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When He Cums On Me...

Cumming is actually my least favorite part of sex. It's both the sweetest and the last part of the evening, and I always want the evening to last.

Yes, I can usually get going for another round, but Jasper and I don't usually get to go at it until it's late, and so one round is all we can manage with any real enthusiasm.

I'm a lucky girl, because Jasper knows how to pace himself and stretch out our time. I cum first about 50% of the time. Of course there's a reason that Jasper likes me to come first. My man LOVES TO CUM ON ME.

Of course, I indulge him. Nothing makes my man happier then the sight of me with his salty white lode dripping down my cheek or chin. He encourages me to give it time to drip down onto the tops of my breasts.

Should I post photos? Dumb question. I'll think about it.

One particular way I link to get a spurt out of him is to go for the tip of his cock. I'll lay him down and work the tip of my tongue over his penis hole, so as it shoot out and past my face, I intercept a little of it, and lick it around like lube.

Then I'll end with sucking him down deep, and tickling his balls. Can you see it?

He'll come on my boobs, which he says he'd love to see another women lick while he does. I'm game, but my favorite is when he comes on my asshole. I just love the feeling when it hits, and then trickles down my pussy, as he lightly glides the end of his cock around the rim. If the right girl wants to lick me there after that, she can.

I usually give him a few extra licks as a reward, after.

Posted by DebraBed 2 years ago
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1 year ago
We both love it when I cum really deep inside her and then swing round so that she can drive him absolutely crazy with her tongue and I can lick away at her engorged pussy lips just waiting for all that cum to make an appearance again.

When I have a mouthful, I swing around again to lie on top of her so that I can kiss her deep on the mouth and we can share my load for a second time.

If she’s been able to keep him hard (which is quite often), our second round starts gently then.

Absolute bliss.
1 year ago
you remember me to my girl friend.........hmhmmhmhmhm hot
2 years ago
lol cumming on women who doesn't . I DO . LOLXXXX
2 years ago
2 years ago
We like cumming on her sometimes, very sexy story too
2 years ago
Another nice account and beautifully illustrated.
2 years ago
Love it!
2 years ago
Naughty minds flowing together.

I like to help create my wifes orgasm first, using her creamy cum as lubrication, her pulsing, constricting muscles feel so damn great! Most of the time I will cum deep inside enjoying that...... but I love to pull out and look at her swollen used pussy and cum on those smooth shaven lips and and firm clit!!!!! Let it drip across them into her open slit running down mixing with hers and together dripping on her tight ass. Round two will start then! :)
2 years ago
great post. gotta love the money shot.

remember to thick about posting those photos you mentioned!
2 years ago
Are there any of you who don't. lol. Glad you enjoyed.
2 years ago
mmmm that's a sexy story. I love to cum on women too. Very satisfying.