i night spent with my mum part 2

Here's part 2 of I night I spent with my mum enjoy

I woke up a few hours later, my head hazy was that I dream or what, my mum wasn't in my bed and my boxers where still on, I couldn't go down to my mum and come out and say hey mum did we fuck last night just in case.

I got up put some pants on and left my room, I went past my mum's room but she wasn't there so I went down to the kitchen and there she was so beautiful my cock started getting hard but I still couldn't put my finger on if we had fucked last night.

“morning mum” I said walking in to the kitchen

“hey baby good morning”

I couldn't take my eyes off of her wearing her short silk dressing gown it only just covered her perfect arse, a tent was starting to form in the front of my pants.

“hows your head feel sweetheart” my mum asked me

“it's fine, how's yours”

“same darling, you doing anything today” she asked me

“might nip town but not sure yet”

I had some breakfast and went for a shower, I went to the bathroom and had my shower my replaying what happened last night still confused if it happened or not, my cock so standing to attention just thinking about it.

I took hold of my hard 10in cock at the base rubbing up and down at the thought of my mum's wet cunt her moans, the water hitting my tip made it feel amazing I could feel I was about to cum I quickened my pace then the first blast of my cum hitting the tiles in front of me, I didn't cum as much as I usually do in the morning did I fuck my own mum or was it a wet dream.

I cleaned myself then got out drying myself and getting dressed ready for the day, as I walked out of my room I could hear my mum talking to someone I crept down the stairs, she was on the phone to someone then I heard her say.

“honestly Lou we had sex”

My cock went hard straight away it wasn't a dream I did fuck my mum, I was so happy I wanted to run down the stairs and just take her right there, I held back my urges and continued to listen what she was saying to Lou.

Lou was my auntie, my mum's younger s****r by two years, she was almost identical to my mum people would often say they could be twins, she is 5ft 5 with long blonde hair falling half way down her back, she sheared my mum's beautiful blue eyes, she had 34E breast she always had them on show covered but only just she loved the attention they got her.

“why would I lie about fucking my son Lou”

“I let him start drinking in the house he was going to do it anyway so no point fighting it is there plus we both drank when we was younger then him” she said giggling

“lets just say he's not my little boy any more”

“10inches Lou I couldn't believe it he's bigger then his dad”

as I moved down a few steps to listen better, I made on of the steps creek my heart stopped I thought I was busted for shore

“i have to go Lou I think I hear him coming down I will call round later and I will tell you about it in detail”

she hung up the phone and stood up to put the phone back, I went down to meet her in the living room.

“hey mum who was on the phone” I asked already knowing

“it was your auntie Lou darling”

as she bent down to put the phone in its place I could see straight up her dressing gown she wasn't wearing panties. That smooth pussy I had my cock deep in last night, I stood up and walked up behind her, I spanked her right arse cheek causing her to let out a moan.

“oh baby I thought you forgot” she said standing up straight again

“well when I first got up this morning I thought it was a dream”

“what made you realise it wasn't baby” she said

“well I heard you telling auntie Lou about it”

“naughty boy listening to me on the phone”

I put my hand on her waist and pulled her close to me pushing up breast up against my chest and kissing her hard my tongue dancing around hers.

I broke this kiss and stepped back and just looked at my gorgeous mum,

“take off your dressing gown” I ordered my mum

“yes sir” she said winking at me

I watched as she slowly pulled the ties open letting the dressing gown fall open, her hands slid up her body over her tits and pushing it off her shoulders, it fell to the floor in a heap, her hands caressing her own body squeezing her perky breast and sliding over her abdomen reaching her smooth pussy rubbing her lips getting them wet then lifting her hand to her mouth and tasting her own juices.

“come here and knee down in front of me baby” I said to her

she looked at me with lust biting her bottom lips and walking in front of me, she kissed me her hands finding the waist band of my pants, her fingers going under it and pulling down her body following kissing down my chest, she got level with the tent in my boxers, she rubbed my pole through the material.

She slid my boxers down causing my cock to spring out almost hitting her in the face, she wrapped her hands around my shaft stroking it from the tip down to the base, she pushed my hard prick against my stomach and licking down the length of my cock till her tongue reach my balls, she tongue sliding over my sack then sucking one of my balls into her mouth her tongue dancing around it, her hand started to rub my cock again her attention turned back to my dick.

She slid her hot tongue back up my cock then kissing my head and parting her lips allowing my cock to slid straight in to her mouth, her head bobbing up and down slowly, she looked in to my eyes as her head slid up and down my hard shaft, her hand left my cock and slid down my leg and moving towards her pussy.

Her fingers began to rub her clit from side to side, seeing my mum playing with herself while my cock was deep in her mouth almost made me lose it, her moan sent vibrations through my dick, I put my hands on the back of her head making her take the full 10inches down her throat causing her to gag I let her slip my cock out her mouth a little, then she took all my cock again without help from me.

“you like my cock all the way down your throat don't you” I said to her

all she did was look at me and nod, her head bobbing up and down fast now every now and then taking the full length of me, I was getting close to blowing my load and she knew it she started sucking and stroking my cock with her free hand her other hand still rubbing her clit with f***e.

I held on for as long as I could then the first shot blasted the back of her throat followed by another three shots hitting the roof of her mouth, she sucked me till I was dry she let my softening cock out of her mouth looking up at me as she swallowed my cum.

“oohh babby I love the way you taste I could swallow that allllllll day” she said to me as she licked the last few dips off her lips

“stand up baby” I said looking deep in to her eyes

she stood up in front of me her right hand still firmly on her pussy, I took hold of her right hand and sucked her juices off her fingers tasting her pussy so sweet I needed to taste its again. I kick my pants from around my ankles.

She put her arms around my neck we stood there just looking in to each others eyes we could see the love and passion we had for each other. I didn't see her as my mum any more, we were lovers now and we both knew it.

We kiss softly my arms around her waist just above her arse, hers still around my neck, our bodies pressed up against each other, she broke the kiss I brought my hand up to her face brush the hair of it.

“your so beautiful” I said to her gazing in to her eyes

“awww baby, I love you” she said kissing my again

“i love you to Leanne”

“how come you didn't call me mum” she asked

“well of course you will always be my mum but I want you as my lover, looking in to you eyes the love I feel is the love a man has for his wife”

I got hold of her hand and led her in to the kitchen, I stood her in front of the dinning table put my hands on her hips and sat her on the table. I stood in between her legs and kissed her with more passion this time I felt her legs wrap around my waist and pull me closer to her my semi-hard cock rubbing up against the lips of her pussy I could feel how wet she was, our lips locked together our tongues dancing over each other, my hands exploring her whole body.

I brought my hand up to the side of her head and gentle pulled it so I could reach her earlobe, gently I kissed and licked on it sliding my tongue from her ear down the side of her neck kissing it softly, as soon as I did I felt her tighten her legs around me and let out a slight moan, my hand slid down free her head and finding her beautiful breast I gently squeezed and pinched her little pink nipple.

“mmm baby you make me feel so good your touch send shivers all through my body” she said through soft moans

I began to kiss down her body, as I got to her tits I gave them a kiss and sucked her nipple a little then continued down her body licking down her stomach, I went down on to my knee's, my tongue just above her slit I licked all around her pussy, she put her legs other my shoulders like a seat belt, I could taste her sweetness her pussy was dripping I flicked my tongue over her hole making her legs twitch then trusting my tongue as deep as I could in to her wet cunt my free hand softly brushing over her body till it got to her slit, pushing her lips open finding her beautiful little button and softly pinching it between my thumb and index finger.

I kept tonguing her hole and teasing her cilt, her breathing was getting heavier, her moans louder , her back began to arch. I looked up at her she was biting her bottom lips her eyes shut.

“oohh yeh baby please don't stop” she said softly

her clit started to swell I started to rub it a circular motion with my index finger, I slid my tongue out of her hole and up to her clit flicking my tongue over it.

“mmmm fuck ohhh baby” she could barely say through her moans

my middle finger slowly slid in to her slippery hole making her arch her back even more I increased the speed of my finger still flicking my tongue over her clit but adding a little more pressure. Her moans hardly stopped now her pelvis was starting to trust matching my finger. She put her hand on my making me squeeze her breast harder, I sliped my middle finger out of her dripping hole then pushing it back but with my index and middle and continued at the pace I was just at.

I was fucking her with my fingers hard and fast now her whole body was responding to the pleasure she was feeling. Her moans where consent now, she was panting her fingers going through my hair grabbing a hand full when a wave of pleasure went through her.

Her body started to tremble, then in a heartbeat her whole body went stiff.

“ooooohh myy god yesssss babyyy keep going harderrrr” she screamed

my fingers curled rubbing her G-spot hard and fast, her body still stiff then she collapsed on to the table and like a waterfall she came covering me I quickly lapped up all of her sweet juice, mouth full after mouth full I was in heaven she tasted so good.

Her breathing slowly went back to normal she looked down towards me.

“wow baby that was incredible, I really love when you eat my pussy” she said to me smiling

I got up off my knee's and claimed on top of her kissing her sticking my tongue deep in her mouth letting her taste her own pussy.

“baby I have to get dressed I told Lou I would nip round, but don't worry I'm going to hurry home I want this cock deep in my pussy” she said grabbing my hard member

“ok but you best had hurry home I'm going to make you me slut” I replied winking at her

she got up off the table kiss me and turning to the door, as she turned around a smacked her on her beautiful arse.

“cheeky” she said turning to me

“you know it baby. Now hurry before I pounce on you” I said

she did a slow walk out the room teasing me to see what I would do, so I jumped down from the table and she did a quick run up the stares sticking her tongue out at me as she went up. I went to the fridge and got myself a beer and went and sat down on the couch and opened my can and started thinking about my new lover.

I heard Leanne coming down the stairs I got up and went to meet her at the bottom and she looked beautiful wearing light blue skinny jeans that made her arse stand out and a a low cut black t-shirt that showed off her flat stomach.

“wow Leanne you look gorgeous” I said to her my eyes glued to her

“well thank you baby, now come here you naughty boy and kiss me” she said beckoning me towards her

I walked over to her, she was stood on the first step so she was a little taller then me she put her arms around my neck and I put mine on her hips and we sheared a soft french kiss.

“i wont be long I promise baby” she softly said to me

“i love you” I said looking in to her eyes

“i love you to baby” she said kissing me again

I walked with her to the door and just before she let she kissed me again, the door closed and I could feel myself missing her already.

I looked over to the clock and it was 3:45pm already so I went and got myself another beer and sat down and put tv on. I must of fell asl**p because I looked at the clock and it was 7:00pm I got up and went to the kitchen and Leanne was there in grey jogging pants and a white t-shirt that hugged her breast.

“hey how long have you been back for” I said rubbing my eyes

“about an hour baby you looked so cute sl**ping I just couldn't wake you up”

“you have a good time at auntie Lou's”

“yeah she wanted to know everything about our love life” she said smiling

“what did she say about it”

“it really turned her on” she said giggling

“really she didn't think it was weird”

“nope she told me she was getting wet just thinking about it” she said taking a sip of wine

my dick started to harden at the thought of my auntie getting wet thinking of me fucking Leanne, she placed her glass down on the table and walked over to me and just stood in front on me, looking deep in to my eyes and pulled her t-shirt over her head exposing her bear breast.

She went back to her glass finished the last mouth full then came over to me and took my hand leading me up stairs, we got to the top of the stairs and she lead me in to her room I walked over to her bed while she closed the door, I turned to face her I took my top off and walked over to her.

Our bodies tight up against each others shearing a soft french kiss again, still locked in the kiss we walk over to the bed I place her down on the bed laying by her side my hand gliding over her body then down to her thigh, I let my hand fall to her inner gently rubbing her pussy through her pants feeling her pussy getting wetter by the second.

I let my hand slid up to the waist band of her jogging pants and begin to pull them down she raised her hips up so I could pull them down. I pulled them down to just above her knee not wanting to brake the kiss it was enough for her to lift up her leg to let my hand in to rub her wet pussy, I rubbed up and down her pussy each time sliding a finger in her hole quickly, she let slight moans each time .

The kiss began to get more passionate she broke the kiss so she could pull her pants all the way off and to rip mine off me.

“get on your back baby” she said to me kneeling at my side

I did as she asked she kissed my stomach over my chest on my neck and back to my lips, she brings her knees up to my shoulders and brakes the kiss swinging her leg over me, lowering herself down putting her pussy right on my mouth my tongue sliding up and down her soaking wet pussy then slipping to her hole going deep inside her.

I place my hands on her hips and push her down a little so I could lick her pussy and her pretty little arsehole.

“mmmm baby you are such a dirty boy oohhhhh I love it yes lick my arse”

a kept licking from her pussy to her arse, I bring my fingers up and push them deep in her pussy getting them wet and slippery then sliding them to her other hole making sure it was slippy then gently pushing my index finger trying to squeeze in into her tight arsehole.

After a couple of minuets I finally managed to push my finger in to her hole and started to finger fuck her ass while I tongued her pussy she was going wild by the way her body was moving she loved every second, she dropped down a little grabbing hold of my shaft and licking around my head then sliding about an inch of my cock in to her mouth.

I slowly slid my finger in and out of her arse the pulling it all the way out so I could put both hands on her hips to push her pussy in to my face as I did she rose back up on to her knees and began to grind her pussy on my face.

“oooohh fuckk yesss baby that feels amazing”

She feel back down taking my cock right back in to her mouth moaning while my cock was deep down her throat. My hand moved from her arse to her clit rubbing it from side to side making her back arch, her head bouncing up and down.

“baby I want you cock in me please fuck me baby pleasee” she begged me

she got up off me and stood up at the side of my bed, I got up and stood in front of her pushing her against the wall the look of surprise in her face turned me on. I got right up close to her and kissed her hard.

I turn her around so she was facing the wall and smacked her on the arse, there was a chest of draws at the side of us I grabbed hold of her and bent her over it smacking her arse one more time

“i told you baby I was going to make you my slut” I said to her

“mmmmm yessss Mr im your slut”

I grabbed hold of my cock and guided it to her dripping hole just before I slid it in

“baby fuck me hard and I mean hard make me screammmmm”

I put the tip of my cock agaist her opening and drove my cock deep in to her pussy

“ooooooohhhhhh fuckkkkkkk baby yesssss like that”

I kept trusting my cock deep and hard in to her pussy her moans almost screams my hand firmly planted on her hips as I fucked her hard smacking her arse from time to time just made her moad louder begging me not to stop.

I was pounding her pussy hard my balls slapping her clit, she was grabbing the chest of draws so hard push her hips back and forward matching my trust causing my hard cock to go deeper in to her puusy.

“you love it like this don't you slut you love your pussy being pounded by your son” I said smacking her arse hard leaving a hand print

“yesss ooohhhh fuck yess I do baby oohhh myyy godddd baby”

“get on the bed baby NOW” I said pulling my cock out of her pussy

she went to the bed and fell on her back her legs like jelly I walked over to her forcing her legs up in to her air and driving my cock back in to her pussy.

“ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh fucckkkkkkk” she screamed

“i want to cum inside this pussy baby” I said panting

“yess yess yessss cum in your mums pussy I want that seed”

“babyyy im gonna cum” she screamed

I started to pump as fast as a could her whole body went stiff as my cock drove in and out of her pussy, then I felt her cum her juices spraying all over my cock her screams of passion echoed through the room.

I could feel I was getting close to blowing my load inside of her pussy I continued to trust fast and hard her hand coming to her pussy rubbing her clit as I drove in and out of her dripping wet cunt

“fuck baby im gonna cum, im gonna cum in your pussy”

I felt it I was ready to cum I help on then my cum shot deep inside of her I tried to keep my speed up while I was filling my mum my lover with my spunk. When I had finally stopped cuming I fell on top of her our sweating bodies together. We kissed, both breathless exhausted both deeply in love

We fell asl**p in each others arms

Really hope you enjoyed this one as much as the first part
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5 months ago
pregnant and does the aunt join in?
Great story
5 months ago
want to know do you get mom pregnant ??? loving it ..
5 months ago
Hope to hear about auntie lou joining in soon
5 months ago
Hope auntie joins in at some point
5 months ago
love this,i hope your auntie gets involved
5 months ago
WOW! Great story... Gonna have a hard on for days!