Another one

Looking out from the window above the dim lighted streets
Like a lonely lover telling his story of love and loss.
Can you hear me, far across the city and towns and hear my heart beating a thousand times when you cross my mind.
I come back to this place many times before and it still feels like only yesterday was today or the day before.
As time goes by planets and star’s fly above in there cosmic dance moving further away, away from my eye’s from my gaze into the dark space.
I shout your name time over time, but I know my words will not get to you, you won't hear me for I am to far away deep within my own desert of mirages to be heard.
At times when I think of your name a sound that hunts my heart and mind, and stays close to remind me of my pain when the sound come from my lips again.
As I think of all the memories and the future of our lives that in the end are all only a game to play out in the confines of time.
Listening to the words that I say in vain, hoping that one day the flame of passion will burn again and again, so I can wake to the sound of your silken words.
But words after all are words, and in the end become harder to stay over time and have meaning deep down inside our hearts and our lives.
When I see you many things come to mind, many things that help me pass the empty time spent in my lie that in the end I’ll find have trapped me without me saying a word or a verb.
The journey is long and will take me to places that forever lay in the distance of the never land of dreams and road’s that never meet.
And when as last the destination is reached rest and time can be spent to heal the wounds of the journey and wonder what's mine in this world and what will never pass for me to keep.
And as I turn from sl**p and dreams I wake and find something in my hand, a feeling that only comes from just the touch of your hand, and reminds me that my journey is over and life can begin for I have woken from the journey and am at peace, again with you under the sheets.
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