My XXX weekend

Well, after being sick my friend Karen & I finally made it down to Louisville to see my two frat fuckbuddies.
We got a room, got in the shower after a long trip and they were at the door before we could even get dried off.
They came in and Karen and I went to town on them to remind them that seasoned older women have more experience and do it better !
We did several variations and Karen and I were dripping from being so horny; she or i would play with ourselves and watch the other get DP'ed by our two young guys, or we would team up on one while the other watched. We Even let them watch us together.
Well, then I wanted to try a vaginal DP again, and well, they were happy to do it. It made me so fucking wet I could not believe it, I was moaning so loud Im sure other people in the hotel had to hear us. those that are friends with me on here know Im a squirter, but not a heavy one. But this vaginal DP made me much wetter then normal, by the time my college boys were shooting their loads on my face the bed was drenched. I was so weak with pleasure I had to take a rest.
After Karen had watched then she wanted to try two well hung young guys in her pussy. After she sucked them both off (they were fairly drained by then) and she took both of them in her pussy; Karen was making as much noise as I was and was drenched.
We had them spend the night and we drank some and fucked aroud through Saturday afternoon, by then both our pussies had been reemed and we were both hurting.
(HEY ! Two dicks in you feels good, but later you're a little soar down there !)
They had to get back to campus and study for some test.
On our way back we stopped at a sex shop and picked up some goodies (low on oils as usual) when we saw a X rated strip club; well, we had to go in and check it out.
Keep in mind our pussies were hurting, but no harm in looking we thought.
Well, this place had a sex room with a movie going on. We had a few drinks before entering, of course., us old sluts do like to drink !
Neither of us two sluts were there a few minutes before we had guys talking to us.
Well, Karen being the direct "get down to business" slut that she is told one of them , a younger guy to drop his pants interupting his small talk.
Well, he did that and she started sucking his dick. Well, two other guys did the same and I was watching my friend Karen suck off three guys at once.
I thought What the fuck ? Im the one with the big tits here ! Being a little buzzed I whipped my shirt off and had four guys on me before I knew it. I sucked them off, but one kept wanting to fuck me. He kept on and on, but my pussy was hurting. I looked over and one of the three guys had Karen bent over and was fucking her, so I gave in. but, I told him only in my ass because my pussy was huring. I guess Karen didnt care if her pussy hurt because she let all three of them fuck her. Well, the youngest guy put on protection and gave me a great assfuck; he was really good at it. While I sucked the other guy off he went over to fuck Karen while the others rotated on me as well.
By the time we had left, I had let seven different guys fuck me in the ass & sucked them off and Karen had been fucked in her ass and pussy by all of them.
When we left, I knew her pussy had to be hurting; and we talked about our little "slut road trip" on the way. Inn two days time we each had fucked 9 guys, but we did use protection with seven, so we felt better we had at least done that.
But, sluts like us together add up to trouble; Saturday night was unseasonably warm, so going down the highway we dared each other to ride topless. We both did, and the truckdrivers sure did honk at us !
What a weekend !!!
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3 months ago
I wish I was that bold!
2 years ago
What an awesome weekend that was, always nice to have fuckbuddies when on a road trip.
3 years ago
mmm...I wish too to have a way weekend
4 years ago
that sounds like a fantastic weekend!
4 years ago
Sounds like a very ho weekend indeed....
4 years ago
Great story. Sounds like one very wild weekend.
4 years ago
You girls are too crazy! I am glad you used condoms with the strangers I worry about my buddy. So when are you two gonna venture to WV? I am sure I can line up some girls and guys for a big fuckfest
4 years ago
Fantastic Debbie. I had some great fun with a older woman when I was at Uni, all the memories just came back xx