I want to take you in my arms & give you a deep soft passionate kiss. I want to feel your body against me. I want to feel the heat from your pussy through our cloths, against my groin, as you push yourself into me when we kiss. I want to feel you rub yourself against me, your juices showing through your pants, as I return the emotion thrust for thrust. I want to take your shirt off, kissing your neck, shoulders, breasts as you continue to rub against me. I want to lay with you on the floor, couch bed. I want to kiss, lick, caress, suck on your body as I tease you through your pants. I want to feel your skin against me, your tounge in my mouth, your breath on my neck. I want to suck, nibble & play with your sweet breasts & listen to your passionate, soft moans as you hold me close, caressing my head, back, body as I pleasure you. I want to hear your whispers in my ear as you lick & nibble on it. I want to hear your groans & sighs of excitement & anticipation as I undo the button on your jeans and unzip your pants. I want to hear you as I slide my hand down your jeans, over top your warm,soaked panties as I tease you. I want to feel the passion as it grows within you, the desperation and yearning you exude as you grow more excited & eager to please me, as I want to please you. I want to feel you push against me as you writhe with pleasure, rubbing your excited body against mine. I want to lick my way down your body, slowly sliding your pants down as I play. I want to suck on you through your panties & watch you, knowing you want to feel my mouth, my tounge on on your bare skin. I want to hear you cry/beg as I slide your panties off teasing you with my tongue. I want to hear your whimpers of pleasure as I slide a finger into you as I suck on your sweetness. I want to feel the love & lust in you as I slide one finger into your pussy & one into your ass as I suck on you. Stripping down I want to feel your hunger as you press your body against me, humping me with your entire body as you greedily crave more. Your voracious appetite unquenchable. I want to feel you as your warm, moist moth engulfs my aching cock. I want to watch as you play & suck on me. I want to feel your excitement, hear you as you slide your pussy along my shaft. Your hand around me as you feed me into your hot, tight wetness. I want to feel/hear you as I enter you. I want to slap your hot ass, & play with your asshole as you ride on my shaft. I want to run my cock through the furrow of your ass & into your tight hole, as we moan each others names. I want to rub my cock on your legs, feet, ass, stomach, back, breasts, & lips. I want to share the taste of each other with you. I want to be deep inside of you as we come together & stay in you so that we can do it all over again!!!

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