A generous tip or two.... By my best friend Clare

I felt your hand reach for mine as we climbed into the back of the cab, pulling me firmly after you, so I ended up in the middle seat. There had been secret smiles all night, but no opportunity for more in front of our eagle eyed colleagues, another of whom climbed after me into the cab, his hand glazing the back of my soft furry coat, a little more firmly than necessary.

We settled into the journey, making small talk with the driver, nearing the end of his shift. In the dark of the cab, I enjoyed the feeling of a hand held discreetly by each of you, revelling in your very different touches. You massaged each of my fingers, lingering in the sensitive skin where they join. He was firmer, pressure across the whole of my hand, pulsing gently.

Too quickly, we got to the first drop off point and he caught my eye ruefully as he lifted himself out of the cab " I'll be seeing you both tomorrow then", pulling me close for a kiss, the passion taking me by surprise. I could feel your hand probing my fingers more erotically, somehow keeping the rhythm of his tongue. Your reflection in the cabs window was interested, and spurred me onto kiss him back, moving my lips in and out, teasing his tongue. Then the door slammed, and the cab pulled off sharply, the driver glancing back as I adjusted my hair, and turned to catch the glint in your eye.

You moved towards me. "He likes you" you observed...smiling...."but I like you more". Your lips claimed mine now, your hands were suddenly all over me, feeling the smooth furry jackets material ripple under your touch, as you moved your hands over the swell of my breast, pulling my waist to you. It was the touch I'd yearned for all night, and I gasped as you released me from the first kiss, attracting the drivers attention again.

My eyes were closed, enjoying your lips against my neck, but you saw his eyes linger on us. "Take the long route mate, over the bridge?" and he nodded, smiling.

Your breath was moving down my neck, nuzzling me, as I pulled you closer, my lips seeking out yours, hands running over your hair, your back, pulling your neck in towards me. Your hands were just as active, inching the coat up, revealing the smooth black dress underneath. You pulled away slightly, and I saw your face, lit by the streetlights hurtling by, smiling down at me.

Your eyes were on my legs, your hands had just found the top of my stockings. I giggled and made to bring my coat back to cover me, but you held it aside. Trust me you mouthed, bending to kiss the lacy top of the stocking, just briefly, before moving back up to my mouth. I pulled you close to me, desperate to feel your tongue dance with mine, and we kissed. My hands were on your jeans, feeling the mound of your cock swelling beneath them.

Your daring inspired me, and I kissed you deeply, manouvering so that I was above you, looking down, deep desire in my eyes. Your hands released your buttons, teasing me, and your cock sprung out. You stroked yourself firmly, your gaze meeting mine, daring me on.

I bend to you, licking your shaft, kissing its head, tasting your excitement already building, pulling away briefly to catch your eye, a strand of pre-cum stringing between us. I dip my head again, satisfied that you've judged the cabbie well...and concentrate on enjoying the sensations as you fill my mouth so completely.

Your cock slides in and out of my mouth, your hands on my head now. Its easier to move between your legs, I can get much more movement that way...but our privacy is lost, unbeknown to me the driver now has a much better view as you grab my head, adjusting the rhythm to your satisfaction.

You see him looking back a little more frequently now, and you lift my head a little higher each time, almost leaving your cock, then swallowing you suddenly, right down to your base. The sound of my mouth fucking your cock seems loud against the traffic, your groans as you release me leaving little to the imagination.

Your hands pull at my jacket, discarding it on the floor, and you start to ease my dress up, revealing inch by inch of stocking. You know that the flash of naked skin at the top of the stockings catches the drivers eye again, and he slows, despite very little traffic. You hold me there, on my knees, lips around your cock, a narrow strip of skin exposed, rotating my ass in gentle circles, kneading me with your hands.

Your fingers slide further up the dress, knowing that you'll find me exposed, and wet, desperate for you. I suck deeper on your cock, trying to hold the silence as you slip first one, then two fingers into my aching pussy, pumping them inside me, matching my movements on your cock. You circle my clit, dress now fully pushed above my waist, moving me slightly so that the driver will see my shaved pussy, maybe even catch the drips of my juices coating your fingers.

You murmur closely into my hair..."Your so excited darling..." I release your cock from my mouth, trying to reply, but only gasps of pleasure come as you plunge your fingers back into my pussy, deeper than before. I was louder than ever at home, and its no surprise to you that the driver pulls into a quiet side road and comes to a stop.

You hope he's not going to interrupt this moment, and pull me down onto your hand again and again. I'm knelt above you, coming all over you, juices flowing from my pussy as your fingers pump me. "Come darling, come all over me". You gather the dripping juice into your hand and rub it gently into my ass, pooling it in some of my most sensitive places. I cry out, coming harder, as your finger slips inside me. You glance up as a shadow falls by the cab door, and it slides open, cool air shocking my skin.

I'm buried in your shoulder, still shaking from the orgasm, but you see the driver is there, his hand furiously rubbing his crotch. He picks up my furry jacket from the floor of the cab, and replaces it with a blanket. His hand reaches inside his trousers, and he pulls out a hot, throbbing cock. He wraps my coat around it, and steps back, away from the door. The interior lights stay on, lighting a stage for us. You kiss me passionately, bringing me back from my daze.

The sucking, and sudden exposure have bought you close to cumming too, and you ache to cover me, to cum inside me, over me. You move down onto the blanket, pulling me on top of you. You hold your cock, and I straddle you, taking just the tip of your cock inside me. "Wait"...You lift the dress over my head, delighting in the touch of my breasts, nipples so firm, from the cold air and excitement..I can't wait any more, and my pussy is suddenly all around you, hot, warm, so so wet.

Your turn to gasp, as I grip you tightly, riding your cock, grinding my clit against you. My hands are on my nipples now, and I look up to see the driver for the first time. He's wanking slowly, his huge, hard cock still wrapped in the softest of my discarded clothes.

You realise he's trying to see the delicious spot where we join, and you start to ease me higher off you, so just the tip of your throbbing cock is inside me, and his view of your shaft pumping into me is uninterrupted. I hold the hand rail, and lift myself up and down, coating you in my juices. I can see both of you staring at your cock entering me, at my breasts bouncing at eye level for the driver, my nipples so painfully erect, cheeks flushed with desire. He reaches his hand out tentatively, catches your eye, enquiringly, and you catch mine. You gaugue my desire, and nod to him, smiling, as you pull me firmly down onto your cock once more.

His hands feel strange as they cup my breasts, searching out different patterns from yours. Cupping them gently, pushing them together, his cock quivering with excitement. I feel you rubbing my ass gently, watching his hands explore my body. Your hands move to the point where we join, and feel me dripping wet, hot with desire. Your familiar touch reassures me, and I seek out your hand, not quite knowing where this will go next, but enjoying the empowering feeling that we are making this guys night.

You roll me onto my back, legs wide open, exposing my pussy, the drivers hands are still kneading my breasts. He moves to kneel behind my head, still seeking your approval at every move. You lower your head, and start to lick my clit, pushing your tongue into me. The drivers hands squeeze my tits as your tongue flicks further, and I give myself up to being pleasured simultaneously, groaning with desire as your tongue moves lower, probing my ass.

I'm so wet, your face is covered with juices as you come up to meet me, kissing me deeply, sharing our taste. You kneel between my legs, and start to enter me, with more power given the driver is holding me so still for you, his arms interweved with mine, his head hovering just above my breast. He holds of licking me while you pleasure me with your cock, but once my gasps start to subside his tongue goes to work on my nipple, rolling it around his mouth. Your thumb toys with my clit, swollen and so sensitive now.

As the driver moves to my other breast, his cock touches my chin. He is so close to coming, my breath against his tip releases a dribble of pre-cum, and his hand moves back involuntary to touch himself.

I look you in the eyes as I reach out my tongue, and chase his hand away from his cock, gently licking the dribble from his tip. He groans, and you pause in your thrusts to watch more closely as I lick the length of his shaft. I feel you harden even more inside me as I get to his tip, taking it slowly into my mouth. You know how good this moment feels, but you realise this isn't the easiest of positions to get the most movement on him, and reach over gently to flip me to my knees, my lips never intending to leave his cock, but slipping from him, a strand of pre-cum stretching between us, the sight of which pushes you nearly to orgasm as you re-enter me from behind.

You lean forward, entering me as deeply as you can, taking his hard cock in your hand, and start to wank him slowly, moving him gradually closer to my mouth. I'm overcome with desire as you fill me so completely, rock solid inside me as you start to feed his cock into my open mouth.

You feel me shake as this unfamiliar cock enters my mouth, and at the same time, you take your fingers from my clit and gently start to probe the wetness around my ass. "Feeling full darling?" your voice triggers my orgasm, and I grasp your cock so tightly inside me, shaking and gushing with desire as you wank the driver into my mouth, and push more firmly against my ass.

You break away for a moment, grabbing his hand, and leading them to my pussy. He traces his hand over your fingers as they work my ass, and settles on holding your cock firmly inside me, delighting in the wetness. Your hand grasps his cock firmly, controlling his thrusts into my mouth, his juices starting to drip down my chin, your fingers touching my lips gently as you feel him start to stiffen even more.

His fingers are moving desperately at my pussy now, squeezing in alongside your cock as it pumps into me. You judge my wetness, and turn the pressure at my ass into even more penetration, pushing first one then two fingers inside me, massaging your own cock as it bangs against the walls of my pussy.

I need to breath now, just for a minute, and you pull his cock away from my mouth, I hold my breasts up to caress it, its swollen head pulsing within their softness. I sit back, taking your cock so deeply, then you pull out of me, and collapse on your back onto the blanket. You turn me to you, licking my pussy, tasting your own excitement there.

I'm on my knees, sucking your cock, enjoying the way you fit me so perfectly. The driver stands behind me, his hands seeking out my breasts, sticky with his excitement. You pull me closer to you, raising my ass towards him, giving him the best view you can as you push two fingers back into my ass, causing me to gasp and arch my back further.

He kneads my breasts patiently , reassuringly as I adjust to your fingers, moving deep inside me again. With your other hand you reach between my legs, displaying my swollen pussy lips to our friend. His cock hovers ever closer, but he watches you carefully, waiting for your direction. I can feel your fingers touching me there, and sense his cock is nearby, but I take my pleasure from my mouth around you, enjoying the taste of our excitement together.

You keep us both hovering, building anticipation, then you let my lips go, and disappointment floods me. You hold his cock more firmly, out of my sight, constantly wanking him as you pull him closer...the tip of his cock brushes my pussy, making me tremble with excitement.

You have a perfect view as you lick my clit, so swollen, so hard, dripping into your mouth. You guide him into me, just allowing his tip to enter, feeling me grasp him, feeling the pace of my lips on your own cock quicken. His cock pushes inside me, you feel me gasp, you let him thrust inside me a few times, hard urgent thrusts, designed for his pleasure far more than mine.

You move from under me, looking deep into my eyes as you sit up, holding my gaze, checking there is still passion not fear reflected there. "Your so beautiful darling" you kiss me deeply, then break away, sensing he is close to cumming somewhere only you belong. You kneel beside him, and he holds me open, withdrawing as you enter me, so briefly, very briefly I feel you both inside me, pushing me over the edge.

As you enter me I'm cumming so hard, you pull me upright in front of you, your cock buried deep in me, and hold me close as I cum all over you, your breath hard on my neck, grunting as you try to hold back just a little longer. He's wanking furiously now, remembering me around him, imagining being you inside me now.

He comes closer and I take him briefly in my mouth, tasting us both on him, but he's swelling and swelling now, and I pull my lips away away, but hold his thighs close so you see his explosion covering my breasts, hot creamy cum running down my chin, running down over your hands, you rub the warm liquid into my nipples, your hands smoothing his seed into me.

You feel your own orgasm starting to erupt deep inside me, your balls tightening, filling me. You pull my head to you and we kiss, passionately, deeply, the cum covering me glistens in the headlights of the passing cars.......
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4 months ago
A excellent story written so well and so sexy. Thanks
11 months ago
I will pass your appreciation on! Many thanks!
11 months ago
This is a fantastic story. Thank Clare for me, please.