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I saw her on a sl**pless night, as I did every night when I was running from the dark and oppressive fright that griped my life, desperately trying to save my soul and my mind. And as I looked upon her face, I saw her eyes black as onyx and cold as ice, as there always were, and in them I saw that they held the truth I was running from myself, the truth I was running from every night in my fear. But then her smile was full of ironic sympathy for what I was trying to achieve, trying to flee my destiny my duty. Then suddenly form her lips for the first time, in what felt like centuries came a haunting laugh melodic and pure, a laugh that told a story of my plight, and the fruitlessness of my effort to escape my own fate.

This time I stop, I did not know why, at any other time I would have never done out of fear of what she may say or do, but this time I was angered, by her offhanded humor of my situation and my fear. I spun on her in a great rage, with my fists raised in ready for her demonic attack or what ever peril would befoul me from this evil b**st tormenting me, the anger filled me that in some way this creature knew of my torment and maybe in some way was responsible for it. “Who are you, you demon, that you torment me in my own hell?”

The stranger was silent but kept her smile, her eyes still that dark black onyx, still cold and emotionless, so again I shouted at her,” who are you that, you think you can torture me with you silence, I demand to know you name, Devil ? Demon? I see you every night that I’m running in this nightmare, a nightmare that feel’s that it has spanned a million lifetimes, running, running, running, and now, only now you speak to me and laugh at my plight?”

Again the stranger was silent, my anger starting to spill from my soul, every part of me wished to destroy my tormentor, what right had she to mock me, to judge me? Suddenly the stranger spoke, her voice pure, golden, with no trace of malice, no trace of darkness or hatred, instead her melodic voice made all the anger fall from me, it spoke of patients and understanding, and at that moment I loved the stranger more then anything ells, and believed that I would die for her if she had asked. “Why do you choose to run in fear every night” said the stranger. At them words I fell to my knee’s my body becoming weak and feeble, weighed down by the eon’s of running from a fear I did not understand, and this stranger had broken the bond that had held me for so long, and as I fell to my knees I wept tears both of joy and sadness, for at this point I did not know anymore who I was.

The stranger put her hand on my shoulder as I bent weeping on the ground, and again she asked me “Why do you choose to run in fear every night?” I looked up into her eyes, and suddenly I realized that her eyes had turned from dark black, to a golden bright light, that held the answers to everything I needed to know! I opened my mouth and asked in a quiet voice “is this my punishment? Am I in heaven or hell? Why have you never spoken to me before now?” The stranger seemed to think about the question I had asked, and then said “because I think you were not ready for my company” still not comprehending her statement I asked “what do you mean ready?” she smiled and replied “ready for the truth or your choice and your reality”.

Again I started to feel myself being cheated, that in the end this stranger was here to torment me, to confound me with her divine mockery, I thought back to what she had said first of all to me about my choice and asked “you said to me, why do I CHOOSE to run in fear, why would I want this torment running night after night from some unknowable and unseen fear that pursues me? It’s not my idea, not my choice!!!” The stranger smiled again, but this time I felt no anger or resentment, she then said to me “Arrrr now that’s the question is it not? An idea is a powerful thing, the power of the soul is the power of dreams and reality, but all ideas have there consequences both in life and death and in the middle as it were” I thought for a wile, trying to understand what she was trying to make me see in her words.

After a wile of silence the stranger said “where do you think you are” I thought to myself for a long time, and then something came to mind, and I told the stranger “I do not remember how I got here, I have no memory at all except this infernal nightmare that goes on night after night, running and running, and not knowing for what I run from or too” the stranger seemed pleased with my answer but also sad for what that knowledge would eventually bring me.

I sat with the stranger for a wile thinking if the stranger was going to give me any answers that I needed! Then the stranger said “I can not give you answers when you already know what the answers are” I looked in surprise at her and said “ how can I make any sense of this, this world, this dream or nightmare, how could I …..” It then hit me like a cold steel blade that burnt in my heart igniting a fire of memories that I had been forgotten since this demonic world had taken me from where ever I had come from.

I started to tremble uncontrollably, tears falling from my eyes, falling to my knees again in weakness and realization, I could hardly say the word from the memories that were flooding my mind and soul, after what seemed like a eternity I said to her” I was running” and the stranger then responded “and why were you running?” Still overcome with emotion I replied “to save you” the stranger then seemed a little sadder when she spoke again “and did you save me, the one you love?” I looked at her for a moment in anger, and then it subsided, she knew, she had always known, had always been there for me, waiting for me to stop running, to stop my own nightmare that in some way I had made, waited for me to stop and talk, but I was not ready for her words, all I could say to her was “I do not know if I saved you, and the stranger said “now you can stop running”

I then noticed something I had not seen before in her face, the contours of her face, they where the contours of the face of my love! The noses, the eyes, even the smile, I then realized with horrid fascination and fear that the stranger that I had seen for so many years, and had been with me all this time in this nightmare was her!!! , I still had to ask, even if I knew the answer, so I said “who are you really” The stranger smiled a happy and relaxed smile and said” you know who I am otherwise you would never of asked” and then she laughed a golden laugh, I felt a little stupid asking the question knowing the answer, and I smiled for the first time in what seemed a eon.

I turned to her, and said “you are me, and I am you” Then all of a sudden she rose to her feet grabbed me and hugged me tight, and I felt a joining of minds and memories flooding my soul, she then said to me “so now you remember” and I replied “yes I remember, but what will happen now?” My love smiled a wide and knowing smile and said “everything is going to be fine now”…………….Bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep………………………”.How are both there vital signs nurse” said the Doctor, “they seen to be fine doctor, still both I a mild c***, but we should be able to wake them in a week, but its amazing both of them survived the accident, it will be one to tell the interns” the doctor was quiet not answering, so the nurse continued “so what really happened exactly doctor to both of them”

the doctor was silent for a wile, then said “apparently the mans partner was trapped in a car u*********s, the car was on fire, and no one could get near enough to help her, and so witnesses said the man just run and run and run, his eyes filled with fear, he was at the car in moments, and opened the door, he grabbed her in his arm’s his back and face burning from the flames surrounding the car, and then it happened, the car exploded in a great fireball, everyone thought they were dead, and then several minutes later the emergency services found there bodies in the undergrowth about 30 feet away from the blast, still holding each other tight” the nurse looked shocked and said “and they survived that?, and with hardly any physical damage to there bodies ?” The doctor laughed and smiled a wide and knowing smile and said “Love is a powerful thing in the hands of two who’s love is unbound, it can heal wound, and join minds in times of pain, with a little help that is” and then he walked away laughing a loud golden content laugh that only he understood, before he disappeared.

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4 years ago
i cried and trembled while reading this. the story is not mine but the emotion is. i have had a demon for life and i do believe you just put him in perspective. thank you!!!!