From fuckin to love making pt 1

This is my first time writing a story on any site. After reading some stories i figure i would give it a try. This story is completely true. Sorry for any grammar errors please comment and let me know what u think.
I just had started the job in the auto center, working as a service advisor. After learning the computer system and begin able to handle almost all the problems that came into the shop. She came into the shop, immiated my boss can out saying ill help her. She was absolutely beautiful 5'8" dirty blond hair that came down to just below her shoulder blades, very tone. She dressed in business casual clothes as she worked close by and was on her way to work. After my boss talked to her we locked eyes for a moment and smiled. When she left i asked my boss who she was, he told me her name was Jamie and she was one of the regular customers, but he usually took care of her when she came in. after an hour or my boss ask me to call Jamie and tell her what was wrong with her car and give her a price. I did ask i was told; introduce myself as Jordan the taller black guy at the counter when she arrived. She laughed and asked the damage of for us looking at her car. I told her and she told me to fix it and she'll pick up her car up about 5pm when get got outta work. Jamie came in a little early pick up her. She was clearly flirting with me, and i flirted back. I thought nothing of it trying to remain somewhat professional. She paid the bill and said see you soon. Over the next few months Jamie came to just to stop by to say hi and have up look at her car. Most of the time there was nothing wrong. After several weeks i got bold and asked her out her smile and said she had a man. I quickly apologized and let it be. Jamie came in a week later i went to get my boss but she stopped me asking me if i was serious about taking her out. I wasn’t sure how to reply know she had a boyfriend, but i said yeah and she said we could go to dinner this Friday and then grab drinks.
Once Friday came i got out work early to go home to showers, run to the barbershop and try to look my best. I met her at the restaurant about 7. We ate and flirted a lot. After talking to her she told her she was 8 years older than me, which didn’t bother me at all. After a few drinks she started to become very touchy. Clearly see she had a good buzz going it was time to make a decision. I say we should leave; she invited me back to her place for more drinks. Not really wanting to end our little dinner date i said sure. I got in my car and followed her to her apartment, once inside she let me know what her intentions where she kissed me and start to feel on my semi-hard cock. It didn’t take long before she had my pant by my ankles and my harding cock in her mouth. I was completed blown away, but didn’t want to end the fun. So i grabbed her n pulled her up and ask where the bedroom was. She led me to the bedroom and pushes me on the bed again giving me a blow job like a mad woman. I loved every minute of it. i got her on her back to start to eat her cleanly shaven tight white pussy, but she stopped me and told me she didn’t like to have her pussy eaten, i was a little shock, but asked what she wanted, her reply was "fuck me" she was complete soak from begin turning from giving me the blow job. I sled my 8" cock in to her as soft bite my shoulder. I was in heaven i couldn’t believe i was actually fucking her. I wasn’t trying to be gentle, so i went hard and fast, slowing only to prevent myself from cumming. I flipped her over and fucked her doggie style. Her tiny little white ass in the air as she asks me to fuck her, i pulled my cock outta her pussy and reenters her slowly so she could feel every inch of me inside her. Then i sped up to a trying to make her head hit the headboard. She moaned and yelled. I couldn’t fight it anymore i was about to cum i pulled out n bust the biggest load i ever had all over her ass and lower back. She get up went to the bathroom returned with a wet towel for me to clean up as she laid on the bed look at my still erect cock. She told me to come to her as she started to give me another blow job. After about 20 minutes i told her i wasn’t going to cum again and she stopped. Then i asked her if she came or anything she reply was "no" but said it was ok n then said i needed to leave because her boyfriend would be over soon. I quickly got my clothes on gave her a kiss and told her to call or text me. And walked out the door. As i drove home i was thinking how i could get her to cum or have an orgasm. Then my phone goes off its Jamie, tell me thanks and we were going to get together again soon. I thought to myself what did i get myself into???? Never the less it was gonna be fun...

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