Me and My English Teacher

I was sixteen when this all happened and it was my first experience, I’ve a BJ by a girlfriend before but I never had sex before and when I was f******n she dumped me. I never truly recovered from her break up for she was my first true love. I then let my life just do downhill from there and stopped caring or trying to get another girlfriend.
Well to get to the actual story as I said I’m sixteen and in high school it was the last period of the day the class was English with Ms Jones. Ms Jones a young woman age 26 she was tall with long sexy legs that she showed off by wearing short skirts and tight stockings. She had long curly long brown hair with a perfect fat ass.
I had fantasies about her often but of course I never acted upon them, she was an older teacher and I was just a k**. So like a good little boy I kept all my sexual energy locked up until I was alone. The fact that she talked to me after school and tried to help me only made me even more sexually attracted to her.
When the bell rang nearly all the k**s ran out of the room eager to get out of school and hang out with friends I was still packing my overstuffed backpack. As I did Ms Jones went and shut and locked the door, I looked up at her questioningly. “I was wondering if you could stay after class and talk to me about your grade?” She asked.
“Sure,” I responded though I didn’t really want to since my grades where really bad because I didn’t do any home work.
She sat on top of the desk next to me crossing her legs and fidgeting with her skirt; I couldn’t help but stare at her long beautiful legs. I had to f***e myself to look up in her eyes I only felt more lust for her when I did seeing her eyes sparkle down at me it was like looking into her soul.
“So I couldn’t help but notice the status of your grades. Do you know where it’s at?”
“Yes ma’am.”
“Well it’s an F and that means you are not passing my class and you need English to graduate.”
“Yea I know.”
“The end of the quarter is coming up soon you know?”
“Yes ma’am.”
“Well do you have any sort of plan of getting your grade up so you can pass?”
I shrugged with no answer to give her, she sighed.
“I know you got the brains and the talent to pass you just need to apply yourself too your work………..”
“I’m sorry I…… well I don’t know what to say.”
“You got the brains and the talent you just need to find the right incentive to get your grade up.”
I just nodded still not sure on what to say.
“Well we still need to get your grade up for this quarter, so are you ready to do what you need to do to get that grade?”
“Yes ma’am.”
“Good now just do one project for me and we can get that grade up.”
“What would you like me to do?”
“Well…….” She smiled and lifted her dress up and put her right leg on top off my desk showing her sexy black panties.
“What……. What are you doing?”
“Showing your incentive to keep your grades up, I need you to know what you can get if you work hard.”
I was dumbstruck and couldn’t even respond back, so I just watched as she used her hand to rub her panties. My cock was rock hard creating a huge bulge in my pants.
“Have you ever had sex with a woman before hun?”
“Good! I can be your first.”
She moved her panties revealing her wt juicy pussy.
“Come here sweaty,” she coed seductively. I did as she asked and with her free hand she guided me too her lips, we kissed passionately are tongues went in and out of each other’s mouths. I began kissing her neck and gradually went down until I meet her shirt. With lustful haste I took it off nearly ripping it in two, her bra meet the same fate as I eagerly took a look at her hot tits. There they were laid bare for me to see with nipples already hard. With both my hands I held and played lovingly with them grasping her nipples between my fingers. I loved the feel of them and I started kissing and sucking them both, I know she enjoyed this as soft little moans of pleasure escaped her lips. After awhile of sucking and playing with her tits I had to taste her first I had to please her. I went down on my knees going face to face to her wet pussy; she still had a hand rubbing her cliterous then moved.
“Lick their first,” she told me indicating where her hand was and I did eagerly licking shucking and even pinching her cliterous slightly with my teeth.
“Oh yea!” She screamed “Right there, oh perfect just right there?”
My chin was soaked in her juice so I decided it was time to eat out her pussy and make her really cum for me.
“Please don’t stop it felt so good. Oh god please lick me!” she pleaded with fear when I stopped licking her clit, I smiled and took my tongue down just a little and entered her wet juicy pussy that tasted so good! Her body shacked in pleasure as my eager tongue went in.
“FUCK! Oh Fuck Yes!” she screamed in pleasure. With my tongue I fucked her switching paces on how fast I would do it. Whenever I slowed downed my tongue would linger in her licking and wiggling all about like a fish out of water. I loved listening to her screams of pleasure, it only made me work harder.
“Oh FUCK! I’m going to cum!” she screamed. I went as fast as I could to get her to cum so I could taste that lovely juice. As I worked harder so did she losing control of her body she began humping my face sometimes crushing my nose but I didn’t care I was to lost in the sexual thrill of making her cum. Then her whole body went rigged as she let out one final cry. I was meet by a wave of her juice and I took it in my mouth savoring it. Her whole body started shacking violently as her orgasm passed and with a mouthful of her juice I kissed and made her drink her on cum.
“Oh god yea!” she breathed out heavily after more passionate kissing. “So do you want to put that big cock in me now?”
Without even responding I took my pants and boxers off and kicked them to the side, my cock was still rock hard ready to go in. I started to enter her wet warm pussy and we both gave out a moan of pleasure as I did. I gradually increased my speed and went faster and faster as my cock penetrated deep in her hole.
“Oh god yea!” She screamed.
“OOOHHH Ms Jones, OOOHHH Ms Jones……….” I repeated over and over in pleasure. After a good couple minutes I yell out “Shit I’m cumming!”
Without a moment hesitation she pulled out of me went on her knees and engulfed my dick with her mouth. She Sucked and licked away eager to taste my cum, and it didn’t take long until I exploded my hot cum into her mouth.”Oh Yes!” I screamed. So much came she began choking on it and had to open her mouth to let some of it out. The rest she swallowed down wiping cum from her body with her finger and licking it back into her mouth.
“See wasn’t that nice?”
“Oh, god yea Ms Jones!”
“Good! Now keep your grades up and we can do this all you’d like.”
“Oh, I will Ms Jones!”
She squeezed my dick forcing up the last drops of cum to come out then licked me off smiling up at me as she did.

The next quarter I nearly got all A’s in all my classes.

91% (25/3)
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3 years ago
that was an interesting story...kudos
3 years ago
I love your story It even turned me on that story rocks..
3 years ago
very good story!
3 years ago
good teacher ...mmm
3 years ago
I wanna be a teacher now!
3 years ago
Great. There was always that one teacher I fantasized about, but never got to fuck her.