My first sex

I left home when I started college and had to take a part-time job delivering advertising leaflets in order to pay my way.

I had been doing the job for a couple of weeks when one houseowner, mowing his front lawn, asked me if I would like to do some Saturday gardening. He named the wage and I readily agreed.

I started that Saturday and after a couple of hours Tom called me into the house where cakes and soft drinks were waiting. He said he had an appointment and he left his wife Terri to keep me company.
Terri was a tall, graceful brunette with 48-inch doubleD breats that looked as if they were attempting to burst out of the top of her dress. As she leaned forward to pour my drink and I could see down the front of her dress right to her large, stiff nipples.

She then sat opposite me, crossing and re-crossing her legs so that I could see right up to her panties.

All too soon Tom came back.

The weeks went by until, one afternoon, when Tom called me in for refreshments he said there was a painting job he wanted me to do in the matser bedroom.
I followed him upstairs, my imagination running riot in the expectation that Terri would be waiting there.

Tom stood back to allowed me to enter the bedroom which, to my chagrin, contained only the usual bedroom furniture.

I turned to speak to only to find that had had taken his cock out and was moving his hand on his pulsing erection.

"The job I have for you pays well," he said. "I know you need the cash." He then named a sum three times what I was paid for gardening.

He then told me to undress. It wasn't simply the cash that drove me to comply. The sight of his 9-inch cock excited me and I felt myself growing hard.

When I was naked he told me to lie on the bed. He lay beside massaging my already erect prick and sucking my right nipple.

Some time passed before he asked me to turn and lie facedown on the bed. He knelt behind me, taking my ankles and yanking my legs wide apart. He put his hands on the bed at my sides and lowered himself onto me. I felt his thick cock rubbing up and down my crack.

Suddenly he stopped and I felt him oiling my hole. Her then started to rub his nob around my rim. I was getting really aroused when I felt him pushing into me. It was mildly painful to start with, but as he moved in and out thrusting deep into me the sensation was not quite one of burning but one of warm pleasure.

His cock began to pulse and, as he thrust and spurted inside me, the bedroom door opened and Terri stood there smiling.

"Now you've broken him in its my turn," she said.

Taking me by the arms she pulled me from the bed. I stood there, my cock shrinking, as she pulled the front of her dress to expose here huge bra-less breasts.

She pulled my mouth to her cleavage and grabbed my cock in her hand. She stock an erect nipple into my mouth and began working on my cock.

When I was hard again she led to to the bed where Tom lay masturbating. She told me to get onto the bed and take Tom's cock into my mouth. His cock was pushing to the back of my throat when I felt Terri getting onto the bed behind me.

She pushed her finger into my hole, working it for several minutes. I felt something large and hard pressing into me. At first I couldn't think what it was, but when I felt the warmth and corded length of it I realised it was a cock.It was so big I just wanted it to go on forever.

The pulsing member moved smoothly forward until I felt two huge balls banging against me.

All too soon she called out "I'm ready Tom." They both began me m oved into me faster and faster. Almost in unison they began to shoot cum into me. Tom's salty spunk flooded into the back of my throat. It felt liker pints of the stuff and, as his cock filled my mouth, I was f***ed to swallow.

Terri was pumping and pumping into me. It felt like pints of fluid. She withdrew and I felt the sticky liquid running down my inner thighs.

I lay back on the bed looking from one to the other. I was then that I saw the 11-inch cock Terry had thrust into me.

She turned her back to me, knelt on all fours, looked over her should and said:"It's your turn now my lovely. I want to feel your cock inside me and your love-juice filling me."

I moved to her buttocks, sliding my erection into her. I slid in easily. Then her muscles began to grip my shaft. I'd never felt anything like it before. It seemed to come naturally as I worked myself in and out. The feeling was out of this world as I felt cum rising deep inside me to suddenly flood into her. I spurted and spurted and wanted to spurt more and mofre as the flood came to an end.

Terri stood, looked at Tom, and said: "He's mine from now on. He's my pussy and mine alone."
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2 years ago
Very hot story. Soooo horny reading it xx
2 years ago
Wow tobe young again
2 years ago
Wow i got so hot i had to jack off with you