Ok this story happened about 1 year ago, my names Dave, im a 23 yr old with (so my gf tells me) perfect pecks and fantastic thighs. None of this matters because I also happen to have a 9 inch cock. Anyway one day last year I got a text from my mate john, he sed he wanted me 2 come on a duble date wiv him and a new girl. So me and my girlfriend (Alice) went on the date that night.
We arrived at the bar and they wernt there yet so we went and got some drinks from the bar, we sat down and we musta had about 2 beers each before they turned up. My mate john is a looker too, not that im gay or anythin but he is pretty cute, he has basically the same body as me but he was a little shorter with smaller abs. But he wasnt the person I was looking at, right behind john this little 18yr old hottie was looking this way, straight at me! I could already feel my pecker start to get hard and when i looked her up and down my cock almost ripped my jeans, she had at least size C tits with a real proffessional push up bra on, she looked amazing and when my eyes moved down I honestly nearly cummed in my jeans rite then. She had perfect thighs, thin but not too thin with just a small amount of fat there. I was suddnly aware that she was next to john now and he was talking to me, I said 'whats that' and he said 'Dave, this is Katie, Katie this is Dave, my home boy!' johns
like that, hes white but he talks like a black man. Anyway I said 'hi katie this is alice' and introduced them to each other. 'Hi' katie said, her voice was like a proffesional supermodel or something, I just wanted it to go on and on.

Later in the night when we were at the table john started talking to alice about baseball, although I dont mind baseball useally, my whole attention was on the beauty I could see infront of me, 'So' I said 'how long have you known john?' she said 'just 3 weeks''and' I whispered 'have you had sex yet?' she smiled at me cutely and whispered back 'honey we had sex on the first night, thats sorta my thing, i like guys who are muscled and get straight to the ....point' when she paused she just lightly brushed her hand on my thigh, I could feel my pecker getting harder, it had been hard all night tho but I swear it felt like i just grew about 2 inches! she let a long, lustfull sigh 'ahhhhh' and then she said 'you know I get really bored at these parties...oops!' she had just knocked her fork off and under the table. 'Ill get it' I said and bent down to get the fork, i couldnt see it so i lifted the tablecloth and climbed under the table, the fork was under her foot and she had her hand on her thigh, when I touched the fork she brought it lightly to my face and stroked my cheek, i then noticed she had her short skirt open and she wasnt wearing any panties, i must have shuddered because she jently pushed my face towards her skirt, and i saw her clit, it was perfectly shaven and there was a tattoo just above it saying 'LOVE' in a small heart, it was the beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life and I knew right then that she wanted it as much as I did because it was wet around the edges and she was slightly pink. At this point she took her foot off the fork and I got up from under the table to see john and alice looking at me. 'what took you so long man!?' john said, 'he was getting my fork for me' said katie sweetly, and john relaxed. 'LOVE then?' i asked when john and alice started talking again. 'you like my tattoo?' she asked 'oh yes' i said 'its the most beautiful thing ive ever seen!', she smiled and we started talking normally again until the end of the night.

That night and the next and the next me and alice made love, every time I imagined it was katie and not alice sucking or riding my long, thick cock.
3 days after the dinner I got another text from john, this one said 'Hey b*o! come round my crib and lets watch the game!' a bit puzzled by this as there was no game on that night and since alice had got held up at work again i drove round to his place and knocked on the door, 'come in!' said a womans voice. I went in and found katie on the sofa, in another sexy outfit and sipping beer. I said 'hey, whats up?!' she said, 'im ok but im lonely can u come here?''of course but isnt john around?''he had to work late' she said 'oh' i replied 'i got a text saying can u watch the game with me from him....' i had just noticed that she had his phone on her lap, 'you called?''yep!' she said brightly 'so are you going to keep me company or not?''definately' i said and went to sit down on the sofa next to her, 'so...' i started but she stopped me by putting her hand on my thigh and squeezing a little. 'ive wanted to say hi to him for a long time!' she exclaimed'who?' i asked and she didnt say anything but just looked at my crotch, by now my full pecker was out and it was very obvious. 'You like him now....you havnt seen nothin!' i said and whipped out my full 9 incher to her gaping eyes, 'whoah' she gulped, 'thats a good one that is!' 'you wanna try it out' i said, and without saying anything she bent over and began fisting and sucking my cock faster and faster until i bucked and jerked with the effort of not having the best orgasm of my life!!'give it all to me!' she whispered and moaned when i stopped trying to hold off and gave it all i got, my cum filled her mouth within a second but she swallowed it all, never missing one drop, i came for what felt like 20 minutes but was probably only 10 seconds, either way, she had to swallow 4 full mouths of cum and then while i rested on the bed she stood infront of me and ripped off her bra, her tits were perfect, they were so round and firm with nipples that stood up on end like a pair of needles coming out of the soft flesh, they looked so good, i just had to suck them dry! I bent over and she sat on my lap, as soon as she sat down i clamped my mouth onto one of her tits 'oooohh yes baby, you do that so well!'she started to stroke my cock, getting it back to full erection within seconds, she struggled with her panties until i tore them off her slim frame, there was the tattoo 'ever since i saw this thing, i knew i was going to have you!' i said and bent down to lick it, but she stopped me and said, 'later honey, first lets fuck the night away!' with that she raised herself higher, freeing my hard pecker and slowly eased herself onto the end of it until just my balls were outside, then she started to ride me, slow at first, but harder and faster moaning all the time'ooohhh yes baby, i knew you would have a big cock when i first saw you!' she rode me like a cowgirl until she screamed 'HERE I COME!!!!!' and i was drenched in her sweet
smelling cum juice! 'Oh my god!' she sighed, 'that was one of the best orgasms of my life!''me too' i said. We went out of the lounge and into the shower where i fucked her hard up against the wall for half an hour and then we had a real shower, went and sat on the sofa for a minute and then she went back into the bathroom and came back out with her sexiest loungerai on, she barely had time to say 'what are you waiting for stud, come and get me!' before i pounched on her and pinned her to the bed, she held out a pot of something and i realised it was vaseline, this girl was hot! she unscrewed the lid and i smeared loads onto my huge erectous cock! i then flipped her over and tore away her loungerai and rammed my cock deep inside her ass hole, she screamed 'FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!!! FUUUCCCKKKK MEEEE!!!!!!'

The next day alice came to see me and told me she was having an affair. 'Who!?' i asked, 'john' said alice 'its why ive been working so late recently...''actually...ive got something to tell you too...last night i went over to john's place and me and katie sorta....fucked.''Oh' she said sounding surpised more than hurt, 'Ok then we can work something out!' i was shocked and pleased.

Nowadays me and Alice are still together and so are Katie and John, we still have sex with our girlfriends but we also have days when we both agree to ave sex with the other's girl! I suppose you really could call us swingers!

82% (10/2)
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3 years ago
Swapping is hot. Great story. Thanks
3 years ago
Good story, thanks for sharing!
3 years ago
Good story bro but not yet until you are all together in one room.
3 years ago
more like swappers but a good story anyways