Gosh, I'm now a gigolo

Hey, I want me a story about sexual experiences, I first intercourse with Mama masi age 39 years (high 160/60kg BH 36B) and my aunt called Auntie April 30tahun new age (Bh high 162/55kg 36B) this story ...

At that time my Dad a new service out of town for a week and adek my b*****r to go to grandpa's house for 5 days due to school holidays fit again, Mama said goodbye that afternoon would go gathering and he said he might come home late, I'm getting bored at home and I went to my friend's house to play but my friend also wanted to go, Wow, bad day ... .. mumble but remember my friend had a CD movie porn I intend to borrow, and he allowed me to rush back to the house I was in pinjaminya 5 CD I watch deh in rooms, 5 CDs have been satisfied I saw a scene I saw that crazy scene but it was exciting, After watching the CD finished my penis has not come down well ... .. weird but I'm very eager indeed likely to tighten my penis .... 2 hours later, Mom came home, I saw my mother's body, Wow ... I'd love to sl**p with mommy, but I'm afraid ... .. probably because I've been very eager to me will not matter anymore that I want to feel important ML for the first time ... .. after dinner with Mom back into the room to shower and sl**p tired he said ... ..

12.30 am I could not sl**p nights ago I went downstairs I saw the door open a little mom and then I peek mama, mama was watching BF OH MY GOD, mama pussy plays with his left hand and right hand squeezing her breasts I was so excited to see that scene but I'm feel scared ... I went upstairs and tried to sl**p but still can not then I decided to f***e the mother to serve me .... At 1:30 kuturun down skin of my mother wearing mini shorts and tight shirts are dressing table mirror in front of beautiful ... beautiful ... seklai mumble. slowly I went into the room mama I lock the door from the inside .. mama turned towards the door "dit you doing?" "Mama I want to sl**p with Mommy!" "Mad dit ye!" "Ma ma pliss I again want to" debate a while ago Mama said "if the size of 14cm above kontolmu Mama would de" " Ok ma liat aja mah ndiri "off my pants and my CDku pertontonkan my penis straining toward Mama" is 17cm mah "She was fascinated to see my penis straining kokohnya" Ok I'll teach thee dear ML here .... "

I put my lips to lips mamah thick red sexy and we kissed each other the tongue to suck mama somewhat irregular breathing, while my breasts squeezed squeeze Mama Mama I'm throwing into the bed and opened his red shirt and I smoke a hard suction tits licking her stomach and I start down I took off her mini skirt was not wearing Cd Mama saw pussy soaked pussy fluid kujilati kewanitaanya mama "shhhhhhhhhhhhh ssssshhhhhh ... ... .. ... ... ... ahhhh love lick terusss ahhhhh" licking my pussy was flushed red nan "mamah going out, my dear ... hhhh ... .. "" ok ma keluarin ajah let me suck ... "" ... ahhhhhhh. hhhhh "mamah kujilati her first orgasm pussy kusedot mama .... 'Ma 69 aja yuk "" you know well yes "we moved 69 positions mama I suck pussy suck my penis" mahh ... .. ahhhh I want to get out mah nih ... .. "I stopped sucking pussy sucking mama ago crot ... ... crot crot ... .. in telannya pejuku by mama,

I stood up and raised my legs without my command of my penis into pussy shot mama, ... slop slop slop ... ... .. "ahhhh dit sakittt Ditt .... Slowly, my dear ... .." I stopped kocokkanku then to proceed slowly rather quickly shove and I took out my penis with fast "Ditt .. ahhhhhh ... .. ... .. mmmmaaammmaaa out Ditt" "wait ma I also want to get out" immediately at the same time we spend together "Mahh favors mahhhh makasih yah mah" "You're also terrific dittt" we take a break and then I tindihi mama and my mama pussy whipped again ... mama ... .. not kuhiraukan moaned and squeezed squeeze breast kukocok mama "Ditt .... ... ... ahh ... Ditt until ddiitt mama ..." but I'm satisfied kukocok belom continue until mom orgasms as much as 3 times while I have not out ... ... at last "I'm out maaaaaaaaaaa mah .." crottt crott ... .... crott crott ... .. .... ah sweet talk my mom gently and kubisikan "Mama you're the best" you just keep smiling, we fell asl**p at 07.00 morning I saw mommy is gone and I'm out of the room "naked" I saw Mom getting ready to go to the office, my penis instantly stood up to see mom wearing a mini skirt and white thighs smooth rosy lipsticked mouth captivating ... "Mom I want to again ya" "but mommy neatly already love" "ajah mah doggy style" I told mamah menungging in my living room rug CD release my mama again plug my penis 20 minutes we play, Mama has gone to the office ... alone we go home

At 10:00 the bell rang I opened the front door I saw aunt April stood in front of "tan ... oh aunt entered the house ngak ttapi there anyone who," "dada dit ngak cumin play talaga" short stories we are watching TV while chatting in the living room did not feel we were chatting up confide about sex aunt said her husband was not able to satisfy him anymore, "boy horny again ya tante" I mumbled without command kucumbu April aunt on the couch she was shocked but he actually also want it ... .. We wrestled on the couch ... .. my aunt to lift the mattress in my living room tunggingkan he did my doggy style "ahhhhhh dittt tanteee ahhhhhhhhhhhh niiikkkkmmmmaaattttt .... love" "continue genjot dear" my lusting kugenjot quickly "aunt until dittttt ahhhhh" I felt my cock April aunt warm liquid "dittt ditttt ahhh ... ... .. ... .. ahhhhh ...." kugenjot continues ... ... .. "" aunt a little longer "" I jugaaaaa dit ... yes ... "we immediately remove the same duniaaa pleasure ... ... I thought, to this day I often struggle with Mama ... ato tante Aprill. See you
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sorry, my english is not good
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sorry but I didn't really understand half of it.