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I finally got to crossdress yesterday for the firs

I had an hour & the house to myself so I picked thru my wife's clothes in the hamper. I stepped into her silverish silky painties and then for the first time tried on her tight stretchy jeans. I tucked my gurl cock back & zipped the girl jeans up... They clung to my ass like nothing I've encountered before & my ass looked so fucking sexy! Then I put on her black lace up boots and her fuzzy pink sweater. I only wish I had more time to paint my lips pink & completely makeup my face, but maybe next time;) I proceeded to walk around the house feeling like such a slut! I was imagining an older man ... Continue»
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[Story] Bi-Boy turned to Sub-Gurl

When I was young, my friend & I started to play the "I dare you" game which quickly evolved from looking at each others privates, to touching, to licking, to sucking. We would take turns sitting in a swivel chair in the middle of the room while the other sucked our cock for one minute intervals. Surprisingly I enjoyed sucking his cock just as much & if not even more than having mine sucked! And I could tell he didn't because he was just doing it so I would do it back, plus I would go well over the minute time and not even care, but he would stop right on the mark. Because I really enjoyed it a... Continue»
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