Dark Angel of Dreams

She comes to him in the night, his Dark Angel of Dreams.......

Her scent fills the air, even before she appears, he can feel the air move around him as she draws closer.
Her woman scent that he has come to crave all through the night.

He hears the whisper of her wings as she moves softly into the room.
Watching as the flames from the firelight dance seductively across the walls.

He watches as her shadow mingles with the shadows dancing on the wall, he thinks it is a seductive dance.
He visions the shadows as a dozen pair of hands all touching her body here and there.

Against the curve of her thigh, along the slope of her breasts, running up and down her smooth legs, then darting between her thighs, as he finds himself becoming aroused with this picture he sees before him.

He feels the feather light kiss of her lips as she places soft kisses across his brow, then another upon his cheek, and finally the sweetness of her lips pressed against his.

Her breath whispers against his lips, have you missed me my Dark Stranger?
He gazes into her eyes, those eyes he knows changes colors in her passion.

Before he can speak she places a fingertip upon his lips....shhhhh.....just let me love you.

The tips of her nails draw gently across his chest, slowly making a path to his nipples ..... Lightly she rakes a nail across each nipple.... They rise and firm at her touch.

Gently she rolls each nipple between her thumb and forefinger, watching the rise and fall of his chest as his breathing increases. She lowers her head and he watches transfixed as the tip of her tongue lightly touches one nipple then the other.

She feels his manhood moving against her as she gently sucks and nips at each of his nipples, tugging them gently between her teeth. Her tongue slides across his breast to his side, leaving a wet trail from the path her tongue has taken.

Her tongue lightly licks down his side, causing him to catch his breath. Her tongue now traces a wet path across his stomach, stopping to dip into his navel.

She can feel his excitement growing as his manhood is now hard and firm against her breast. She leans her chest down towards him and presses his manhood firmly between her breasts. She leans further down and touches the top of his manhood with the tip of her tongue, making lazy circles around him.

She releases him from her breasts and takes him slowly and deeply into the recess of her mouth. His body tenses and for a few moments he lays unmoving enjoying the sensations created by her loving mouth and tongue. He knows she loves to pleasure him this way.

He enjoys the soft touches of her Raven hair against his body as her head moves slowly and with deliberate strokes up and down the length of his manhood. Gently he reaches for her head, brushing her hair from her face so that he may look upon her as she loves him with her mouth.

His hips rise of their own volition to match the movement of her mouth, never hurried......she loves to tease with that mouth, to entice and illicit a response from him that he can no longer control.

Her touch is gentle against his leathered sack, loving to feel the movements within as he nears his release of the essence of him, the flavor of his life's seed.

Her body is tensing and he can feel her moving, knowing that her excitement is as high as his and her nectar is flowing, soon he will taste that sweetness.......She sucks gently at the
Top of his manhood, pausing long enough to dip the tip of her tongue into the eye that holds the essence of him that she craves to taste.

He watches as she lets a thin string of his life juices trail from the tip of her tongue then back to surrounding him with her mouth. Her motions are faster now as she can feel him throbbing in her mouth as his hot bl**d fills his veins wanting a release.

The essence of him fills her mouth as he clutches her shoulders tightly. When she has licked the last drop from him she glides her body slowly up his and kisses him deeply. She shares the last few drops with him as their tongues dance to the music of the passions of their bodies.

Ummmm......now it's your turn my Dark one, make me squirm with pleasure as your tongue and mouth drink the nectar from my woman's lips.....

She rises up above him, mounting his face as he mounts his bike when he rides with the wind in his face, but this time it's not the movement of the air against his face that he feels, but the nectar of her woman juices flowing across his lips and leaving her fragrance on his lips and tongue.........

sl**p now my Dark Stranger and I will return when I hear my name whispered from your lips and carried on the wind, then she raised her arms as her wings spread and then.........

His Dark Angel was gone........
Until the next night when once again he whispered her name into the night.......

89% (6/1)
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3 years ago
Awesome.. Now i am hard..
3 years ago
Love it so much , my angel
3 years ago
Thanks for the feedback Mikey!
3 years ago
erotic & very sensually stimulating
3 years ago
Thank you very much dogtied!
3 years ago
wow lush story
3 years ago
Thank you very much, I am glad you enjoyed it
3 years ago
great story Angel
3 years ago
Thank You ever so much Sam!
3 years ago
I gave it 5, and well deserved.