Making My Own - Vampire Pt 6

I slept the day away as I normally do, but I couldn't forget what the night would bring as soon as it grew dark again. I worried that Gwen wouldn't want to be changed or would but wouldn't want to stay with me. When I woke she was still beside me and with a huge smile that I couldn't help but mimic. She asked timidly, "So did you have a good time last night?"

"I loved it and I so want to know and do more." Even though I knew what the answer would be I had to ask one more time, "Do you still really want to be a vampire?"

"Yes and not only that..." She gave me a cheeky wink; "I want to spend every night and day with you."

I kissed her deeply, "As do I." And the kiss turn into mild petting before I realized that I needed to feed if I was to make this as easy as I could for the changing. So I pulled back, "I need to get some bl**d, but why don't you stay here. I shouldn't take too long and then we can head over to my place."

She really wanted to come with me but she could tell that I would be faster on my own and said that she would stay. I went to an alley close by and saw a guy that had a switchblade ready if he got the chance to rob someone. He thought I was easy prey but it was truly like taking bl**d from a willing sacrifice and within 15 minutes I was back at the apartment.

Stepping in I smell Gwen cooking from the kitchen, and found her eating a little dinner at the counter. Looking guilty she said, "Well you were eating and I got hungry. Plus this is going to go to waste after tonight, but I'm just about done and we can head out."

I shook my head and gave her a kiss. "Take your time, he won't be there for another half hour and if we aren't there I'm sure he won't leave either." Of course just saying he might leave made her bolt down the food. Within 10 minutes we were headed toward my apartment and the biggest choice of Gwen's life; one that so many of us never got.

As we got to the door he came up right behind us with a cooler filled with bl**d bags. Once we got into my apartment I greeted him and looked over to Gwen, she was hopping with excitement. Knowing this was going to happen for good or bad, "Well I think the bedroom or living room will be the most comfortable. I just have to grab something before we begin."

I went to a cabinet and pulled out a leather bundle, unwrapping it carefully I pulled the wolf dagger out. I kept it safe and sharp all these years and I needed to use it for such an important thing as this was going to be. James saw what I had and nodded, "We will need something to pierce your skin for Gwen and this will work perfectly. I think the living room will work out the best for now." I remembered pulling it on him once so that I could leave without him following me, but I regret my harshness now for he is such a sweet soul to match my jagged one.

I brought the dagger with me and Gwen asked, "Is that something that you've had for a long time?"

I couldn't meet her gaze so I just continued to look down at the dagger, "Yes I have had it since the year I was turned, and I used it against my maker, the false master." With tears in my eyes I looked at her, "He neglected, abused and ****d me; just keeping me barely alive. He thought I could be changed by f***e and instead I drank his bl**d and killed him with this dagger. I should have just left but I wasn't as smart back then and didn't have the options we have now."

Gwen took this all in quickly, came over and kissed my tear stained cheeks, "You did what you had to, and I would never judge someone that was in your position. I won't be like him, you know I care about you and although I might bring you minor pains it's for the best for both of us." She gave me a gentle hug; "I would like you to use the dagger that brought down the counterfeit master to bring you your true Mistress."

Shaking away the tears of the past I looked at my future and hugged her back, "I'm ready." He brought us over to the couch and looked to us for conformation. Sitting down with Gwen I didn't know how this was going to go but I needed to tell her, "Now this might hurt a lot, both of us didn't know what was happening when we were turned. The most important thing is to drink when we tell you to, no matter on the taste or smell."

She nodded her head, "Sounds good just make sure to pull me off before anything happens to you." I looked into her and saw excitement and a little nervousness. Still I took her into my arms and started kissing her and then I moved slowly down to her neck where the bl**d beat close to the skin. Here I moved my teeth as gently into her skin as I could and made a happy thought of our future life together and began the process. While I was drinking in her bl**d I drank her life in too, she gave me pictures and pictures of what it had been.

Too soon I heard her heart beating slow and I ripped my mouth away and dug the dagger into my wrist. As it started bleeding I brought it up to her mouth and as soon as the sweet bl**d touched her lips she instantly began sucking. He moved in front of us so as to better see me weakening and better placed to pull her off. Too soon I felt lightheaded but I did not know if she had had enough, "Gwen enough for now." I was surprised on how weak my voice was.

Luckily for me he understood and pulled her off me with little difficulty and laid her down to change while napping. I was surprised how easily she fell into a deep sl**p and it showed, "It's so that we don't have to feel the change happen." He handed me a bag of bl**d to replace some that I had given as we watched her sl**p. Soon we were chatting about what had happened over the years, any detest toward me forgotten in the situation that was at hand.

After a couple of hours we noticed her shifting and I went to her side as her eyes opened for the first time. She smiled at me before a crease went into her forehead, "I'm so thirsty."

Luckily for me James was right there with some bags of bl**d for her, "Cut a corner so that she can drink from it." Taking the dagger I did just that and she started downing it like a c***d would a juice box. She finished four bags before stopping and looking up at us.

"How are you feeling?"

"Good, not so thirsty anymore." She looked at me with question in her eyes, " Did you dream of wolves when you slept the first time?"

I shook my head and looked to James, he said, "No I dreamt of bats though. What was yours like?"

As she described it I looked into her mind and saw it like a movie, "I was running in a pack of wolves as a human and then I transformed into a wolf. I knew I was the leader, the alpha wolf."

I could see it play out like a movie in her mind, "You look so beautiful all black and sleek."

Gwen gave me a startled look but James said, "Well your gift will take a bit of work, but you'll be able to turn into a wolf, one day that is." Wide eyed I look at the dagger not too far from us, the wolf running down the handle. He shook his head, "It's from the soul, and not something you can change. Yours is nothing you had done before."

Gwen looked up at this, "What do you do?"

"I can look at objects and people and pick up on visual memories or pieces of thought, but I've been working on picking out certain thoughts that I want to know. It does get stronger with age."

After a few moments to digest this news Gwen got this sexy look on her face and started moving towards the bedroom, "Well I would love to thank our male helper here for allowing to share this aging process with you." She gave me a wink and somehow projected pictures of us making love to each other in many new and different ways I've never seen us do before. This was so odd, usually only memories come to me not ideas.

But before I could bother too much with that we followed her to the bedroom. She was starting to undress James to thank him. I smiled at my vixen and started undressing her. As soon as his pants hit the floor I could see he was just as excited to get his payment, he was hard and a drop of precum was at the slit of his cock. I started taking off my clothes and I popped out of my shirt just in time to see Gwen lick it off, she glances my way and thinks loud enough so I pick up on it, 'you taste better but lets have fun with him.'

Without thinking I come up and kiss her, tasting both him and her. Before getting father into it we move towards him as a united front. She takes his front and I start around him feather light touches and lightly dusting kisses here and there. She nips his nipple and I lick a line up his neck, she strokes him lightly and I fondle his balls and caress his ass. I feel her gently pushing him towards the bed so I move and she lays him down. There's a fire in her eye that makes me shiver with excitement, as she lays him down he grabs for her and for a second I think she was going to shove him away but she catches herself and she follows his guidance to his head. " Please I want to taste you."

She climbs over him but faces towards me and with a not so subtle move points at his hardness before moaning and her eyes lowering to half-mast. I go to start licking him, I do love a tasty cock ad he does have one but after a few moments I pull away from him. "Get on it, now... please," he moans from underneath her.

I glance up to see Gwen pushing him back down, making her moan again. I get up and place him at my core surprised at how wet I already was even though I hadn't been touched at all, all at once I took him in and I felt him stretching me out and fill me, a low muffled groan synced up with my moan. Gwen took my mouth in hers as we moved together, each move from both bringing me closer until I felt the coil spring and my breath caught; in the fog I heard her scream too.

I quickly came back to reality and was surprised to find him still hard and ready, glad too because I wanted to try something else. Quickly moving James shifted from under us pushing Gwen down into the bed and pulling her legs up he entered her and started thrusting slow and deep. I needed to taste them both so I got down and started licking as he pulled out I could taste her on his cock. She was growling so I looked up and started lick and suck her breasts that were jiggling with the tempo of the thrusts. I placed my hand on her clit and around is cock making more friction for both as his tempo quickened. My other hand playing with myself, I could feel them coming to a no return point and I bit into her an she came in a blinding ball of fire that consumes her body and roars from her soul, triggering me to cum with her. I can hear him filling her with a few hard strokes before falling to the side of the bed.

Panting I had one thought that moved me toward her, getting the cum from her core. I moved between her hot legs without her moving but as soon as my tongue hit her center it was an electrical bolt through her body, at first a hand came to pull me away but just after a couple more licks she was pushing me closer. I was so focused I didn't notice James had moved until I felt his tongue working my pussy. Thinking through the pleasure he was giving me I worked to get her to cum one more time and soon she was screaming again tightening around my tongue. This allowed me to let go and cum without worrying and in no time I was following in her example.

We all climbed into bed with Gwen in the middle, "Perhaps I can help Gwen with developing her a****l gift since I have mastered my own."

We gave some breathy assurances before he fell asl**p, then Gwen turned to me, "He might be able to help with some of that, but only occasionally. You are the one that I want to teach me to become a vampire and I want to teach you other things of the night."

I turned her mouth to mine wrestling tongues together before breaking off. "Yes I think that is a wonderful plan my love, tonight and every night forever."
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These storys are the greateat
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excellence in erotica this is a wonderful sensual series
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