My first gay experience with an old man (pt. 1)

True story!
Since about the time I was in middle school, I found myself being attracted to the same sex as well as the opposite but I found that I was strangely attracted to much, much older men mainly with gray hair. If I was at a pool or the beach, I found myself staring at the bulges of old men in Speedos but never thought too much of it and never told a soul.
The Summer before high school, my best friend Scott, who was the masculine jock of the school, and I started experimenting with each other. It started out with us comparing sizes then it turned into me sucking his cock when I slept over but that was it until I was about 17. I was more fem when we were alone and i always told him that i wanted him to fuck me but he was always a little hesitant. He had a chiseled physique and I used to give him massages all the time because I liked the way his body felt. Most of the time it ended with me sucking or jerking him off.
Finally, one night after raiding his s****r's liquor cabinet and getting d***k, we were horsing around and I decided to surprise him by putting on his s****r's tiny pink thong and make up. I even did my hair. I walked out of the bathroom and he was shocked. He said it was hard to tell that i was a guy especially from behind because of the thong and my skin was always so smooth, tan and hairless that I looked like a school girl. I liked the way the thong felt on me and the way it attracted him.I walked over to him and started acting like a stripper and rubbing up against him. He liked it because he was hard as a rock. I started rubbing on his cock and I guess he couldn't take it anymore because he bent me over the chair, spit on his hand then quickly jammed his cock in my ass while I still had the thong on. It hurt at first but the excitement of being taken like that turned me on. He quickly came deep into my ass then rolled over. It was quick and awkward but I knew then that I liked the feeling of having a cock in my ass. That was the only time because Scott felt uncomfortable and knew it wasn't for him but we remained close friends anyways and kept it our secret.
I, on the other hand, wanted it again but I wasn't feeling an attraction to anyone I went to school with so I just masturbated a lot with my fingers in my ass. I also started to date girls and got my first blow job at one of the keg parties.
I was a swimmer so I was lean and was often told by my female friends that I had the body and ass of a fifteen year old school girl without tits. I had a bubble ass, stood about 5' 6" and weighed a whopping 145 pounds. Because I was a swimmer, I shaved my entire body and often bathed with baby oil because of the chlorine.
A week before our prom, Scott had the idea to visit an adult store to get a movie and some novelties for post-prom party we were going to with our dates and a few other couples at a hotel. I thought it would be funny so I agreed to go. Plus, I turned 18 a week before and it was going to be cool to use my ID since I was legal now.
We decided to go to a place on the other side of town just in case somebody saw us. We both walk in together and immediately we see rows and rows of movies, toys, etc and we remarked how clean it was because we always heard these places were dirty and full low lifes. The guy behind the counter asked to see our IDs so we showed him.
We started to walk around and I noticed there were a lot of men in there who were nicely dressed like they had just come from work. I couldn't help it but I started to get aroused seeing all the nudity and watching the porn they had on one of the tv screens. Scott wandered off and I found myself in the aisle with the dildos and butt plugs. I was so turned on at this point looking at all the different sizes. I was shocked at how much they were so I had to put them back on the shelf.
Scott had come back to tell me that there was a theater inside and asked if I wanted to check it out so I said sure and that's when I first met Vern. ( to be continued)

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You little cock teaser slut...