Teachers Handjob

She was my teacher (in Dutch), miss Lamme. I was 16 years and she something about 33, Shirt curly hair and damn atteractive. Always an awesome cleavage showing her to small black bra and her softly bouncing big boobs,
She didn’t teach me much as my view usually was at her en that damn hot cleavage. Offcourse she knew i was always staring at her and in her blouse.

Often she stood at my desk to explain stuff, bending over my desk and driving me crazy with the view in her blouse and leaving me the rest of the class with a hard dick. Many times i came home, went to my room and jerked off with her in my mind and squirted my load.

I often had to stay over and got extra lessons in dutch or we were just talking bout stuff and i git to know her better and better, upto a point where i also went to her house to visit her. And she apperantly did not mind or did it on purpose when she changed her clothes and walked around in just her bra and and knickers. And then at home jerked off offcourse.
One day again she walked around in a to small bra and her knickers and the view got me damn hard. From the (open) kitchen she called me. To dry off the thee cups etc. She looked down and of course noticed a had a hard on, and smiled. You have to stop the, she told me with that smile, at scholl you often have an erection and now here also, maybe you should start masturbating at home. Kinda surprized end with a damn red head i told here i allready do, often.

Maybe you don’t do it very well, she laughed and when the disher were done and i was in front of the sink i felt her arm around me, undoing my pants

and then my shorts and feel her hand grabbing my hard cock and she jerks me off. She doesn’t need long cause i soon squirt my load into the sink.

She then makes me turn around and has a damn cute smile seeing my soft cock, well that better she says en like nothing happened pulls the plug from the sink drins the watter en cum from the sink, what she then cleans up. We then (i dress up again) had tea and i was to shy to mention anything but that evening i jerked an other load out..
A week later i am again at her house, and yes, hard again lol. Didn’t you , moved her hand in a jerking motion, last night, she said?

I told her i did, and then she said maybe i didn’t do it well enough. Show me how you do it and happily i undressed and started jacking like there was no tomorrow

Yes that will make you cum, she laughed, but you do i to quick, take your time she says as she takes my cock in her hand and starts to jack me slowly,
caressing my balls and moves her hand around my glans en her nails scratch my sack, somewhere near 15 minutes she drove me crazy and damn horny as thick loads of cum squirt outa my cock ads she keeps jacking me and more cum oozes’ out and milkes me till no more cum squirts out

Now thats how you must do it she laughes at me. Now hold your hand under your cock and cum. Make sure not to drip anything and get into the shower
Since then i often sit on her sofa, naked and my dick in her hand, and when ever i try to grab her tits she slaps my hand and she milkes me.
Now you know why i love a good handjob?

Pictures made to fit the story.
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3 years ago
Its easy:
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3 years ago
Awesome how you added the pictures, would love to know how as well
3 years ago
Great story!!!
Can you please tell me how you put the pictures into the story?
Maybe by e-mail:
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