My first gay experience with an old man (pt. 5)

As the movie went on, I was getting more and more aroused and seeing the growing bulge in Vern's shorts, he was too. I wanted to pull my cock out and jerk off so bad but I was still nervous about the whole thing. I guess Vern couldn't take it any longer because he lifted up the side of his shorts and pulled out his cock. I guess that's why he wore the short loose shorts.
He started to slowly stroke his cock and I couldn't look away. I was able to see it perfectly now and it was beautiful. It was thicker and longer than mIne (I'm 6.5") and it curved upwards and had a huge mushroom head. It was exactly like something from the movie we were watching.
At this time, I was really rubbing hard on my cock but still on the outside of my shorts and still staring at his tool.
Vern turned his head and noticed what I was doing and what I was looking at. He leaned over to my ear and said, "if you like what you see then you can touch it. Nobody here will care or see."
Nervous but full of excitement, I slowly reached over and placed my hand on his shaft. Omg! I thought, I am touching this guy's cock and I don't even know him. Scott was the only boy I've ever messed around with but Vern was built and hung like a real man.
He placed his hand, which was a lot bigger than mine, over my hand and we started stroking his cock. He let go and leaned his head back to enjoy it. I started really getting into it and thought of the many times I used to jerk Scott off while we watched tv or when I slept over.
Vern leaned back over and said," I wanted you to do this when I first saw that nice ass of yours" and I just gave him a little smile and never missed a stroke. He saw that I was rubbing myself then I felt his hand on my leg then quickly slide down to my inner thigh. I parted my legs so he knew i wanted him to keep going because it felt so good. He slid his hand up and gave me a gentle squeeze on my cock. God it felt good! This made me start stroking faster and he kept rubbing on my cock outside of my shorts. I started panting and rocking my hips back and forth because it felt so good. I had my other hand holding onto his muscular, hairy arm then I pushed his hand harder into my crotch as i shot a massive load inside my shorts. I never cummed like when I was with Scott. Probably because it was me always pleasing him.
I looked over at Vern and his head was back with his eyes closed. I heard him moan and his grip on my cock got tighter as he exploded all over my hand and arm. I kept stroking until he couldn't take it anymore.
He pulled out a napkin and handed it to me and we both got up and left the theater. When we walked out, he asked if he could see me again and get to know me better but not at a place like this. Still shocked by just what happened, I said "yes" then he gave me his number then said it needs to be discreet and I said that I understand. When I got home, I couldnt stop thinking about him and what just happened so I drew another bath and pleasured myself with my finger in my ass then went to bed happy. It took about a week for me to get the nerve to call him but I am glad I did. (continued)

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1 year ago
i knew it would be good. good boy
2 years ago
about time you got up the nerve! You know you want it.
2 years ago
lucky old man
2 years ago
and it's getting a lot better! Great story