Stranger On A Train

A few weeks ago I had to travel up to Birmingham for work and took the inter city train. Amazingly the train was quiet and I found a seat at a table. I settled down and began reading a book. At the next station a beautiful woman aged about 35 sat opposite me and began reading. She was slim with long dark hair and big, deep brown eyes, i could not resist taking fleeting glances at her. As I settled back to my book I was sure she was looking at me too.

As the journey progressed nature called and I made my way to the toilet at the end of the carriage. As I was closing the door a hand stopped me, I let the door open and there was the gorgeous woman, she pushed me back and followed me in, shutting the door behind her. We stood motionless for a moment just staring into each others eyes, then she pulled me toward her and we kissed, hard and furious. The smell of her body next to mine and the feeling of her against me began get me excited and almost immediately my trousers began to bulge. I knew she would be feeling my cock pressing up against her body.

Hands began roaming everywhere and before long she was pulling at my belt and undoing my trousers, she pulled them, and my boxers, down to reveal my now erect cock. She knelt down in the tight compartment and began to suck me, nibbling my balls and stroking my thick shaft. As the sap began to rise and I could feel my cock tingling she jumped up and lifted her skirt, she had no knickers on and placed one foot on the shelf by the sink. She pushed down on my shoulders and I knelt down and began to lick her waiting pussy. I parted her lips and my tongue found her wet waiting hole. As I licked the nectar my fingers found her clit and I gently pulled back the hood letting my tongue swirl over it. My fingers explored her pussy and she began to make little moans, she pulled me up, grabbing my cock she rolled a condom on to it and guided it to her waiting pussy. With her arms around my neck she bounced as I thrusted and the train rocked, in no time I was cumming deep inside her.

Without a word she tided herself and left the toilet. A minute or two later I returned to my seat and found her there reading her book as if nothing had happened. I sat down and continued to read my book. At Birmingham we both got off the train and went our separate ways.

Later that night in the hotel I found a note in my bag... it said "thanks, luv Emily x x x."
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3 years ago
Thanks for comments... it was a great experience!
3 years ago
nice train ride
3 years ago
Nice quicky