My Story With A Whore

Here is my story with a prostitute who can not forget forever.

As an introduction, I was a man who has a handsome face and sexy body, white and many women who try to come near, but I can not accept the women as a special friend, and I do not want to use them only for just a mere fad.

But as a normal man of course I have sexual needs that I can not deny, especially when I include a bad habit that is often seen pornographic pictures and reading sex stories on the internet. Also, I do not want to get married when I was totally blind about sex. And this is where my story begins.

Not long ago I finally decided to go to a brothel. My feet stepped into one of the rather famous discotheque in Jakarta.

Once inside I went straight up to the 2nd floor of the discotheque. There I see there are some grown man sitting on the couch and talked while smoking. Probably waiting for her customers. A bartender greeted me with a friendly "Haloo Boss, which would nihh".

I then saw the photos section in the table, I finally asked the bartender for help to pick out for me, because the pornographic pictures that there are so many. Then the bartender asked "great affection for what is small?" she asked pleasantly. I'm not too happy about the stories with him.

I do not know what happened in the room when I'm alone with the woman (let's call his name Winn). Her beautiful face was not able to make my desires escalate, I just feel empty, no libido, no desire and no passion, if I have erectile dysfunction?

Finally, I just talked with him. Win tells the story of two c***dren at home and a husband who again migrated in Malaysia. His desire to finance their c***dren's schooling made him have to choose life becomes a prostitute.

I do not know when I will meet again with Winn because after perbincanganku by Winn, I was determined not to again enter into a brothel. Want kelelakianku I dedicate to my beloved wife later.

I just hope that through this story, hopefully my wife will be able to give like what I feel with Winn. And later I can meet with Winn in better condition not as a whore and Consumers. But as a friend.
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spelling ck but good