penis and balls in accordance with his meticulous instructions, which further shamed me to the nth degree, but again, I had to do what he demanded. I wanted to cry, but managed to hold back.

Finally after drying him off, he composed his clothes and began to walk out of the room. Before he departed, he directed me to get back under my new bride and to assist the Magistrate and my new bride the same I did for him. He also said goodbye to our mothers and talked to them both for a while, and thanked for coming to such a momentous occasion, as he passed by them.


By 1:30 PM the marriage ceremony was over and I was back at work with several cunt cleaning appointments, followed by another afternoon training lesson in deep throating cocks.

I skipped lunch as I had eaten some of the wedding refreshments and a lot of cum and pussy juice. Darlene, my new wife legally, really had a sloppy pussy after all the fucking she got at our marriage ceremony. The ironic part is not a drop of the cum in her pussy was that of me, the groom.

Oh well, such is life for us wimpy "pussy boy" cuckold husbands.

My jaw and tongue muscles sure got a workout this morning and I was sure glad I had a few minutes of rest before my afternoon pussy sucking appointments and cocksucker training.

“Donald these pictures of the civil ceremony are so lovely. You looked so sweet wearing your new bride's panties. And you look so adorable licking the men's big dick heads and balls. Don't you think so Darlene?”

“Yes, he's an adorable cocksucker. Daddy got him off to a good start as a pussy boy. And, your mother is so right Donald my panties do look good on you. And with all the wetness showing where you came in them, it really makes you look even sweeter to me. It shows you approved and enjoyed a real man fucking me as much as I did.” added Darlene with a giggle.

“That's what a good husband does Donald, and you're such a good husband too.” said Darlene's mom gleefully.

I said nothing, but blushed an ever deeper red.

It was fairly obvious that my destiny as her husband would be filled with a future of even more degradation and abject abasement

The sad thing was that I really loved Darlene, but was still having a difficult time accepting her perception of a happy marriage for us.

But standing up to her was another challenge. Being so easily intimidated and with such a controlling mother, and now also a manipulative boss, who all were in consonance with Darlene's desires, I knew there was probably nothing that I could do but obey her and lean to live with all the further humiliation that I was bound to endure.

I continued to look at the numerous pictures that captured my shameful abuse at the hands of those who had control over me. But I have to admit, Ms. Ferguson, Mr. Foster's Executive Assistant, did take some very clear, even if they were despicable, photos of me in the height of being humiliated and shamed.

“And dear son, you really are exceptional at sucking Darlene's cum filled pussy.” said mother with and obvious air of pride. “And I really loved that we had time for you to suck our twats too. You're such a sweet son. Now you know we both will want you to give us more of that wonderful head that you're giving out on your job.” she said reflecting on my going down and her and Darlene's mom at the ceremony, after the Magistrate had finished fucking Darlene.

Darlene prided me on being a “Mother sucker”.

“And my dear husband, these are such great shots of you handling and cleaning your boss's dicks and balls, both with your mouth and later with the wash rag.

There were pictures of me doing the same things for the Magistrate's genitals also

“Yes Donald, you look so comfortable doing that for them.” Added mother. “And your boss, Mr. Foster really was such a nice man.” she added.

“Yes he was. And it was so nice of him to arrange the ceremony as well as give your new bride a great memorable fucking that she can include in her memoirs of the ceremony.” injected Darlene's mom.

“Yes mother, he's quite a man, and he's done so much to get our marriage off the ground. He's got me in the GBI e****ts Wives Group and got Donald the great job he has now as the GBI Division Company Cuckold and the manager of E-Loads Processing. He's really great. He's promised to help us even more as we think about starting a f****y, which will mean we'll probably need more money and a house.” Darlene said dreamily.

I decided that maybe this was a good time to see if the group was possibly amenable to letting me out of this cock lock I had been wearing for the last 10 years.

I was amazed at the sharp rebuke I got back from all three at the mere suggestion of me not having my genitals under their control. For now, all three – Darlene, her mom, and my mom – had their own pass worded electronic controllers/remotes to the device I wore.

For some reason, I felt like the civil ceremony had been more like an event for transferring me – like I was property – from one female to another.

Darlene came up to see me in my office, while she was in the building one day in preparation to travel with Mike Foster on a business trip.

She wanted me to see the bold, colourful tattoo on her left ass cheek which certified she was a bona fide GB Industries e****t wife, aka GBI company whore. She was very proud of it.

“Donald, this is wonderful opportunity for us. The terms and conditions of their offers are wonderful. Where else can either of us make such good money for doing what we both do so well? You know I just love to fuck lots of different men. And you're such a great pussy sucker... And a very good cocksucker too – which you'll have to thank daddy for by the way. So we are living the dream, right?”

“SIGH! O-Oh Darlene. I-I guess you could say so. I-I guess I-I can handle mouth cleaning sloppy cum filled and well fucked cunts... A-And sucking d-dicks too. B-But Darlene, I-I just can't let them f-fuck me, it-it's got to....”

Darlene stopped me and told me to stop whining. But then began to console me by telling me it wasn't going to be that bad having a guy fuck my ass.

“It-It's just the principle of-of the matter Darlene. I-I know Foster has said he's threatened to black ball me, a-and even have m-me arrested on fake embezzlement charges, b-but surely h-he wouldn't do that.”

“Yes he will Donald. He's a powerful man and not to be toyed with, especially by a pantywaist like you. You know how big GB Industries is. If they say you're no good, you'll have to go a long way to recover your career, if at all. And if you go to jail... well darling, let’s not even go there. There's simply no need to talk of such unpleasantness. And because you love me...and I know you don't want to bring any shame or embarrassment to your mom. I just know you'll do what's expected of you. Honey, please put such thoughts out of your mind. Okay, sweetie?”

“SIGH! O-Okay Darlene. I-I'll do what's expected of me.”

“Good boy! And remember Donald darling, the company doctor will be there for you and has prescribed a wonderful program that reduces almost any chances of injury while giving you a nice ass pussy that will bring delight and enjoyment to horny managers and their big dicks.” My wife said with a bright smile.


The two large brawny men easily subdued me and had me securely bound to what appeared as a whipping horse. That was the name of the item in the soundproof room that Mr. Foster told me that Ms. Ferguson would explain to me.

My legs and arms were securely fastened to the unit. My back was very securely held down by what appeared to be a large wide Velcro type fastener that wrapped over me as I bound face down on the bed of the table. I was pretty much immobile.

My naked and totally exposed naked ass cheeks were slightly elevated and a perfect target for her lashes. I begged and pleaded over and over. It only seemed to get her more in the mood to do what she had come there to do. It didn't seem as if there was going to be any mercy for me.

“Oh Ms. Ferguson! P-Please! P-Please don't whip me w-with that knotted whip! P-Please d-don't. I-I'll do whatever you want. I-I won't disobey anybody. P-Please I-I don't have any fight left in me. P-Please ma'am.”

“Donald, just think of this little performance evaluation review as a lesson in preventive punishment. It will be just a sample of what you'll get if you don't perform your job well for those that come for your services.

“Oh ma'am y-you d-don't have to worry! I-I'll do what I-I'm told to do. P-Please Ms. Ferguson! Please don't whip me. I-I'll do as I-I'm suppose too.”

“Now that's quite amazing, why some of the managers indicated that you expressed some reluctance to have intercourse with them even after the company physician has certified you can handle their large cocks comfortably. They said that you either tried to give them blow jobs or claimed their dicks were too big for you.

“And Donald, you were doing so well earlier when you first started taking dicks in your ass-pussy. Many of the managers have raved about what a good fuck you are. I can't believe you don't want to be an equal opportunity sissy slut to all our managers. They need to fuck your ass cunt for their sexual relief and to rid them of their daily office stress.”

“O-Oh please, I-I'm sorry if-if I seemed that way. It-It won't h-happen again. I-I'll do better. I-I'll do as I-I'm old. P-P-Please ma'am, please! I-I can't stand pain! P-Please I-I'll obey.”

“That I know you will Donald. And by the way, I understand you were a bit upset being called Donna or having that on your name plate as your nick name? Imagine a cute little dick sissy like you not wanting to be called such a pretty name as Donna by big handsome horny men.”

“I-I'm sorry. I-I don't mind, p-please! Y-Y-Yes! T-They c-can call me Donna, I... SOB!... I-I don't ...SOB!... mind!”

“So now you're becoming a cry baby. Well then, I better give you something to cry about.”

“WHAP!” The impact of the thick leather English tawse strap really made a loud noise as she lashed me.

“OUCH!” I instantly felt the pain and cried out in response.

“WHAP!” The next one hit so much quicker than I was expecting it. I bellowed out immediately and winced from the immediate pain that followed.

This repeated cadence of the thick leather tawse hitting me and my crying out became almost rhythmic.

Between that, I continued to plead amid my extensive sobbing.


After about 3 minutes, even thought it seemed like an eternity, she finally stopped. I could hear her laboured breathing. She was really getting her exercise from beating me.

My ass felt like it was on fire. I was literally cried out.

“Now Donald... GASP! ... Are we together on this?”




“OOOOHHH YESSSSSS! Suck my dick you little pussy mouth twinkie!” moaned Mr. Michaels, who was one of the managers that came regularly to use my mouth as a fleshy wet hole to ejaculate his copious loads of pent up hot sperm. He was one of those that dictated how I should suck him. He always demanded I make loud sloppy sucking sounds when mouthing his big cock.

Despite the disparaging and derogatory verbal abuse he always dumps on me, I have to admit that I can't help but admire his handsome dick with its perfectly shaped taut bulbous head and thick shaft. His rigid robust rod of well over 7 and a half inches of stout hot hard meat does fit well in my mouth and I have deep throated his dick often, taking every bit of it right up to my lips being pressed to his dense pubic hairs, as he shoots off directly into my gullet. But he also likes to see me with my mouth full of his cum before I swallow it.

This time, he chose not to deep throat me, but to let me taste his thick gooey load and to continue to deride me as to what a nasty little pussy slut pantywaist cuckold I was, as I slowly and softly continued to suckle and milk his much softened penis. As he often does, he pulled it out of me abruptly without warning when he was tired of my suckling him.

“Y-Yes sir, you're right Mr. Michaels. T-Thank you sir for using me and honouring me by ejaculating your jism in me.” I responded softly as soon as I could talk.

I had spoken such words so often I now wondered did I really mean them.

His dick was the f******nth horny dick I had sucked off today. I didn't count two other managers had fucked my ass-cunt, but chose to ejaculate their abundant and hot creamy loads in my mouth.

I had been on my new job for 4 months as of today, and been fucked in my mouth and ass cunt many, many times.

And I've sucked clean so many, many pussies clean of thick deep slimy deposits.

I wonder if anybody works on Wednesdays, as that seems to be my busiest day for sucking down cum from dicks and cum filled, well fucked messy cunts.

There is still one problem I seem to have that I can't quite get myself in control of. And that is restraining myself from coming in my shorts occasionally when I'm sucking a very messy gloppy sloppy slimy hairy pussy. It has also happened when I've sucked a few really horny dicks with bl**d gorged shiny dick heads, but I tend to lose my load much quicker and more often when sucking a messy frothy snatch.

There is something about having my head and face trapped in a hairy hot crotch that's being pushed up against my face and with my tongue deep in a fleshy oozing slit where a better man with a much bigger dick has shot his thick gooey lumpy load.

“RING! RING!” The phone broke my thoughts.

“Hello, this is Donald of GB Industries Accounting Division Cuckold and E-Loads Processing Manager.” I said using the formal greeting I was required to say to all callers.

“Very good Donald, this is Ms. Ferguson. Your phone greeting sounds much more crisp, natural, professional, and sincere these days. Just the way you should sound in your job.”

“Y-Yes ma'am. T-Thank you ma'am. I-I've tried hard to do w-what's expected of me.”

“Yes you have Donald and your progress has been commendable. I hope you have a better opinion about your responsibilities in managing the E-Loads Receiving Office now and how critical it is for the smooth functioning of the organization. I see from your last monthly report, your co-workers have really given your office a lot of outpouring. Why it looks like they gave you a little over 3 quarts of cum to drink straight from their dicks. Another estimated quart of jism and pussy juice to eat, and you were shagged 80 times last month. A very impressive report. You should be proud of yourself.”

“Y-Yes ma'am. I-I am, t-thank you.”

“I will be making this report available to Mr. Foster and I'm sure he'll be pleased at how well you've acclimated and grown in your responsibilities.”

“T-Thank you Ms. Ferguson.”

“And on a personal note Donald, I have to congratulate you for finally seeing how important it is for you to be responsive to the needs of the group and being a team player. Mr. Foster looked hard for someone who was as natural as you were to be a cuckold and pussy boy for use by our very masculine managers and their sexy female staff. The men really get a boost to their egos from using you, which in turn helps them in improving the performance of the company.

“And Donald, or are you finally okay with being called Donna?”

“N-No ma'am Donna is fine. I-I answer to-to both now.”

“Good boy. It's so sweet to see that you understand that being a sissy cock taker is not that awful. And Donna, your wife has told me that she is so pleased that you have become so accepting to having intercourse with men and being treated as a woman by them. And she says you have always had a thing for the taste of jism, but that it has really blossomed as of late. She speaks with so much pride that you still come in your shorts often when you're sucking a real man's slimy cum from her sloppy used pussy.

“She loves you so much for the great cuckold husband you are to her. And Oh, I'm so sorry, she did tell me that you wear panties now at the request of Mr. Foster. Is that correct?”

“Y-Yes ma'am, I-I wear panties a-and a camisole all t-time now as m-my regular underwear. T-The managers r-really love f-feeling me up through the soft s-silky and lacy material. T-They tell me it makes their cocks stiffer.”

“And you like all their dicks being really hard too, don't you?”

“Y-Yes ma'am.”

“Good sissy. You're become a very good sissy cuckold.”

Ms. Ferguson also complimented me on the wonderful company whore my wife Darlene has become and how well she has performed when called upon to put out for strange clients and customers as well as the managers in all the GB Industries Divisions.


Over the years, besides having sucked dicks, and cum filled cunts, thousands of times and having swallowed many, many gallons of jism, I have become well established as a company cuckold and manager of E-Loads Processing. The Division has grown by 20% and added 12 new managers and many more female staff that qualify for the services I provide to the senior staff. However, I'm still the only one managing the Company Cuckold Office for E-Loads.

I'm really kept super busy doing all the cock and cunt sucking, and being a sissy cunt for horny dicks, and whatever else is demanded of me along those lines. But Mike Foster is still satisfied at how well I'm performing and has no plans to get me any additional help.

I really could use another person to help out with couples who come to the office to fuck and desire someone under their coupled genitals to facilitate their pleasure by licking them as they have coitus.

Mr. Foster has let my wife come in and help out when things get really busy. Darlene is eager to help out when GBI doesn't have her on assignment. And in reality, we've spent much quality time together providing sex services to the horny managers and staff.

Besides just adoring sucking cocks and getting fucked, my wife has even found it enjoyable sucking out cum filled pussies too.

For the last few years, the four GBI Division Cuckold E-Load managers have formed an unofficial social club. We meet every so often for drinks and for professional information exchange.

We group of four have become quite close as you would suspect, being in this unique profession.

Over the years, we've learned that other prominent companies have also created company cuckold positions.

There is even a national association which we four have joined. It is the National Association of Company Cuckold Cum Suckers.

The association has a monthly newsletter. It's named “The Sucker”.

We four GBI Division Company Cuckolds all have large families, thanks to the managers we work for. For like myself, none of the other E-Load managers are the biological fathers of any of their c***dren, even though all the c***dren carry their last names. The company has required all of us to sign legally binding documents saying all c***dren born into our marriages are legally ours, irrespective of biological paternity.

I only have 8 k**s – and I'm hoping GBI doesn't have any plans for us to have more - but another GBI Division Company Cuckold has an even dozen k**s. All sired by his various Division managers and his lovely wife. There are 4 sets of twins in his brood.

In fact my boss, Mike Foster got Darlene pregnant within 2 months after the civil wedding ceremony we had. Months later, when she walked down the aisle at our formal wedding ceremony she was almost 6 months pregnant and wore a maternity wedding gown.

That was what he meant about helping us with starting our f****y. He was also the best man at our formal wedding too.

The other Company Cuckolds have the same or very similar stories.

Mike Foster is still the Chief Executive Manager in my GBI Division and he requires me to display clear and professional photos of his son on my desk - the result of his inseminating my wife Darlene. It's also required that I have photos all my other c***dren produced as a result of Darlene having sex with other managers in my Division. He requires me to put the first names of all "my k**s" on the photos.

You see, all of the c***dren carry the exact, or very close derivatives of the Christian names of their real fathers. They all carry my last name and are considered legally mine, even though the managers, including Mike Foster are always asking about “their” son or daughter when they ask me about my c***dren.

All of us GBI Company Cuckold E-Load managers have comfortably settled into and established ourselves as experts in our respective company jobs. I can say without exception that we all have come to understand and accepted our subjugated roles that fate has destined us for.


79% (52/14)
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3 months ago
gr8 one!
7 months ago
I wish I was a cuckold in that marriage. I would love it!

8 months ago
I wouldn't normally read a story of this length but found it fascinating. Had a constant hard-on throughout even when my 20yr daughter kept coming into study for a chat. Hd to minimise the webpage quickly and slide a bit closer to the desk to conceal my bulge. There is definitely something of a turn on being made to follow such a variety of orders, like Donald :-)
12 months ago
each one has its own destiny, the important thing is to find your own and be happy
1 year ago
Great story
1 year ago
Very hot!!
1 year ago
An amazing story, so well written. The author has a brilliant imagination, I hope there's many more similar tales to read.
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i came twice reading this story 1st time while sucking her dads cock second time at the unformal wedding