The First Day

This is a true short story, although it has been tweaked with names and locations.

Ok, so it's the first year in college, and me and my buddy Herald were being the usual pervs we are. We check out the hot freshmen, we check out the hot teachers, and we envy the jocks who have the hottest of the hot. Next thing I know, one of the hottest chicks I've ever seen walks up to Herald and says, "If you need any help... Anything... just come over to my dorm." I knew it wasn't fake or a dare because she had a look in her eye, and a wet spot on her visible shorts. She obviously didn't have any sort of panties or anything, so he left as soon as he could to get this snatch on his cock. I just rolled my eyes and left for the dorms. It was a large, silenced dorm, and my roommate wasn't around, so I decide that I watch porn. I watched some blowjob videos, and some emo lesbians, then I whipped out my cock and was about to jerk off, but my roommate stumbled in. She was beautiful, but obviously embarrassed that she had seen my cock. She closed her eyes and said, "Oh fuck, sorry." I was embarrassed too, but I didn't put it away. Instead, she looked again and she kinda stared like it was something she'd never seen before. I asked, "If you're not doing anything right now, would you help me out?" She jumped onto my bed and decided to fuck me immediately. She was obviously wet, but she never said why. After about 5 minutes, she starts screaming, "I'm cumming!" I was surprised because it was my first fuck ever. I've been blown, and jerked, but never fucked. She loved every inch of me and proved it by taking all of it deep in her ass. She bounced on my cock, and right when I was about to cum, Herald walks in. I was ok with it, but she wasn't. She never said her name, but she transferred dorms, and I'm bunking with this other hot girl who obviously sucks my cock in the middle of the night while I'm sl**ping (I woke up and caught her). Still, Herald has his romps and I have mine, but none will be the same as her.
53% (10/9)
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4 years ago
a better discription of the girls please but very nice