My first gay experience with an old man (pt.7)

I arrived at his house, which was one of the biggest I've seen, and Vern opened the door as I walked up. He greeted me with a friendly hug and I couldn't help but to notice he smelled wonderful. It was a very masculine scent, one that I found to really excite me.
He was wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top which showed off his barreled, gray haired chest nicely.
He gave me a tour of his house and his beautiful secluded pool area. It was already dark so the pool lights were on which made the entire area glow beautifully.
We sat for dinner and had a great conversation while we ate. The subject came up about his marriage and He pretty much told me that he had secret desires that nobody else could understand and it would be best if they were to remain a secret. I gave him a slight smile and said, "same here."
It was such a beautiful night and we decided to go for a swim after dinner. I packed my suit and a few other items just in case. My suit was red and tiny which exposed the bottom of my cheeks. I brought those because I knew how good I looked in them. After changing, I sat by the pool and waited for Vern. He walked out wearing a tight pair of black speedos that looked great on him.
We both got in the pool and the water felt great. He had the radio on and we just kind of floated around talking. He remarked how good I look in my bathing suit and said from behind I look like a teenage girl, which was a compliment. I said, "thank you" then he started slowly coming my way.
He stood a few inches from me and said that he was happy I came over then he reached out and slowly started rubbing my cheek with his hand. He noticed I wasn't stopping him so he moved in a little closer and stood up. I was in the shallow end but the water was still about chest high on me. It was just under his waist because he was so tall. He placed his hands on both sides of my face and leaned in to kiss me. It started out as a gentle peck then his tongue slowly entered my mouth. We stood there and passionately kissed for several minutes and I was immediately turned on. Omg! I thought, I've never been kissed like that and it was wonderful. He lowered himself in the water and picked me up so I was straddling him. I stayed like that while he casually walked me around the pool. We kept kissing and talking and I was loving every minute of it. He felt my erection pressed into his chest and I felt his enormous erection under my ass. I didn't want to be anywhere else at that moment...well except for his bedroom. I know he wanted to do more right then but he was a perfect gentleman and if something were to happen, the pool was not the place for a first timer.
After about thirty minutes in the pool, he suggested we dry off then go inside. As I got out, he placed a towel around me then gave me a peck on the forehead. God I wanted him!
After I dried off completely in the bathroom, I freshened up a bit then put on a pair of silk boxers that I brought, which also accented my round ass and tanned skin, and a matching top. I rubbed lotion all over my body which had a slight pear scent.
I met Vern back in the living room and he was already sitting on the couch. He popped in an old movie, which we didn't bother watching. We was wearing a white robe but I wasn't sure if he was wearing anything underneath. I later learned that he wasn't. He saw what I was wearing and gave a big smile. The tv was the only light in the room but I knew he liked what he saw.
I sat next to him and he lifted his arm for me to get more comfortable and curl up next to him, which I did. He commented on the scent I was wearing and jokingly said, " you smell tasty enough to eat" and I responded flirtatiously, "well I hope you're hungry."
As we were watching the movie, I placed my head on his shoulder. I couldn't believe how comfortable I was with him. I really liked him! He turned to me and we started kissing again. Instantly I was hard again and the silk boxers weren't hiding anything. We were really getting into and my hand went inside his robe and I started rubbing on his chest and gently squeezing his pec. I couldn't believe how fit he was for his age. I was now leaning over him and he started kissing and biting on my neck. Fuck! I wanted him so bad. He had his hand on my ass squeezing and caressing it.
I slid my hand down and loosened the tie on his robe then the robe fell open exposing his beautiful thick cock. I started kissing on his chest and occasionally flickered his nipples with tongue which I learned from Scott. I lifted my head and shoved tongue back in his mouth. I stopped for a moment and we just stared at each other like we both knew what was about to happen. As we stared at each other, my rIght hand slid down and let it graze over the tip of his fat cockhead. He let out a little moan then we continued to kiss. I gave his cock a gentle squeeze and he was fully erect.
I stood up and took off my top then knelt before him. I leaned forward and kissed his chest again then worked my way down to cock. He had his head back and his eyes closed. I kept staring at him while I teased the head of his cock with my tongue. I could taste his precum already which was wonderful. I started slowly going up and down on his cock then a little faster. I grabbed hold of his thick unit and jerked it while sucking on the tip. Omg you are wonderful! he said. I could hear him breathing harder and he kept saying, "yes, yes" then he placed his hand on the back of my head and gave out a loud moan then exploded into my mouth. I jerked every bit of cum out as I could and didn't let a single bit spill. After I swallowed his massive load, I got up and leaned over him and asked if I could get some water and if he wants some too. He said, " yes please and you can help yourself to anything in the house" and with a little smile, I gave his cock a gentle squeeze and said, "anything?"
After I returned with the waters, I curled back up next to him while he laid there still nude. He kept commenting on how good I was and I commented on how good he tasted. After about 20 minutes of kissing and rubbing each other's bodies, I noticed he was getting hard again. He looked at me and said, "it's your turn now" and we continued to kiss. I know what I wanted so I got up, held out my hand and, "why don't you show me your bedroom" then he got up and held my hand as we made our way to his room. ( to be continued)

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2 years ago
sensual, erotic, and what an experience you are having. I envy you or actually I envy Vern!
2 years ago
Jeez, that is one erotic, wonderfull story!!!
2 years ago
very erotic. I can't wait for the "climax"
2 years ago
Hope we don't have to wait too long!