Scott's Granddaddy part 1

This is a true about the first time I realized I liked much older men.
My best friend in HS was Scott. He was 18, a swimmer tall with a chiselled physique. I was 17, shorter, petite and was also a swimmer but I never developed like Scott. Growing up together, we discovered sex together by seeing dirty movies or magazines. We also went from seeing each other naked to masturbating in front of each other to me jerking him off then to me giving him blow jobs. I developed a crush on Scott and wanted to take it to the next level with kissing and him fucking me in the ass but he wasnt comfortable with that. He only let me give him head every now and then. Scott dated girls and I did as well but I really wanted Scott. I used to jack off while fucking myself in the ass with a hairbrush handle or my fingers. I loved the way it felt and pretended it was Scott fucking me.
Scott lived with his grandfather Vern because his mother had died when he was younger and he never knew his father. Vern was 69, muscular with a barrelled chest full of gray hair. He was always dark tanned because he too was a swimmer and always worked in the yard without a shirt. He was an attractive man but never took the time to date. He and I got along great and he helped me with my swimming techniques. He used to walk around in just a speedo a lot because he was always in the pool. I found myself sneaking a peek every now and then at his bulge because it was much bigger than Scott's. He even caught me looking a time or two.
A week before Scott was scheduled to leave for college , Scott and I ended up back in his room after our swim meet and had the house to ourselves. He had just gotten out of the shower and was wearing just a towel. He complained of a sore leg so I told him to lay back on the bed and I would massage it. I kneeled in front of him and grabbed the lotion so I can work on his muscle. I began to massage his leg and I found myself staring at his ripped body and could see perfectly up his towel. He had a beautiful cock and his cum always tasted so good. I was getting aroused and got a hard on. His towel came loose and his cock was exposed. He didn't mind because he laid there so relaxed. I couldn't help myself so I leaned forward and lightly licked the
head of his cock and he instantly got hard. I then said, "you had a great meet today, would you like me to reward you? " Without even opening his eyes he nodded. started slowly working on his cock then got faster and faster. I could already taste his pre cum and it was so good. I was fucking myself faster and faster with the brush and it felt so good.
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great story..